Path of Exile: Archnemesis Challenge Rewards

the best challenge rewards so far, that's a lot of stuff, and everything looks good
lolu wrote:
the wings look awful, and the prismatic char effect is tooooooo much, less is more? [Removed by Support] seriously ... better give a nice cape lol than those stiff wings

Thats pretty lucky for you then seeing as you haven't made it passed 22 challenges in over 2 years lol.
Too backended and only catering too just the 1% again.

As a casual I get the message, see you in Lost Ark.

Very cool
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no portals finaly
38 seems like a bad idea unless you intent to lower the ridiculous grind on those last 4 challenges.

As it's been for a while they're not "Challenges" anyways, just time sinks.

No one wants to run labs 300 times or whatever pointless repeat you add with an absurd number.
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the rest are cool.
really nice,

needing 38 might be a bit too much though

also, the totem is ugly at 37
I hate the lab

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first time I see all rewards being good usually there's too many ugly pets
People complaining about the rewards are just beyond help. Actually laughing out loud.

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