Stress-Free PoE w/ RIGHTEOUS INCINERATOR! Relax, SSF League Start-End w/ “Any” Items & 1-Button|3.16

Well, folks! Thanks for an awesome league! You were all so helpful and kind to each other and me. You make this community a great place and I'm thankful you chose to spend some of your time here :). You rock!

Here's 3.17's guide: I'm really excited about the improvements! I played around with them for most of the previous league, and GGG didn't change anything that impacted it! So all these changes are tried, tested, and true. Defence and offence are up!

Thanks again for being so great this league! You're all awesome. Good luck with 3.17! I can't wait!

Sooooo...that happened...
Welp! I've had a personal emergency. My house has been beaten up pretty severely by the weather and I won't be able to prioritize my hobby (guide replies) for quite a while. My responses, when I'm able to do them, will likely be infrequent and short. I'll do what I can to be helpful, but just keep in mind my replies will be pretty delayed. Obviously, you all understand, which I'm grateful for, but I apologize anyway as I know how frustrating it can be to have your gameplay "on pause" because of an answer you need but can't find.

Just in case you're worrying, my family and I are in great health. It's just the material stuff that'll take months to repair. So everything is just tickety-boo. :-) (that's means "everything is great")

Thank you all for always being so kind and compassionate to everyone in these threads. It really makes these places a safe place to throw ideas and questions around. It also plants seeds of kindness, patience, etc. in people's hearts that they carry to other parts of their life.

Anyway, nothing to see here ;). Just setting expectations for you. Have some great sessions for me!

WELCOME to my Righteous Incinerator guide :)!

I Have a Path of Exile podcast (Forever Exiled) that You Should Probably Love

If you're looking for a Podcast that's 99% Path of Exile, my buddy Tagz and I have exactly that! A podcast that is 99% about Path of Exile! We put out an episode once a week and talk about all things Path of Exile 99% of the time. We aren't concerned about the community's opinion regarding the game. We talk about what we like/don't like, and laugh the whole way through!

Tagz started playing Path of Exile during Beta (April 2012) and I started playing Path of Exile in 2014. We've been gaming together since the NES days. We have VERY different preferences and playstyles when it comes to playing Path of Exile so we never run out of things to make fun of each other about...I mean...discuss.

If you check out the podcast, let us know what you think. We're growing like crazy and we couldn't be more thankful to our listeners. Thank you so much to all that listen!

Everyone needs a good RF build to play every now and then. Back in the day, everyone always talked about needing specific unique items to sustain RF. It drove me nuts. So in 3.5, I came out with my first RF guide that didn't require any items. I wanted as many people to experience RF as possible and didn't want to see my favourite skill gated behind specific drops. Obviously, a lot has changed since then, but the guide has carried on ever since.

With this Righteous Fire guide, you can use any items you find and you'll easily be able to sustain RF. You can use a Shield, two sceptres, a staff, whatever you want. The Chieftain makes this build a tank and we take full advantage of his ascendancy (gaining and losing Endurance Charges, tons of mitigation, life regen, leech...). It's all wrapped up in an easy, relaxing playstyle that lets you pick the items you want. You'll clear the atlas with a yawn and a smile. It's easy 1 button fun!

All of my guides revolve around a relaxing playstyle: easy buttons, easy movement, easy no button spamming, required button combos, or crazy gear/mods. I just like to sit back and RELAX when I play PoE...while also clearing the content :). I LOVE the old-school dungeon crawlers where you had to be successful with whatever items dropped. So I design my builds to be successful with the same mentality. SSF to the core. No item is required. Every replacement is an improvement. Pure RNG fun :).
Don't Be Dumb...
Now don't go being a Cotton Headed Ninny Muggins and think that because this build doesn't require any specific items that you can go and melt end game content with crap gear. Crap gear will clear crap content while amazing gear will clear amazing content. My build/guide style just allows you more freedom to get there...m'kay?

- My personal character's gear. (I follow my own guides. I only post what I play. So if something's different, it's just cause I'm trying something out. This is a different account than my PC account. I typically play on console.)
- PoEPlanner's link. (Follow it for automatic updates (if I make any changes).)
- I don't use Path of Building, but everyone else seems to. You can download PoB here and use this Pastebin:

For those with similar limitations to mine, I can play this build on both PC and Console.

(Thanks Tagz for always being willing to figure out the Wiki with me.)

A Couple Quick Notes:
Why My Builds Are the Way They Are
All of my builds revolve around my medical situation and my love of old-school dungeon crawling (which in PoE Land we call Solo Self Found). So if you're curious about why I design my builds the way I do (the limitations I revolve around), I explain it all in my One Stop Shop. (I have multiple guides. So some information is easier to explain in one location rather than many.)
A Quick Note Players new to Path of Exile
Welcome! PoE is a really in-depth game. Its million different mechanics work together is so many countless combinations that there really are endless ways to play this game. If you love theory crafting (coming up with different combos of skills and seeing if it'll work out), there is no other game that compares to this one.

For new people trying to learn Path of Exile, it's my opinion that the most efficient way to learn the game is by doing things for yourself; trying things out in-game, reading nodes/mods/skills, and making choices for yourself. I understand that some people look to guides for help progressing in the game, while others are simply looking for a neat idea to try out. It is the intent of all my guides to give people a relaxing way to play PoE (no matter their experience with the game) while also helping new people understand what's going on.

So, when it comes to my guides, it is my goal to help new players learn the game, but learn it in a way that you'll really grasp what's happening on your own. I give direction in my guides, but not many "step by step" directions. Nor do I tell you to do things in a certain order. I give lots of detail but it's to help explain and simplify the mechanics and concepts within the build and have you understand what's going on. My guides aren't intended to be the PoE wiki (but I provide many links to it, so don't worry).

