3.17.1 Patch Notes

All of you are high as fuck. Stop crying.

Thanks for the voidstone upgrade.
JuknisYo wrote:
Cool, doesnt fix league mechanic at all, What we want is a button to SORT BY NAME, THATS IT! Bigger stash size would be awesome aswell...

I guess they have something against any kind of inventory sorting.
Another mid-league nerf - this is becoming a tradition. If blessing works as said in its initial description, you should either hotfix it immediately, or leave it be. Ppl are trying their builds in endgame and get heavily backstabbed.
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Could the sound of empty flasks be turned off? Its annoying as hell.
something broke, i've witnessed 2 ctd and 4 screenfreezes after the patch, while having none (!) from leaguestart till today :C
I actually liked the crazy loud death screams. can we get this back as an optional thingy? or maybe a volume slider just for death screams??
We need to be able to add custom recipies so Opulent ones won't get accidentally wasted, a quantity of how many parts from a recipe we want completed before it darkens out and able to add priority to finishing particular recipies.
Custom recipies would also allow for finalized combinations of finished parts to be added like for example, Innocence-touched, Kitava-touched, Brine King-touched, Evocationalist. Also I think that the glowing squares around the icons dim down too much making you lose oversight for a short time.

That's my opinion on this.
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does not fix the league for me ....

tnx GGG for beeing blatantly unmolested by the needs and voices of the playerbase.

Buy hey - i should buy some alternate art skins for money ? What about no!
cya Deathtiny
level fast, die young and leave a nice looking corpse!
Tinyshideouts: https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/3260135
Please fix the frenzied mod drop rate. I found more exalts than frenzied after about a week of farming. It was one of the common mod at the start of the league some something must be wrong...

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