3.16.0c Patch Notes (restartless)

nerf mobs pls
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There's a massive lag spike/FPS drop when I switch to nightmare mode, since the last patch. There was always a bit of a spike, but now it takes several seconds before things stabilize. Glad I'm not playing HC right now.
All this league is from Edge of Tomorrow...!!! Very nice...
NoiseTank13 wrote:
Tier 3 Scourge doesn't stop the gear from being utter trash, though.

thats true
scourge mechanic is mostly garbage in SSF.
all kinds of useless things drop that you will never accumulate enough tainted crafting orbs to be able to fix into something usable.

the only hope is pre-crafting and hoping for some good transforms, but by the time you farm up to t3 you've found a better drop or need different color sockets.

making scourged items Corrupted was the dumbest decision. making tainted orbs as rare as they are... doubly dumb.

why can't The Last To Die offer a currency trade of normal orbs to tainted orbs?
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Very very true!!!
Scourged Maps can no longer generate the following modifiers: Item Quantity, Item Rarity, Pack Size, and Experience. Existing maps with these modifiers will retain them and can be upgraded as normal.

okay league is dead. nothing to chase to farm now. it was too low chance to get those juicy mods anyway already(about 1 of 30 maps). 5orbs was suggested to be buffed, but totally nerfed instead. even 1 orb precinct in previous patch was way better than 5 orb now. realization of scourge mechanics disgusting by itself. with this changes its worthless to play. all support builds are pure garbage now. no,thanks,its disgusting. stillborn league.
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