3.16.1 Patch Notes

I dont understand how a minor update can lead to this mess... gg GGG
how will i know when i should patch my steam client again? what notification/where to look to see?
Hey uh... the game is not reading the patch files correctly... can you guys fix it please.
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same here, just posting so you know you broked something. Hope you won't go to bed before realising it
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GGG launch the patch and go to bed... great !
who can give me a mirror plase
Kohler3000 wrote:
GGG launch the patch and go to bed... great !

Probably right...
Thanks for keeping us up to date GGG, just say something so we know if we'll be able to play tonight or if we should all go to bed.
why after update im cant login on epic game lancher ?
Well i guess im not running any maps before work
can't play even after few validation on steam says need update yet none.

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