Next Expansion Timeline

WOW UNBELIEVABLE, Nex and Leagues in OSRS start in January.

doctoralDeparture POE

"All that fancy sword swinging when all you need is one good stab."
Take your time, do it right, and treat your employees decent.

I'm fine with this.
I see the "Gaslight the devs meta" is still in full swing.
bad news, more delay more boredom, this league is gone 1 month ago.
ShowUs wrote:
Thanks for the early heads-up GGG and take your well-earned rest.
2022 is going to be GGG's year.

you are new at the game? ''2022 ggg's year'' made me laugh af
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FEBRUARY 15TH please!!!
oh nooo
Crazy_Reborn wrote:
Np. Take your time. This is just a game.

WHAT? It's their job, what are you talking about? if the game dies, their job also dies
benjaminbona wrote:
Gigantic mistake on GGG's part

Lost Ark is going to DESTROY POE's numbers

GGG actually got scared about cyber punk and delayed last year an entire like 1-2 months because of it

Cyberpunk... what a joke

A single player non mmo non rpg non anything related to POE story game.......

How about Lost Ark one of the Top most played games in KR and RU..

Now it's coming to Na/Eu and GGG is lining themselves to compete directly with their launch

I expect the worst numbers in history of POE launch if they launch on the same day


If they launch BEFORE Lost Ark then they will see the player base tank early

If they launch AFTER Lost Ark it will still have a gimped player base

This is such a mistake on GGG's part it's unreal how they can keep on making these ridiculously sized mistakes

I thought the cyber punk shit would be the last but wow was I proven wrong throughout the entire year from all the horrid patches and leagues we had


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