3.17.1 Patch Notes

"Fixed a bug where character death audio was louder than intended."

Unironically one of the best parts of the league.
Favoured maps still not dropping with 4 Voidstones.
Thank you for the fixes!
Softcore, solo self-found.
-----Currently: Vortex Occultist in Archnemesis-----
Cool, doesnt fix league mechanic at all, What we want is a button to SORT BY NAME, THATS IT! Bigger stash size would be awesome aswell...
Can you please clarify this?

"Updated the description of the Syncretism Atlas Passive to clarify it only applies to Shrines in Areas. Note that Atlas Passives that refer to Shrines do not apply to Lesser Shrines, Lesser Shrines are only affected by increased Effect of Shrines and Shrine Effect Duration from the Atlas Passive Tree."

The way I read this is, "Atlas passives do not apply to Lesser Shrine buffs, as Lesser Shrines are only affected by Atlas passives" which.. doesn't make sense.

Edit: Friend explained it to me. For anyone else curious, what they're saying is that yes, increases and reductions to effect and duration apply, the "extra effect" line of the notable passive does BOT apply.
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More Archnemesis Stash space when?
We still need an increase to the Archnemesis inventory space. While it works fine for anyone following external guides, adjusting their loot filters accordingly and discarding modifiers they don't need for their specific target farming it's directly detrimental to experimenting and trying to find recipes on your own.

Without looking at external resources I have no way of knowing if the modifier I'm keeping around to eventually assemble the undiscovered recipe is going to be useful or if it's space better used for other modifiers, and the current space simply does not allow for a) keeping basic modifiers b) keeping components you want to use for recipes and c) keeping modifiers you don't yet know their use.

Punishing players trying to figure things out on their own seems an exceptionally poor design choice.

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