3.16.1 Patch Notes

xx86me wrote:
Patch is busted. The download completes, then on login it prompts that a patch is required, and it just loops from there.

Same here, Steam version.
I also can't play. Using the Steam client
Please fix the patch that won't acknowledge the update I have downloaded 30 times from steam
also, why did you release preview a couple hours ago saying it would be released later this week or early next week and then just all the sudden drop the patch?

clearly it wasn't ready lol
Third time retrying to download and now its 26.9gb...
ya'll broke it
Hey everyone, as mentioned here we are looking into this issue. Apologies for the inconvenience!
+1 update/verify/patch/login/loop
Alright. Who at GGG pressed 'V' to send the patch into the Scourge realm?
Yepp same problems, patch loop, steam client

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