My guides are massive because they completely revolve around helping new players understand what's going on. Just be prepared to discover the game and make some choices for yourself :).

I hope the guides help you have a relaxing PoE experience and also help you learn and love the game as well.

Happy slaying!

(I'll reference my One Stop Shop a few times in my guides. It has some Tips for New Players in there that you may find useful.)

The Build:
Gem Links
PoE restricts which gems are available to each class until Act 3. Until then you can get some gems for free from quest rewards, purchase some from specific NPCs in each town, or find them as loot.

There are two NPC's that sell all purchasable gems: the first one is Siosa in the Library in Act 3 (the Library is connected to The Imperial Gardens) and the second is Lilly Roth in Act 6 (you have to do their quests first).

*If I have a level next to a gem, stop levelling that gem at that level. For example: "Cast when Damage Taken (Level 1)". Don’t level Cast when Damage Taken past gem level 1. Otherwise, fully level all gems.

5/6-Link - Main Skill #2 (Socket in your Chest)
- Lifetap Support
- Infused Channelling Support
- Concentrated Effect Support
- Immolate Support
- Faster Casting Support
Main Skill and Supports Explained
The only reason to socket this in your chest is that we want this set to be the 6-link. If you go with a staff, do what you like.

Why I Chose Incinerate
Incinerate is the skill of choice here for a few reasons:

1. RF Damage Needs Help - RF is an awesome skill that requires a TON of investment. More so than any other skill in the game (in my opinion). So unless you're going for some crazy items, RF needs some help giving the build some damage.

2. Leech - I always prefer defence over long as I'm making progress with the build. Typically, RF builds focus on the Damage Over Time investment into RF and choose other fire DOT skills to couple with that damage. Makes sense. But I wanted that little extra bit of survivability that our Hinekora ascendancy node gives. So that required a skill that HIT (which DOT skills don't do (for the most part)). Leech is also dependant on the amount of damage you do so it'd be pointless to choose a non-fire skill based on our investment. So even though we're not min/maxing the DOT investment with our secondary damage skill, we're gaining a ton of survivability. Incinerate is basically choosing Defence over Offence.

3. We're Encouraged to Stay in RF's Radius - There are many Fire Skills we could pick from that would give us our max leech rate and have good damage output as well. But, not many of them would encourage us to stay within RF's radius. Most would end up encouraging a more ranged playstyle making RF an afterthought. Incinerate, coupled with Concentrated Effect, gives us an AoE that encourages us to fight within RF's radius.

4. Standing Still is Dangerously Fun - In a game where movement is the #1 survivability mechanic, standing still is a fun risk to be successful with. Incinerate keeps us standing in one spot which is risky but also fits the playstyle of a tanky character. (It also helps me learn battles and enemies. As I am forced to be close and watch their offensive skills, I learn the game and enemy mechanics. I've found to be a much better, and less panicky player, by using this method with my builds.)

5. Incinerate Gives Perks When You Stop Using It - So obviously you have to stay still to use Incinerate. But when you have to let go to follow an enemy or move to safety, the skill rewards you for it. It gives a nice big burst of huge fire damage when you let go of the skill. That burst scales well with or DOT investments too. So there are perks to standing still, and perks for moving around :).

6. Channelling Buffs RF - I really wanted to pick a channelling skill to help with the build because I like the concept of Infused Channelling buffing RF's damage. If we're going to risk standing still, we want to do more damage to end the battle sooner.

7. Easy Gearing - By going choosing to Leech, we have not selected Elemental Equilibrium on the tree (which is a very common keystone on the tree for DOT builds). Though EE is strong, I find it really annoying to gear around. Not that that's not worth the effort, but since we were avoiding EE because of leech, we get the benefit of really easy gearing.

8. If I think of something else, I'll add it ;).
Though Incinerate was chosen to help out RF's damage output and to give us Leech (Hinekora ascendancy node), it still revolves around RF. Infused Channelling gives RF bonus damage because it shares the Fire tag with Incinerate.

Concentrated Effect was chosen to keep Incinerate as close as possible to RF's Radius.

Immolate gives Incinerate damage because RF is already burning the enemy we're hitting.

Faster Casting gets us to our max stacks faster.

Lifetap makes Incinerate cost life instead of mana. We want our mana pool saved for our spells linked to Cast when Damage Taken. Our life regen and leech will easily take care of Incinerate's cost.

Incinerate itself is pretty self-explanatory in the gem description. It gains stages the longer you hold it down until it's at its max stacks. The damage doesn't increase from holding the skill once you've reached max stacks. (But other aspects of the build will improve the build's damage based on their own circumstances.) Even though the skill encourages standing still, what's awesome is that if you have to move, the skill rewards you sending out a huge wave of damage (based on your Incinerate stacks) that Ignites enemies that lived through it. The burning damage caused by the Ignite scales with our Damage Over Time investments.

4-Link - Main Skill #1 (Socket in your Helmet)
Righteous Fire
- Burning Damage Support
- Elemental Focus Support
- Efficacy Support
Main Skill and Supports Explained
We socket this set of gem links in our helmet because eventually there are helmet mods that really benefit RF if the gem is socketed within the helmet. Until then, it doesn't matter which 4-link it's in. (Getting a sweet Elder Helmet obviously improves the build a ton, but you don't need it. I've never had one. So don't fret. It's just for fun.)

This section is long...but you chose to do an RF build...sooooo...

Righteous Fire is our main skill that the whole build revolves around. It's a skill that will burn all enemies within RF's radius CONSTANTLY. Constant damage in PoE is a rarity so it comes at the cost of burning both our Life and Energy Shield at a crazy rate. So RF needs a huge investment. (Increasing the damage of RF does not change how much damage you take from RF. It'll always burn the same % of life from you no matter the supports you link to it.)

