Save the Date for Upcoming December Events

Ok so what variation of hard mode is this :P New Path of exile hard mode event followed by two events of it with mods
Can we get the Gauntlet pushed back a bit? Doesn't make sense for it to start while Endless Delve is still going on.
Good stuff.
Thats really nice of u GGG

Thanks for heads up month before action.
So which one is the hardmode event?
Will definitely check back in december since the league mechanic + rewards are dumpster fire tier.

I asked & assumed they would probably make some special events after the big drop off in 3.16.
Masterpiece of 3.16 lore
"A mysterious figure appears out of nowhere, trying to escape from something you can't see. She hands you a rusty-looking device called the Blood Crucible and urges you to implant it into your body."

Only usable with Ethanol Flasks
spam xalxixinha live for him to play... he's been discouraged, depressed and malnourished
So we have had Headhunter event do we get 10 days of just free mageblood never have to press flasks
Sweet nice to see the winter events roll round can't wait to see what the new ones are too, hoping for a mayhem haven't had one of those in ages and a SC blitz would be amazing.

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