Subsurface Refraction Technology in Path of Exile

To accept a challenge from the Void is merely suicide for the unprepared.
Amazing art, thanks for your work.
Now, a rework of the characters would be welcome.
Art is great and all, but game engine just can't handle it
i would be glad to aford me a new pc but you, bills...
Great work, Saveun.

I appreciate that you guys go for these details. Really helps PoE "feel" current gen and constantly pushing forward - which crazy given how old the game is.

There is always a performance vs visual trade off. For those of us with beefy systems, thanks for continuing to push the visual envelope and just give the potato PCs their toggle.
It is nice when you make it this big, but in the game usually these things are as small as a few millimeters. Does it really worth sacrificing the already sub-optimal performance?

Any chance we could get some switches to turn stuff like this on and off? I'd prefer a smoother running game when I play...
you know what's pathetic is that riot has shown what dealing with bufferbloat has done for their games, yet a game like this which response is needed as much if not more still lacks solutions done for it.

Why does the engine not feature dlss or FSR despite their universally accepted benefits to gamers?

Either of these concepts would make a great impact on players and in the case of bufferbloat make your entire network stack and all that runs on it infinitely more effective.

I'm getting super tired of seeing where your priorities are be it for mechanics and the game or just how you develop the engine.

It'll be nice if we got Stable Servers Technology instead of this.

Thank you!

Can someone explain to me what is negative and bad about asking to fix the bugs in the game? It's great what they present but it is necessary more focus on the problem of ping, freeze, ramdon disconnections, super poorly stabilized rooms that load too slow, lack of options to disable unnecessary loads to our cpu, such as shadows. And they delete my posts, just because I say what is really happening? I don't understand what all this has to do.
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great now we can have all sort of high technology tortoise, cow, chicken, lamb, frog and so on
For minion helmet mirror service
Stupidsmile Ultimate SRS Minion Instability Build

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