3.16.0b Patch Notes (restartless)

still having crashes, more often than before
Amazing league. Thank you
Just crashed 4 times in 15 minutes. How do I send bug reports?
jason_sees wrote:
still having crashes, more often than before

Yep, no joke. Crashing like 3x as more since the patch and I was already crashing once every half hour. This is getting legit unplayable and I've never had any real problems before, been playing for many leagues
The damage of Ravenous Bloodshaper's Blood Orb and Spike Barrage skills has been decreased.
The damage of Demon Herder's Vomit and Beam skill has been decreased.

Laughs in Pale Angels

Cooldown Time: 6 Second
Deals 7378 to 22133 Lightning Damage
just restart the realm rather than potentially killing players with latency and fps problems.
Damn, these are very tiny .

I was hoping for something more substantial in regards to the league.
~ Seph
Vulcan crashing to desktop, now directx freeze my PC its not a patch its a f.ing joke
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Why nerf to the blood mob instead of Arc mob? You can dodge the blood globe like it freaking huge and you can see it, and it cast is slow. While the Arc mob just ZAP YOU LIKE A FLY, no way to move around, dodge, anything, just straight Arc spell hit right into your face?
Sometime I don't even know if your Balance team even play the game or just fixing for the IRL friend ???
Woke up, patched - and now I have micro-stutters in game every 1 or 2 seconds :/ Prior to this hotfix I was sitting comfortable at 144fps in normal zones + higher in the upside down.

Anyone else, or just me?

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