3.17.1 Patch Notes

Lilly Roth no longer reminds you that time and tide wait for no man when saying goodbye to her in a hideout.

Then how will we know if it does or doesn't?!?

End of an era..
Fixed a bug with the AI of minions summoned by The Dancing Dervish that could cause them to quickly switch between targets multiple times.

It totally does what it says here! Except now they don't switch targets ever, until the target dies. And they seem to have a lot of trouble finding a new target after their first one dies. So the mapping is not smooth at all anymore.

I think if they would be allowed to switch targets directly after hitting the target they selected first, it would solve basically all these problems in one go. They would target something, fly off and make it there, and then be free to search for a new target. Wouldn't even change anything about the way they deal with single enemies or bosses now.

Speaking of bosses, they're amazing there. Really well done for that.
After patch i dont have drops favoured maps anymore.
Before patch i have sustain with 3 sockets for my map, after patch i open more 3 sockets and still dont have drop favored map with atlas passive Shaping the Seas.
Thanks for the patch, but having pride on eternal blessing worked just like the gem said. The aura didnt affect myself so it shouldnt deactivate my other auras. Thanks for weakening my char mid league

#bugfix lolol
for f*cks sake, stop adding immunity phases to bosses. If we have the damage, we deserve to get rid of it in 0,1 seconds. Thats the whole damn point of finally getting to feel powerful.
Curse on hit gloves on AG is now overriding my own mark. Is this a bug or intended?

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