Our Event Series Has Ended!

Any chance consoles could be included in posts like these in the future?
Feeling mighty left out again.
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Deedledo finds mirror, does what anyone else would do.

where's the delirium everywhere statistics ?
I am terrible at games, I am especially terrible at this game. The delirium event was really hard for me it took me 10 days to get to level 66. I must have died 800 times. I was trying to push through to at least get to mapping I just ran out of energy and patience. But I pushed as much as I could and I did my best.
mindcontroler wrote:
Why were so many people playing non-ascended Witch? Or do you revert back to Witch if you refund all your ascendancy points and it's just a weird meme?

Died / quit before ascending would be 99% of those.
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OMG That last clip is exactly what I'll miss from Invasion league.

Wish it was 3 months instead of just 10 days (or 6 in my case as I was out of town when it started)
These numbers make you reazlize the chance of winning any of the random giveaways is practically 0 no matter what level bracket you reach.

Probably won't be participating in any of these for the thought of a random prize. It's put up there as an incentive but really all you end up with is a $3 mystery box for your 10 days spent since they are all void leagues.
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Thank you for the events!
This clearly tells them they should buff classes like Scion and Jugg, but instead they will nerf Witches...be ready for it.
ArtCrusade wrote:
Just waiting for my demi now, it's my first! :D

Me too =)
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