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Please stop making bad decisions ffs. Prolly lots of players wanted to play POE as well as Lost Ark. Why would one delay the next release...
Not to mention someone taking holidays or freetime and got screwd over.
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hyyyben wrote:
roetetoet wrote:

cmon, everyone is bored as f lol

Not to mention Lost Ark 8th of February .. this is gonne be fun

Not to worry, lost ark flopped in the beta stage..even the payed streamers didnt stick around afterwards, simply bc it was less popular than new world..which also seems to be running on fumes..

I hate the wait too...

Flopped?? Lol f huge success not sure what you on about. After beta it still was
Overwhelmingly Positive on Steam ....
Nobody cares about Lost p2w Ark
2 weeks? Cyberpunk 2 release?
I quit my job for this :)

.-. .. -.- ..- -.- .-.. .- -.-- - --- -.
Same as LOST ARK, guess what I'm playing :P LOST ARK... LUL

KR server new players increased by 545% after LOA ON announcement from developer by cutting their revenue by 17% to make the game friendlier to people.

On the 26th (Sun), the first weekend since Lost Ark started the large-scale winter event, the number of new adventurers increased by 545% and the number of returning adventurers by 499% compared to the previous week, on the 29th (Wed). In addition, the number of daily adventurers increased by 135%, the number of monthly net adventurers increased by 116%, and the highest number of concurrent users recorded 230,000, a significant increase in most indicators. In addition, some servers are making 2021 the best year, such as queues for admission.

Just to shed some prospective how popular the game is for that single region.
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Well aren't we all f**ked again

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