3.16.0c Patch Notes (restartless)

Awesome patch, lets game! :)
my ballista is fixed, very poggers indeed
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Still patiently waiting for Physical Mastery which grants 20% Impale chance to get fixed. Currently doesn't do anything.
All great changes, especially how quickly we can feed maps to the machine.

It was so painful to see a tier 1 map I had placed in the krangler at atlas start finally hitting T3 after almost 20 maps.
meow meow.. cool so we don't get 1 shot everytime we accidently hit V key now?
The Exposed to Corruption debuff now provides 2% more Quantity and Rarity of Items found from Scourge Monsters (previously 1% more), and is no longer affected by the standard Item Quantity and Rarity diminishing returns for players.

That should've always been the case from the get go, annoying that it wasn't. ie: Do the Item Rarity & Quantity + diminishing returns calculation, and then apply the More Rarity & Quantity from Corruption to the end result.
Computer specifications:
Windows 10 Pro x64 | AMD Ryzen 3700X | ASUS Crosshair VIII Hero (WiFi) Motherboard | 16GB 3600MHz RAM | MSI Geforce 1070Ti Gamer | Corsair AX 760watt PSU | Samsung 860 Pro 512GB SSD & WD Black FZEX HDD
Yes! Thank you! Keep up the good work, i ll keep up the good grind <3
patch mastery like always xD
Please change the scourrge map mod: players lose 300 life (or shield) per second while in nightmare. This is very build limiting and unfairly hard.
Many people are saying that scourged maps are too good now. I don't know if they warrant a nerf, but I just wanted to say I am happy that regular scourged monsters now drop basic currency. Before the patch I was getting just scrolls and tainted armored orbs on simple alch and go maps, but now I get maybe a chisel here and there, a few fusings, random chaos drops are back. I no longer feel forced into doing heist and I can play maps and enjoy the league mechanic now.

Thank you, I think this patch was great.

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