Save the Date for Upcoming December Events

Last edited by Lixy on Nov 18, 2021, 4:43:44 PM
No flashback? Alright, whatever then...
Gaunlet 😚❤️💕
New events - cool beans, count me in :)
Nice overlap between the events. Mega fail.
Good to see there are timed events/races again. Not my cup of tea so i'll be skipping them and hoping for a new league without timers, but still a good thing they are held. Hf all.
Last edited by DistantBliss on Nov 18, 2021, 4:52:03 PM
where is hard mode
Tvätta dina händer i min stjärt
Pls add a way to hand in div cards to the endless delve event or remove all the reward chests that give div cards <3
Can we get these events UNVOIDED please stop pretending that the standard economy is important when you guys don't even care enough to fix their ability to convert maps for months....

I mean seriously I would play these events if they weren't voided because I have limited time and play in standard frequently... it matters enough that I'll completely ignore the events if they are void leagues... As I always have.

Its' 100% demotivating when they are voided literally a deal breaker and the reasons for voiding leagues are increasingly pure pretense.
Quadrupling the number of 0.00001% chance Boss encounters in the game while at the same time quadrupling the number of things you need to juggle (masters, leagues, splinters) is not a net increase in CONTENT; its a NET INCREASE IN CONTENT YOU NEVER GET TO DO
Descent champions PLEASE

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