RF's damage scales off of how much Life and Energy Shield we have along with the typical gem, tree, and mod investments we'll get. We'll get the skill in Act 2 but you won't be able to use RF right away. We'll not only need to cap our fire resist, but we'll need to increase our maximum fire resistance cap too. And obviously, alongside our fire resists, we'll need lots of life regen to sustain it. Follow the tree and you'll be sustaining RF, with any gear around character level 55ish. I personally don't wait until I can sustain it. I try running it as soon as I can with life flasks and skills. (I die lots while levelling and I have fun doing it.) The levelling section will give you pointers on how to sustain RF as quickly and stress-free as possible. When you're in your mid-40s RF should be easy with minimal effort and by the mid-50s (ascended twice) you'll be able to sustain RF and ignore it.

Now, RF is a DOT (Damage Over Time) skill. In PoE, Damage Over Time does not HIT. It does do damage, but it doesn't Hit. Incinerate does Hit. RF doesn't Hit, Incinerate does hit. So pay attention to mods mods/mechanics that require hits and consider if it's valuable to the build. For example, ""adding" X Elemental Damage" only applies to hits. The Penetration mechanic only applies to hits. "Damage Over Time Multipliers" only apply to our burning damage, not hits. It's not something to freak out about, but it's something you'll come across lots as you get deeper in the game. The important part is that you remember that RF doesn't hit, ok? (More of this in the Gear section.)

Elemental Focus Support greatly increases damage at the cost of not being able to put an ailment on an enemy. This seems like it would negate RF...but RF doesn't inflict an Ailment. It skips the ailment and jumps straight to the effect, burning. Typically, if you were to throw, let's say a Fireball, at an enemy, it would have a chance to Ignite (which requires a HIT). If the enemy Ignites, they start to burn. So if you had this support with Fireball, you'd never burn an enemy. You'd only hit them with fire damage. RF simply burns enemies. It doesn't have a chance to ignite (because it's Damage Over doesn't HIT). It skips the "chance to ignite" mechanic and just burns (damage over time). So this is a damage boost with no consequence. (Incinerate's initial instance of damage Hits. So it has to go through the "ignite" process to burn.)

Don't be discouraged by the low damage outputs you may see at first. RF makes up for that with the fact that it does constant damage. You don't have to stop to deal damage. So instead of needing to stop to cast/attack/place, or to turn around or leap, you're always doing damage. That's not something that can be put on paper and you'll soon see the value of it over time. Sure, a one-on-one battle will be slower if you don't have to move around much, but remember that we're building this build for the whole game and not for individual circumstances. RF's value is in its consistency. GGG knows this and as a result, it requires the massive investment mentioned.

I'm sure I missed something important here ;). So just post whatever questions you have and I'll happily answer them.

4-Link - Super Supports (Socket in your Gloves or Boots)
Cast when Damage Taken Support
- Immortal_Call
- Wave of Conviction (Level 1) or Purifying Flame (Level 1)
- Combustion Support
Super Supports Explained
All these skills are linked to CwDT so we never have to cast them. They all work perfectly in conjunction with other elements of the build. And are designed to go off in bigger battles. Or in other words, we don't need them while clearing easy mobs. (Our mana pool is reserved for both CwDT links.)

Immortal Call does us the favour (yup, that's right) of consuming up to 5 Endurance Charges when it triggers. It'll give us the obvious defence listed in the gem but it also synergizes well with our ascendancy node Valako. Now, Endurance Charges are really awesome for this build in many ways, but Valako gives us lots of bonus damage for 8 seconds when we lose an Endurance Charge. So Immortal Call will go off whenever it does and we'll just keep on gaining our Endurance Charges back up with Enduring Cry. Our charges will go up and down, up and down...and we'll be wonderfully buffed in both circumstances.

Immortal Call is fully levelled so it's not going to be cast too often. But that being said, the deeper you go in the game, the more often they will cast. Don't expect them to go off too often in the earlier levels and maps as enemies need to do enough damage to trigger the damage thresholds of the CwDT gem.

Wave of Conviction gives our build Fire Exposure. Fire Exposure and lowering and enemies' fire resistance are the exact same thing...but with one exception. Multiple instances of lowering an enemy's fire exposure can stack. But an enemy can only have one exposure on them at a time. Lowering an enemy's resistance with Flammability and applying Fire Exposure to the same enemy with Wave of Conviction stacks as well. Just make sure that you're not accidentally increasing lightning damage within the build as Wave of Conviction will only inflict Exposure with the element of which the enemy took the highest damage. It's a low gem level because the exposure of the skill doesn't increase as the gem levels. So we save mana by keeping it at a low level.

Combustion helps the linked spells Ignite an enemy. When the linked spells ignite an enemy, this support gem increases the fire damage enemies take from our fire skills. (It lowers the Fire Resists of enemies this skill hits).

4-Link - Infrequent Frequent Supports (Socket in your Gloves or Boots)
Cast when Damage Taken Support (Level 1)
- Void Sphere (Level 1)
- Hextouch Support
- Flammability or Enfeeble
Infrequent Frequent Supports Explained
So obviously with a lower CwDT gem level these gems will get triggered more often than a fully levelled CwDT gem. But the skill that's meant to go off "all the time" has a huge cooldown. So Void Sphere will cast as soon as it's ready, every time, but there will still be long gaps between casts. Void Sphere is level 1 for the sake of mana savings. Nothing that improves with the gem level of Void Sphere helps this build. (Our mana pool is reserved for both CwDT links.) Also, keep in mind, you still have to take the damage. So this link still won't go off often until you're later in the game.

