Subsurface Refraction Technology in Path of Exile

ye visual cool but need more work on QOL + content
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Beautiful work!
Just awesome to see you guys get on with things. Keep up the good work!

it's good to see that PoE is developing
Will this improve preformance ?
This is cool and all but, by all means, degrade whatever you can on console so that the screen doesn't frequently freeze and instakill me every time I encounter a group of enemies (especially with this league mechanic good lord) PLEASE!
It would be really wonderful if GGG focused on making the game more optimized for lower effects and allowing people to actually play the game without at $1,500.00+ graphics card. I think most players would turn off more graphics, if it was allowed, in order to have smoother performance and faster loading times.
For anyone complaining about performance:

Please learn what shaders even are before posting here.

Honestly, reading a lot of posts here, I'm a little ashamed at how little this community seems to know, and how vocal we are about it anyways.

This is a technical post to explain how the PoE engine implements cutting edge tech in game rendering, it has almost nothing to do with game performance. It's a flex, meant to both show exemple, and attract devs interested.
PoE's poor performance (mainly) comes from the bloat of assets all rendering at once during gameplay, the extremely wide variety of assets that need to be cached to appear at will on the scene (and when it doesn't work, we get invisible betrayal assassinations). These are huge problems with PoE, of course, but this thread is the wrong place for that. Also, these are issues interfacting directly with the core game design, which makes them incredibly complex.

Here are two scenes I made in unity (using this)

- The one on the right is composed of a few meshes, with a grey texture and prebaked lighting, and runs at ~1000 fps on my machine.

- The one on the left has realtime procedurally generated interior mapping shaders. This means that the GPU generates a 3d room in the mesh, computes glossyness on the window, realtime light ray casting in the room, and renders it.
It does not have fully prebaked lighting, and only runs about 5-10% slower on my machine.

Shaders aren't optionnal, they are (roughly) the piece of GPU code that tells the color of an object at a given point in space. It has been this way for 40+ years, PoE and any other game would be a black square without them. You can't have an option to turn them off.
And if you want an option to use a simpler shader instead for "performance", not only do you have no clue about performance in games, but you're asking a dev to literally remake the entire game with less intensive shaders. That's a MASSIVE cost.

If you have no idea what you are talking about, please stop, learn, and come back wiser.
Should work on disabling useless effect technology. I dont need game to render shadows in 50 monster pack. I dont even want to see any shadows. But hey :)
All these graphics enhancements are nice. There is only problem - you cannot pause the game to enjoy any of it. everything is so frenetic that you cannot appreciate much of the artwork except is some rare places :(

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