The Delirium Everywhere Event Starts Soon

Did anyone test this event? There's no reason for the delirious levels to be so high in the early level zones.
This has to be the worst experience I have ever had in this game in how many years of playing.

Did you guys even test this? I mean mobs chasing you through the whole zone at level 6 that regen more damage that can be put out?
altaredstate wrote:
Did anyone test this event? There's no reason for the delirious levels to be so high in the early level zones.

Ofcorse they did. THis is the "vision" being implemented.

Its new year's eve. Ur sad, thinking of all problems of the year and instead of going outside and try to have some fun with friends/family it will be better to stare at perma grey screen with almost immortal mobs and die over and over.

Sounds like they wanted u to NOT play this and go party instead.

Btw endless blablabla is the best way to burnout you on the mechanic. If I do this event I'll not step on any delirium never again.
and people think they want hardmode. lol.
Having to run through zones due to 80+ delirium is ok so long as you don't have to kill bosses or bandits.

But come on, you had to know that random 96 delirium for required progression in Act 1-2 was going to be too much.
GGG you should do something quickly or you will ruin your event entirely. 90 % of the Community are unhappy by this crap. Make it possible to reset the percentage of the zone or make it possible to activate the delirium or not.
Why am I getting 98% delirium in act 1? I can't play this event at an enjoyable pace!

At least let me reroll the delirium % by making a new instance.
Sorry, this is unplayable with my PC and connection. Act 1, 98% delirium, in the Lower Prison ... ghouls are over the top hard and the delirium special mobs are obscene. I will not be able to handle the Prison boss.

Is there a way to reduce the delirium level? I tried rerolling a couple of times, and I've certainly died enough for the servers to get the clue; but to no avail.
It's not even the 98% delirum that's the issue.

It's that the delirium doesn't change, ever. So it's always the same. Which means when people hit maps, they'll know what maps to grind and which ones to avoid, because it won't ever change.

There's also the fact that there's no extra reward for higher levels of delirium -- unlike normal game.

It's poorly implemented, as if they just slapped something together and went, 'Meh, it's fine.'
this is so test things next time.

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