Void Sphere sucks in non-unique enemies for some great crowd control (and getting everyone together for a big RF party) but it also constantly pulses which is the part of the skill that's Hits. Those constant Hits apply our linked curse.

3 Socket - Auras (Socket in your Weapon or Shield)
Purity of Fire
Summon Skitterbots
Enduring Cry
Auras Explained
Purity of Fire Is our most important aura. This gives us Fire resistance! When coupled with Tasalio, Cleansing Water on the Ascendancy tree, it will give us all the Fire Resistance we need forever. It makes gearing so much easier. It also increases your Maximum Fire Resist. This is the most important part of using RF. Normally your Maximum Fire Resist would cap at 75%. This skill at level 20 will increase that max to 79%. That doesn't seem like much, but it's actually very substantial damage mitigation for both RF and receiving fire damage. (We'll end up with 85% max fire resist without items once the tree is filled out.)

Summon Skitterbots isn't an aura, but it reserves mana. This skill summons 2 unkillable Skitterbots. One Chills enemies while the other Shocks them. Though the chilling is nice and defensive, we have this skill for the shock. ALL Enemies shocked by this skill take 15% increased damage. ("Taking" increased damage is totally different from increasing our own damage. If I increased my weapon damage by 15%, that's peanuts. But if I make an enemy take 15% increased damage, that's huge. They are totally different parts of the equation.)

Enduring Cry is the "other" skill to Immortal Call. We'll be hitting Enduring Cry as often we want which will give us our Endurance Charges. We get tons of great offensive and defensive perks from Endurance Charges. But thanks to Immortal Call and Valako (ascendancy) we get a lot of offensive and defensive perks from losing our charges as well! Enduring Cry is also an instant skill. (We make it an instant skill with the Call to Arms keystone on the tree.) That means it has no cast time. If you play on PC, you can put it on your movement button (left click for most) and it won't interrupt your actions at all. Console players don't get that "free click" benefit since we use analog sticks, but I just hold down my Enduring Cry button when I'm moving around anyway. I pretend that I have to hold that button down to move ;). No matter your platform, instant skill can be used at the same time as other actions/skills.

3-Link - More Auras (Socket in your Weapon or Shield)
Arrogance Support
Auras Explained
This one is pretty obvious. Vitality and Clarity are auras that give us life regen and mana regen respectively. The unique aspect to these auras are that they don't reserve a % of mana; they reserve a flat amount of mana.

Arrogance makes the linked auras reserve life instead of mana.

Vitality is an obvious RF support. Clarity is there for the CwDT gems. You're welcome to try and get your mana recovery from other sources if the combo of Clarity and Vitality (about 1000 life) is too much for your liking.
Passive Tree
- PoEPlanner's link. (Follow it for automatic updates (if I make any changes).)
- I don't use Path of Building, but everyone else seems to. You can download PoB here and use this Pastebin:

Here's 3.16's passive tree. (You'll get a nice clear picture if you click on it.)

Mastery List Selections:

Take them in whatever order you wish, though these are in the order I take them in.

Resistance and Ailment Protection Mastery:
- Corrupted Blood cannot be inflicted on you

Life Mastery:
- +50 to maximum life
- 15% reduced Life Cost of Skills

Fire Mastery:
- +20% to Fire Damage over Time Multiplier/-30% to Fire Resistance
- Fire Exposure you inflict applies an extra -5% to Fire Resistance (only makes sense if you select Wave of Conviction)

Damage Over Time Mastery:
- 10% less Damage Taken from Damage over Time

As you go through the game you'll come across Trials of Ascendancy. Starting in Act 3 you'll see their value. Once you have completed all 6 of the first set of trails, you'll get to attempt your first Labyrinth (lab). Good luck! Upon completion Choose Chieftain. You get two ascendancy points per lab. There are four labs for a total of 8 points. (Redoing the same lab will not reward you with more ascendancy points if you've already completed it.)

You can spend your points in any order you like. This is my personal order:
- 1st Two Points - Tasalio, Cleansing Water. A busy node. You get life regen. You get lots more life regen if you've been hit by physical or fire damage from an enemy (not your RF). You can get ignited, but the ignite damage won't harm you (it does not affect how RF burns you). You gain 100% to your fire resist. (This is additive. You'll need 135% minimum for end game and Purity of Fire will take care of the rest :).) (This node is very helpful for sustaining RF early without any items. Having that much natural Fire Resistance gives us the ability to ignore the need to equip fire resistance modifiers on gear.)
- 2nd Two Points - Valako, Storm's Embrace. Gives bonus life regen per Endurance Charge, increases our Maximum Endurance Charge limit by 1, gives a big damage boost if we lose an Endurance Charge (and we will intentionally, thanks to Immortal Call), and also makes Endurance Charges easy to get when we use our Warcry.
- 3rd Two Points - Ramako, Sun's Light. It gives lots of damage to our DOT skills. Ignite and Penetration only applies to Hits. Hit perks don't benefit RF at all as RF doesn't hit, but Incinerate does. So this helps both skills in different ways.
- 4th Two Points - Hinekora, Death's Fury. Life Leech is a mechanic that only applies to hits. And we have nothing that hits hard. But covering an enemy in Ash can be done by any hit...and we hit lots. Enemies covered in ash take increased fire damage from all fire sources :).
The passive tree is easy to understand and even easier to follow:

You'll start as a Marauder that will ascend into a Chieftain.

