3.17.1 Patch Notes

Golem´s summon by, Liege of the Primodial or Elemancer,allocated by Forbidden Flesh/Flame. still despawn each time you load in to a new area.
Thank you GGG
The Searing Exarch is now immune to damage during their Fires of a Thousand Suns phase.
Increased the area of effect for The Eater of Worlds' Ultimate Slam skill.

why these fight are allready not being done why make them even harder?

is 0.7% of players 2 high?
skills Needs Rework:
LINK GEMS: problem: the links are tempary, making them dead on a rival.

please make zombie cheerleaders as mtx
Nice shadow nerf on blighted maps, really great now you cant stop ravager map bosses and some enemies just doesnt care about stuns and freezes. Great job!!!!!!!!! Time to leave this game :)
It is pretty weird that the marking only shows the ingredients and not the result.To see if you have one of the marked recipes you have to unmark the recipe then search for the result.
Cool, but... Archnemesis stash size is too small. At least let us store duplicates in our own stash. Problem solved.
I am really curious who asked for a drop-down menu that shows recipes you've already done and know how to assemble?

Your players' feedback was "We want bigger UI" and not this redudant feature.
I think the patch broke the atlas passives because none of my passives are affecting my maps. I have 1 additional harbinger, 1 additional strongbox with strongboxes are corrupted and rare, and 1 additional essence and none of them are appearing on my maps anymore.
Rhys wrote:
master0022 wrote:
Sadly nothing on blighted maps :(

Blighted Maps were fixed back in 3.17.0 hotfix 12.

Oh, thank you! I didn't see that. I hadn't checked the last few hotfixes, nice to know they are already working!
very nice

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