Save the Date for Upcoming December Events

Awesome!! Super excited.
is console involved too??
I missed the first endless delve, I am excited!
Amazing news, ty :)
Let's goooo!
Helyanwe wrote:
let's gooooo

I love endless delve

I wish Endless Delve and other events like these rotated around with Royale to keep it fresh.
May all your rings be unique
Oh dead league after 1 1/2 month already? I really don't like short events and mostly play the league for 2 or 2 1/2 month if it's not dead. Well yey for otheres I guess.
Please before release Royale day, nerf the broken skills and weapons (like molten and 14 range spike) and buff 2H weapons and talents pleaseeeeee
I hope some of these can be played in SC OR SSFSC. Except the Gaunlet.
10 Day events 7 days apart... How about running 2 events before Xmas and running the rest after new years?

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