Our Event Series Has Ended!

So where are the Delirium Everywhere numbers?
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dachoppa wrote:
an announcement for 3.17 would be much more interesting

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Thanks for all the boxes and portals!
Thanks for the events! I would like some of them to return with a little more polish, but I enjoyed the difficulty of the HC versions. Just waiting for my demi now, it's my first! :D
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... and many thanks for the love you give to Console Community by saving us wordless from most Events!
Thank you for these events, it was very special to be able to participate in them as though I have played for a long time I never did join in when the short races and the like were plentiful. All the mtx was awesome too!
Thank you for the events!

I just have to say that last streamer that found Shaper on the coast has the most contagious laugh ^^

All the best for the new year :)
Isnt the Endless Scourge event still ongoing?
Hope news for 3.17 is coming soon :)
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Harvest is the BEST league EVER. Deterministic crafting ftw.
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Loved the events! Delirium Everywhere was my favorite by far. Tons of fun. I realize many players disagree but it was the best for me. Please post stats for it as well.

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