Levelling Path:
This build really benefits from every node we'll select on the tree. I suggest taking all the southern nodes first. You'll find it quite naturally balanced. Then as you start heading north, take every node without skipping any. The tree will take you to level 90; it'll be easy to achieve. Pick anything you like after that. Feel free to pick your own path. I'm intentionally vague so you can learn as you go. You honestly can't screw up unless you save all your life nodes for last. (And honestly, that would be extra dumb with an RF build. ;-). Have fun!)

Tree Focuses:
- Life Regen - The more the merrier. We want lots to sustain RF. It's awesome to see your life move up so fast without flask help.
- Increasing our Fire Resistance Cap - The higher this is, the easier/safer RF is.
- Maximum Life - Besides the obvious factor of "the more you have, the better...", the more life you have also improves the damage of RF.
- Endurance Charges - The tree gives us nodes that let us increase our maximum endurance charges along with life regen per charge.
- Damage - Yup, damage :). My primary focus was RF. I didn't ignore Incinerate, but RF was the focus.

Don't forget about attributes. You'll pass some nodes on the tree that give +30 to Dexterity or Intelligence. If you don't have items to cover what you're short in, feel free to select some of these as you pass them. You'll get respec points that will let you remove them later once you have better gear.

Now, feel free to modify this in any way. This is just my preference for easy Solo Self Found.

Take your time to look at each passive node as they come along. Some of the nodes are pretty dramatic.

Some quests earn you respec points in case you regret any decisions you made on the tree. You can also use Orbs of Regret for the same thing.
This is my setup if you're interested. I play the same as the guide unless I'm testing something out.

USE ANYTHING YOU WANT! - I like having a shield and one-handed weapon instead of a staff or two one-handed weapons. It's just a preference; no right or wrong there.

If you’re new to PoE, check out my One-Stop-Shop. It gives lots of help and tips on gear, mods, currency, levelling, and endgame mapping. Some good to know stuff that you'd hate not knowing.

- Weapon - Anything you like.
- Shield, a Second Weapon, or a Staff- Anything you like.
- Head - Anything you like.
- Chest - Anything you like.
- Hands - Anything you like.
- Feet - Anything you like.
- Amulet - Anything you like.
- Ring - Anything you like.
- Ring - Anything you like.
- Belt - Anything you like.
- Jewel - Anything you like.
- Flasks - Anything you like.

Remember, you have two weapon sets that you can swap between. I like to have two Sceptres in one set and a Sceptre and Shield in the other so I can swap between having more damage or more defence. (Just remember that auras in swapped weapon sets will need to be turned back on.)

***Now don't go being a Cotton Headed Ninny Muggins and think that because this build doesn't require anything specific that you can go and melt end game content with crap gear. Crap gear will clear crap content while amazing gear will clear amazing content. My build/guide style just allows you more freedom to get there...m'kay?

Remember that RF also scales its damage from Energy Shield. So the more energy shield we have the more damage RF does! You may be surprised how much damage is increased by some "ok" ES rolls even though we don't boost ES on the tree. BUT REMEMBER Life is still your life pool. So ALWAYS prioritize good life rolls first. (Your ES will always be burned away.)

My Dream Mods
Here's an example of some of the mods and gear I'd eventually aim for. Since this is Path of Exile, there are obviously a million different combos of mods that would work for any build. So don't think that this is the best or only combo of mods to aim for. This is just my preference for "non-fancy" gear as an example of what I'd aim for Endgame. So these aren't influenced, Delve specific, Essence mods, or anything. Just easy crafting or normal rolls. So obviously you can maximize this even more. Also, these are unrealistic goals as all these mods are tier 1 rolls. (The # at the beginning of each mod is the item level that T1 mod starts rolling at. The # at the beginning of each item is the map level that base-type starts dropping at.) Anyway, here you go:

(68) Void Sceptre(s):
Implicit: 40% increased Elemental Damage
- (74) - Adds (36–49) to (73–85) Fire Damage to Spells
- (84) - (100–109)% increased Fire Damage
- (2) - +1 to Level of all Fire Spell Skill Gems (Drops)
- (78) - +(34–38)% to Fire Damage over Time Multiplier (Drops)
- (82) - +(16–18)% to Damage over Time Multiplier
- (76) - (27–30)% increased Fire Damage (Drops)/(60) - (26–30)% increased Burning Damage

(64) Ezomyte Tower Shield:
Implicit: +(30-40) to maximum Life
- (73) - +(100–109) to maximum Life
- (62) - +(43–95) to Armour/+(29–33) to maximum Life
- ?
- (83) - Regenerate (30–40) Life per second
- (81) - Regenerate (1–1.1)% of Life per second
- (81) - +(31–35)% to Chaos Resistance or (84) +(46–48)% to Fire/Cold/Lightning Resistance

(68) Praetor Crown:
- (64) - +(90–99) to maximum Life
- (62) - +(16–25) to maximum Energy Shield/+(29–33) to maximum Life
- ?
- (83) - Regenerate (30–40) Life per second
- (84) - +(46–48)% to Fire/Cold/Lightning Resistance
- (81) - +(31–35)% to Chaos Resistance

(70) Saintly Chainmail:
- (86) - +(120–129) to maximum Life
- (78) - +(26–30) to maximum Energy Shield/+(34–38) to maximum Life
- (73) - +(243–300) to Armour/+(69–75) to maximum Energy Shield
- (86) - Regenerate (40–50) Life per second
- (84) - +(46–48)% to Fire/Cold/Lightning Resistance
- (81) - +(31–35)% to Chaos Resistance

(70) Apothecary's Gloves (Only drops in the region Glennach Cairns):
- (54) - +(80–89) to maximum Life
- (46) - +(11–15) to maximum Energy Shield/+(24–28) to maximum Life
- (30) - +(27–45) to Armour/+(18–22) to maximum Energy Shield
- (83) - Regenerate (30–40) Life per second
- (84) - +(46–48)% to Fire/Cold/Lightning Resistance
- (81) - +(31–35)% to Chaos Resistance

