3.17.1 Patch Notes

master0022 wrote:
Sadly nothing on blighted maps :(

Blighted Maps were fixed back in 3.17.0 hotfix 12.
Code warrior
Thanks for the great update GGG!!
It is now possible to sell items to Kirac.

please make league stash usable... finish the league!
Good changes, but more is better!

1) "Socketing a Voidstone in your Atlas now causes Maps dropped in Areas to have a 25% chance to be one tier higher, with this chance increasing the more Voidstones you socket." - does this mean it's 25% per Voidstone, or is it 25% for the first and then less for the rest? As always, more clarity is better.

2) Some of the monsters seem way too deadly with projectiles, compared to most monsters. The Eater of Worlds Tentacle Miscreations have the uber-deadly attack where a volley from a few of them does waaay too much damage IMO.

3) After a day or two, get a discussion going regarding the next lot of Archnemesis interface improvements, as many people streamers quite unhappy with this lot. Definitely let's play with the changes before making a judgement call on it, though.

4) The drop rate of the Frenzied mod is horrible! Especially because we need so many for the big recipes and thus the challenges.

5) More stash space, please ... if we're assembling the big recipes, we need to reserve tons just for those.
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Increase archnemesis inventory size!!
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Really nice updates. Yes I like very much.
Where is my Voidstones?
HUGE Blight buff, HUGE map drop buff. Thank you so much, that's (almost) everything to make me completely happy. Now the only thing left is to make blight scarabs work with blight sextants and the blight map enchant. please don't forget about it, GGG! <3

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