3.16.1 Patch Notes

Danini72 wrote:
Kohler3000 wrote:
GGG launch the patch and go to bed... great !

Probably right...
Thanks for keeping us up to date GGG, just say something so we know if we'll be able to play tonight or if we should all go to bed.

GGG replied on reddit "we're looking into it"
Stacey_GGG wrote:
Hey everyone, as mentioned here we are looking into this issue. Apologies for the inconvenience!

just in case people are not following the thread and just crying :)
Please fix game
you know what
I cant craft pretty much any mods on cluster jewels right now. it says it doesnt have valid mod. I was running harvest for a several days now and now wth
same issues here 30 times already, still can't log in
Roll it back so we can play.
you are just a coding guru.......
Great patch again, something is messed up as usual. Still can't log in, even after uninstall/reinstall, countless restarts, validating game files etc.

Not surprised

PoE is in decline

update: in game, but huge latency issues (ofc)
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it's working \o/

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