(70) Fugitive Boots (Only drops is the region Lira Arthain):
- (54) - +(80–89) to maximum Life
- (46) - +(11–15) to maximum Energy Shield/+(24–28) to maximum Life
- (86) - 35% increased Movement Speed (drop only)
- (83) - Regenerate (30–40) Life per second
- (84) - +(46–48)% to Fire/Cold/Lightning Resistance
- (81) - +(31–35)% to Chaos Resistance

(74) Marble Amulet (Only drops in the region Haewark Hamlet):
Implicit: Regenerate (1.2-1.6)% of Life per second
- (54) - +(80–89) to maximum Life
- (81) - (14–16)% increased Area Damage/(10–12)% increased Area of Effect
- (81) - +(36–40) to maximum Life/Regenerate 4 Mana per second
- (85) - +(33–35) to all Attributes
- (83) - Regenerate (30–40) Life per second
- (64) - (23–26)% increased Fire Damage

(80) Vermillion Rings (Only drops in the region Glennach Cairns):
Implicit: (5-7)% increased maximum Life
- (44) - +(70–79) to maximum Life
- (81) - +(36–40) to maximum Life/Regenerate 4 Mana per second
- Something Cool :)
- (84) - +(46–48)% to Fire/Cold/Lightning Resistance
- (81) - +(31–35)% to Chaos Resistance
- (83) - Regenerate (30–40) Life per second or (50) - (18–22)% increased Fire Damage

(8) Leather Belt:
Implicit: +(25-40) to maximum Life
- (64) - +(90–99) to maximum Life
- (81) - +(36–40) to maximum Life/Regenerate 4 Mana per second
- ?
- (83) - Regenerate (30–40) Life per second
- (84) - +(46–48)% to Fire/Cold/Lightning Resistance
- (81) - +(31–35)% to Chaos Resistance

- I'll get back to you after playing around with 3.16 for a bit.

Weapon Mods:
RF benefits from:
**Damage Over Time Multiplier (the most powerful mod for DOTs. Don't be without it!)**
- Increased Elemental Damage
- Increased Fire Damage
- Increases to Damage
- Increases to Area Damage
- Burning Damage
- Damage Over Time
- "More" of any of the above. In PoE, the term "More" is much stronger than "Increased". So choose "More" over "Increased" when you can.

RF does NOT benefit from but Incinerate DOES:
- Improvements to Spell Damage
- Adding Fire Damage to Spells (only applies to spells that Hit)
- Fire (or Elemental) Penetration (only applies to Hits)
- (Just FYI, A mod that "Adds Fire Damage" without specifying "Spells", will only apply to Attacks.)

Your goal on the rest of your gear is:
- Maximum life
- Fire, Cold, and Lightning Resists (Chaos too if you're lucky)
- Increasing Maximum Fire Resist
- Movement Speed (Typically on Boots)
- Life Regen (Either a flat # or %)
- Ensuring you have high enough attributes for your skills.
- (Any Energy Shield you get on your gear won't help defensively (it'll burn away) but it's bonus damage for RF. It's not important, just a perk if it's there.)
- Any mod I suggested for your weapon(s) would be welcome on gear too.
My Filters
Oh my goodness! A link! You should click on it. Definitely. WOW! Look at all those pretty green FOLLOW buttons. You should press them all ;).

I LOVE FILTERS! So, I make my own filters! THEY ARE AMAZING ;). For me, making filters is just as fun as playing Path of Exile. If you're looking to cut down on the amount of garbage on your screen but don't actually want to miss anything, my filters are right up your alley. They only filter equippable items. Everything else will show. I've made two types of filters:

1 - A filter that only shows gear relevant to my guides.
2 - A filter for everyone that's relevant for all builds.

Each filter is available on all platforms.

The descriptions/details of each filter are within the fitlers themselves. Just click on the filter and you'll see the explanations there. But don't worry, I've explained it in normal English, not in "filter-talk".

The filters are progressive, which means that they will become more strict as you progress; the further you progress in the game, the less the filter will show.

The filters are designed for SSF play and, once you're out of the campaign, will show only rare items (with some obvious exceptions).

Here's the gist of how the filters work:
- When an item's better version becomes available, the worse item becomes hidden. For example, a Small Life flask will only show until a Medium Life flask is available.
- But the same goes for ALL items. I've based replacements on base types and implicit ratings. So when a Tiger Hook becomes available, it'll hide the Grappler. When the Sorcerer Boots are capable of dropping, the Arcanist Slippers will be hidden.
- Once we get into T14, then, T15, then, T16, I restrict things further and further based on item level vs. area level. By that point, we should be nicely set up for gear and are starting to get pretty picky in what we want.

The filters still show all other currency, fragments, maps, div. cards...everything. (Though I do stop showing things like portals and scraps after T14.)

I personally think the filters are at a really good balance of not showing too much, while also giving you decent opportunities for upgrades based on where you are in the game.

Please let me know if you have any feedback or see any errors you may find within the filters...otherwise, I hope they enhance your PoE experience!

If my filters interest you, once you've clicked on the provided link, click "Follow" next to the filter(s) that you want. It'll automatically load to your filter list in-game when you login AND it automatically updates upon each login as well!
Choose any you like. Use them to fill holes in the build, something that helps the build fit your style of play, make your favourite part of the build stronger...whatever you want. I personally bounce around with them all the time.
With the Bandits in Act 2, I kill them all for the extra 2 skill points. You, of course, do what you like.
You'll get most of the attributes that you require to use your gems from the tree. You'll need a little bit of Dexterity that we don't get on the tree.

