Next Expansion Timeline

February. bad idea. launch new league in January like 22.

22 february start new DLC destiny 2 many people wait it.
RIP Lost Ark
the experimental mode temporarily known as "Hard Mode"

So you mean this is not hard enough? especially for newcomers
Scourge is really terrible, events are ... not that great either... and you extend the dead league by 2 weeks? Holy shit, i'm soooo pissed right now =(
3.13 was the best league ever!

Your crafting is RNG casino...
Are you sure you want to compete with Lost Ark? Bold decision.
Awesome. I'm glad you're taking the time you need to ensure the quality you want. Thank you ahead of time!
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I involuntarily swore out loud when I read this.

I'm completely fine with them delaying stuff and I pretty much encourage it. In any other league I would be over the goddamn moon about this. But this time, I'm not annoyed about it delaying the arrival of the new league - I'm annoyed about Scourge getting a two-week stay of execution.

Still, here's hoping this means that the new endgame's going to be decent.
Early february hmmmmm...for me it's a risk with lost ark ;)
No worries, I’m loving Scourge League so don’t mind playing it longer.

Take your time GGG and make a really good new Atlas expansion. Thanks for all that you do.

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