Path of Exile: Archnemesis Challenge Rewards

i really love that waepon effects
FINALLY! Moar awards.. but my god.. 38?? Oh noooo lol
Mathils actual cat
I really like most off the rewards, but why fire wings... :(

Mb its me or so, but fire i dont like much at all and there is already too much in shop
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lolu wrote:
the wings look awful, and the prismatic char effect is tooooooo much, less is more? [Removed by Support] seriously ... better give a nice cape lol than those stiff wings

Kitava Cape has been done already, so these Kitava Wings are ok I guess, but the timing to release the wings is just funny
24 challenge league.

if I somehow get close to 36 I might go ahead and push for collection purposes... but definitely not a focus.

wings are meh, for character effects I only like golden so far.
It would have been nice if there was more than 40 challenges but a few very easy ones to help introduce new/returning players to leagues they miss or basic progression in each league in the game.

in all honesty I felt for a while now that everything isnt even on the challenges and most of the ones that is the hardest content for something you need to ease people into things.

This might not be the best example but i feel something like this should always be a challenge to act as a tutorial.
Do x legion encounter, use a emblem in the map devices, do a 4 way legion encounter. The goal here is to teach/show player how to unlock the 5 slot in the map device.

And then GGG can also adjust were the rewards is given.
Finally best challenge rewards, thx GGG! ;)
It's going to be the best league ever. This one, I'll make time to 40/40.
I do have one criticism, though. It's important to me. You can't see the league symbol on the totem pole clearly. It resembles a fat tick with a tail.

Is it crossbow or is it assault rifle?
I got 99 weapon and portal effects, pets and hats, but 0 body mtx.
Depression hits every time I use tabula.
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