[3.17] Double Impending Doom

In 3.17 we got an insane buff to our main skill. I switched the build to be crit-focused and on paper, it should reach at least 2m shaper dps.

Recent changes:
1. we do not need the "you can apply one fewer curse" modifier - we just socket two curses in the gloves (thanks Worst_Trundle_NA)- this actually buffs sustain or damage depending on the second curse
2. Cast speed helps a lot - we are limited to one cast per 0.125sec but I don't think that this speed is achievable. Mana might also be an issue early on.

The build has insane clear speed, only capped by our movement speed.
It is my first successful build so it might have its flaws so be patient with me.


1. a really dark t16 map v3.16

2. T16 Wharf map v3.16

more to go


- Single-button build
- Insane area of effect without much investment- Literally kills the whole screen with a single cast on t16 maps
- Cast range - can kill everything one screen away
- Popcorn build
- Fairy cheap since no one uses instant chaos damage (about 10e)
- Instant chaos damage - no dots no wait time, kills instantly
- Can do all maps except no regen
- Relatively safe - 7K ES 10K Armor without flasks, Endurance charges, 77% resists
- Low life viable
- HC viable if not low life
- Somewhat SSF viable - needs one unique only


- not the best build for bosses but still rather fine - needs about 20 casts to kill a map boss (trying to lower it down this patch)
- most mechanics behind the build are strange
- +1 to all skill gems does not work for us so we need strange weapons
- needs lots of strength and dex from items


- You cast the main curse (despair, but it could be any)
- Gloves trigger the second and third curse which overwrites your main curse and triggers the impending doom support
- main curse repeats (spell echo)
- trigger does not repeat on spell echo so the main curse stays and gets doom (Impending doom triggers twice on all subsequent casts)
- if anything dies during that time it explodes thanks to ascendency or the second curse

The build uses several mechanics for "more" damage
- Low life (30% more damage)
- 20% chance for max doom per explosion (effective 40% chance for 400% more damage)
- Crit with a decent multiplier.


The build cant work without:
1. Vixen's Entrapment unique

Since Vixen's Entrapment casts its curse before the main curse lands we need to support it with Spell Cascade or the build won't work

Items Gems and Links
This are the items I used in 3.16 (3.17 items coming soon)

Void Sphere can be changed for anything else. I can't think of any other spell that could help me kill bosses. Suggestions are welcome.

A lot of people suggested Hexblast for bossing but when I tested the time to kill the boss stays the same while making the playstyle a lot clunkier.

Kill them all

Tree v3.17 (will update it again soon)

EMPOWER SUPPORT DOES NOT WORK FOR US - will change the gems soon

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Replica Doedre's Damning ring also has "you can apply one fewer curse".
Rahsaan's Workshop, a post to showcase a dozen of my home-made builds : https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/3432443
waitiing for some videos on mapping and bossing
rahsaan wrote:
Replica Doedre's Damning ring also has "you can apply one fewer curse".

Noted - will fix the description in a moment. At least with it the build will be viable on all leagues
lipefsa2 wrote:
waitiing for some videos on mapping and bossing

one (quite dark) video added

one brighter T16 map added
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Vixens does only trigger once, and not on Spell Echo repeats.
So effectively you only trigger Impending Doom once.

I mean, thats not bad for triggering it fast.

Edit: actually you dont even need Spell Echo for that. That setup is completly useless.

Just Vixens overwriting.

Also if you got another Curse as Blasphemy, you dont even need the fewer Curse.


So i tested a bunch of stuff, and if you support vixen with spell cascade, you actually get a second off cause of the delay of the spell cascade. Pretty pog.
You get the same with Spell Cascading Despair (main Curse) tho. so not needing to actually cast twice which makes it way less clunkier ?

Did you test Spell cascade in main curse setup too ? Also more aoe basically.
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Why you dont go for a easy +12 amx doom on amulet ? and or anoint the skittering runes notable ?
would be quite a nice boost of damage.

May i give this leaque again a shot for hexblast and doom mechanic
Hey, i ve been playing thid build for a while and i really enjoy it so far.
Does Spell echo even work with that setup, if it doesnt what support gem should i replace with my main setup 6 link.
Is this build still viable? And how do you navigate the tree? Thanks

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