Our Event Series Has Ended!

Thank you so much for putting together these events! I really enjoyed them. I would love to see an in game option for endless Heist and Delve!
I just wanted to see Delirium numbers...
Guess they are not posted as they don't paint a rosy picture.
THANK YOU for the boxes :D
thank you for events! There were fun.
Regardless of mtx, i enjoyed the events. (But mtx was the main reason i joined them).
Atlas invasion was specially nice, i met with some forgotten unique items, and on early acts i had time to observe boss designs and abilities.
In delirim i realized again i get a lot of debuffs, but while i dont know which icon is what, i made a video hovering the cursor over them to read later on.
Extra thx for the statistic, im curious about deli too.
Burn her shes a witch!
I really enjoyed the events. Thanks! It was a breath of fresh air 😊
Really had fun during endless delve
"All that fancy sword swinging when all you need is one good stab."
Would you be able to post the statistics for the Playstation and XBOX Endless Delve event as well? I (and probably other console players) would be interested to see the breakdown.


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