You'll Be Short:
Strength: 0
Dexterity: 34

Needing 34 Dex. and 1 Int. is really easy to get. An Amulet can easily accommodate your needs. Though we barely need any extra Dex. and Int., you won't get those nodes until later in the tree. So be sure to pick up the +30 Dex./Int. nodes to help out if you aren't getting good luck with your gear.

From the Tree You'll Get:
Strength: 288
Dexterity: 34
Intelligence: 154

Your Gems Need:
Strength: 155
Dexterity: 68
Intelligence: 155
Uniques, Jewels, Anointments, and the many other tidbits that can modify a vanilla build, are amazing. I LOVE what they bring to a build. I use them in my builds all the time. But I don't include them in my guides because I want my guides to rely on as little as possible to function properly and efficiently. But don't be scared to add your own twists into the build! Add any of the above to your build and see how it goes! Weigh the pros and cons of your choices and have a great time testing things IN-GAME. It's what games like PoE are all about.

Now, as I'm sure you know, in PoE even a small change to a build can have massive ramifications. So, in terms of the guide, feel free to make any changes you like, chat about it tons in the forum, but I'll only be answering questions regarding the guide, not theory-crafting options. Forever Exiled, A Path of Exile Podcast


Wrecker of Days' One-Stop-Shop: Stress-Free Builds (& Filters): 1-Button, HC SSF, Item Freedom:
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Extra Info:
Gameplay (How the Build Functions When It's All Setup)
Once setup, this build is REALLY easy to play.

Quick Version: Walk around holding down your Enduring Cry button while RF burns everything. Use Incinerate on enemies that need help dying. That's it. Everything else is automatic!

Slightly Detailed Version (I'm going to assume you've read the other sections above): So there's the obvious part of needing to turn on your auras and such. Your auras give you Fire Resists, increases to your Maximum Fire Resist, Life Regen, and Mana Regen. Your Skitterbots also chill and shock literally you see.

As you go into your maps, you'll be holding down Enduring Cry all the time. This will give you Endurance Charges and ensure you're always going to be capped with them. For our build, each charge provides:
- life regen
- Physical Damage Reduction
- Elemental Resistances
This is what we'll lose when we lose our charges with Immortal Call, but we'll gain them back instantly (well, once every 8 seconds (Enduring Cry cooldown).

Our build can't be stunned but also can't evade (Unwavering Stance on the tree). This is perfect for us because we want to get hit. Thanks to our Tasalio ascendancy node, some physical damage gets mitigated by converting into fire damage (which we're the most resistant to). As a result, both fire and physical damage greatly increase our life recovery rate.

When we get hit by a small amount of damage, we:
- Apply Flammability on enemies
- We gain Elemental Overload (increases our Incinerate damage at the cost of not being able to crit.)
- We cover enemies in Ash (they take increases the fire damage they take and slows them down)
- We group enemies together with Void Sphere

When we get hit by larger amounts of damage (either at once or over time), we:
- Apply Fire Exposure to enemies
- Apply Combustion to enemies
- Cast Immortal Call which removes 5 charges, and thus the perks we'd have for those 5 charges. BUT replaces those perks with WAY more physical and elemental damage mitigation (from the Immortal Call skill) along with giving us a TON more damage than the charges did (Valako ascendancy node).

Now all this is happening automatically and you'll see your mana and life fluctuate quite a lot. The only time you need to use Incinerate is when you want to speed up someone's death process ;). You'll likely find that this build lacks damage compared to other builds. I've made this to be a defence-first build. You'll have longer boss battles but you'll have a hard time dying.

Incinerate will cost a lot of life to channel, but you won't notice. With all the investment we have into life recovery, along with the fact that you'll be leeching WAY more than Incinerate costs, we'll easily pay for Incinerate's cost and have plenty of leech left over to keep us alive in most situations. When you don't think it's enough, move :).

Exposure vs. Lowering Resists:
Enemies can have their resists lowered in a few different ways. They all stack together. So if Spell A and Spell B both lowered an enemy resistance by 10, the enemy would be -20 to that resist. Exposure stacks with other sources of lowering resists, but it doesn't stack with itself. So if two skills that apply Exposure of the same element are applied to the same enemy, they won't stack. Only the strongest will be applied.

Let me know if you have any questions.
In my opinion, there are two types of "levellers" in PoE:

1. The first, is a player that knows the game well enough that, no matter the guide/build, they have no need for direction.
2. The second is a player that wants to be able to level like the person I just mentioned.

Though newer PoE players may find PoE daunting, I feel the most efficient way to learn PoE is to make decisions for yourself. I think you'll be surprised how quickly you catch on to each mechanic you start playing with. So this section won't be about holding your hand and giving you a step-by-step process. It'll guide and encourage you to choose between the pros and cons your character will constantly face...while levelling and selecting gear. I know, I know, you hate me. But maybe you'll thank me later? Maybe?

(Remember, I have some tips for new players in my One Stop Shop that'll help in the overall PoE experience that any levelling process will benefit from. Below are tips for levelling this character, not general levelling tips.)
Where to Get All the Gems You'll Need
There are two NPCs that sell all purchasable gems: the first one is Siosa in the Library in Act 3 (you have to do his quest first (the Library is connected to The Imperial Gardens)), the second NPC is Lilly Roth in Act 6 (Do her quest in Act 6).

