3.16.0c Patch Notes (restartless)

Great changes, but it seems to have introduced some bug also. I can't enter maps / any zone without getting disconnected. HO and towns work fine, as does all of Standard
Thanks GGG, an amazing league that is getting even better by your determination as developers.
Gotta love this game meng.
Still crashing
PeepoHappy give me more juice
For the love of god please make the stun bigger and actually work. I am getting pounced on and instantly murdered the second I push the shift button sometimes.
EO still not fixed huh? Nice, maybe by PoE 2 it will be.
Thanks, really nice buffs <3
Some changes to how the Link skills work would be nice. They're ... pretty bad, currently.
Any update on Elemental Overload bug fix?
please add scourge map in drop list...it takes long time.

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