3.16.1 Patch Notes

krangle league krangled by krindingkearkames....

welp, i just wanna kill more mobs :(

patch loops, please fix
true, can't play on Steam. It just keeps updating and wasting my time and bandwidth
Cannot play on steam WHY?!?!
Sorry guys....in the latest patch they nerfed Steam.
Also encountering an issue with the Steam client. Updated over and over again. Once I was able to launch, I am unable to login as it says there is a new patch.
F***ING 7th time downloading patch AND launching game and it still says that I need to update the game..........

Fix your game GGG
when the patch needs a patch... welcome to krangle verse
can't play sadge
Same here :/ sry for posting like all people but just in case if you must pm all guys for a fix :D
Stuck in a patching loop on steam can't play.

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