Act 1 - The Caged Brute - Reward - Level 10 - Vitality
Act 1 - The Caged Brute - Purchase - Level 8 - Lifetap Support
Act 1 - The Caged Brute - Purchase - Level 8 - Combustion Support
Act 1 - The Caged Brute - Purchase - Level 8 - Enduring Cry
Act 2 - The Root of the Problem - Reward - Level 16 - Righteous Fire
Act 3 - Lost in Love - Purchase - Level 24 - Flammability
Act 3 - Lost in Love - Purchase - Level 24 - Purity of Fire
Act 3 - A Fixture of Fate - Reward - Level 31 - Arrogance Support
Act 3 - A Fixture of Fate - Purchase - Level 1 - Infused Channelling Support
Act 3 - A Fixture of Fate - Purchase - Level 8 - Efficacy Support
Act 3 - A Fixture of Fate - Purchase - Level 10 - Clarity
Act 3 - A Fixture of Fate - Purchase - Level 12 - Incinerate
Act 3 - A Fixture of Fate - Purchase - Level 16 - Summon Skitterbots
Act 3 - A Fixture of Fate - Purchase - Level 16 - Wave of Conviction
Act 3 - A Fixture of Fate - Purchase - Level 18 - Concentrated Effect Support
Act 3 - A Fixture of Fate - Purchase - Level 18 - Faster Casting Support
Act 3 - A Fixture of Fate - Purchase - Level 18 - Elemental Focus Support
Act 3 - A Fixture of Fate - Purchase - Level 31 - Burning Damage Support
Act 4 - Breaking the Seal - Purchase - Level 34 - Immortal Call
Act 4 - The Eternal Nightmare - Purchase - Level 38 - Cast when Damage Taken Support x2
Act 4 - The Eternal Nightmare - Purchase - Level 38 - Hextouch Support
Act 4 - The Eternal Nightmare - Purchase - Level 38 - Immolate Support
Act 6 - Fallen from Grace - Purchase - Level 34 - Void Sphere

(Let me know if you see any errors in the list.)
Which Quests to Do?
- I suggest doing every quest in the game. It doesn't take too much longer and you'll get some nice bonus gear to help the SSF process. For those that just want to rush to the Endgame, here's a link to all the quests that give Passive Points as a reward. You don't want to miss those.

- With the Bandits in Act 2, I kill them all for the extra 2 skill points. You, of course, do what you like.

The Lord's Labyrinth
- Here's a list of all the lab trials for the first three labyrinths (the trials for the fourth lab are found randomly in endgame maps).

How to Level RF
Normally I'd give you very little detail here, it's important to make some of these choices on your own and the levelling process is a great place to figure things out at your own pace without consequence. By the time you hit maps, you're quite knowledgeable about both your build's gem tags and what you're looking for. BUT, this is Righteous Fire.'re lucky ;).

You Can't Sustain RF Right Away
- As mentioned, everyone has a different way that they prefer to level. Righteous Fire builds are really tricky to level on paper. It's not that difficult when you're actually in-game, but you will still need to be patient. You can get the RF gem at level 16, but even with all the perfect uniques, you won't be able to sustain the skill. If you're playing SSF, you likely won't be able to sustain RF until you're around a character level in the mid-'50s.

Here's the Part That's Tricky
- Because I design my builds for SSF and not requiring any specific gear or mods, I focused heavily on Maximum Life and Life Regen (and of course fire damage). And since we'll only be using spells later on, there is no investment in the tree for Physical or Attack Damage. Nor is there any investment into accuracy. So the higher the level we get, the less accurate our melee attacks will be.
- The Chieftain, as it stands, gets a lot of melee (attack) skills through quest rewards (and purchase) and not many spells. Spells would be perfect because spells always Hit and would better suit a passive tree that scales with fire and has no accuracy investment.

What Skills Should You Use Until RF Can Be Sustained?
- Spells would be perfect because spells don't require accuracy. Instead, they cost tons of mana. But mana is an easier obstacle to overcome than accuracy since it's easy to use mana flasks. Holy Flame Totem and Fireball are spells that can be earned naturally really early. They suit the build well. Spell Totem is also naturally earned and may be more to your liking linked to a spell of your choice.
- Molten Strike and Infernal Blow are two fire-based Attacks available in the first act that requires melee (of course) but won't be useless to us if melee is your preference. You could also pick any melee skill and just add Added Fire Damage to it too. So AoE's like Ground Slam or Sunder would do great too. For me, if I was going melee, I'd prefer AoE attacks to single target hits.

The Long Road
- When you saw that RF looks like an aura that magically kills people you looked for a catch. You saw the consequence; the easy endgame comes at the cost of the skill eating your life That's not that big of a deal...but getting there takes time. So levelling with skills that don't exactly match our build will require patience. Levelling an RF build isn't as quick as other builds. Be patient, you know the reward is coming. Like I said, without gear, you'll be able to sustain RF with some help in the 40s but you should be able to sustain RF around the mid-50s (especially once you've ascended twice).

Passive Tree
- You can select whatever path you want in the passive tree provided. I suggest starting as far South as possible and working your way north, without skipping any nodes. The reason I suggest not skipping nodes is that you'll need a good balance of life, life regen, and damage. Skipping nodes to focus on only one aspect of the build will leave you vulnerable in another.
- In terms of which Ascendancy to go for first, the choice is up to you. If you go for Tasalio, you gain 100% to your fire resist. That coupled with Purity of Fire and you can permanently ignore fire resist mods on items. But Valako is what gives us the most life regen. I based this build around Endurance Charges. So LOTS of our life regen comes from Endurance Charges. Which of these two Ascendanies you first/second is up to you. Do you want to worry about fire resists on gear while you level or not? Tough call. (You'll make the wrong choice, don't worry ;).)

How To Sustain RF as Early as Possible
- Select all the nodes on the Passive Tree as they come. Get all the South nodes first, then work your way up. Don't skip any.
- Equip and start levelling your Enduring Cry as soon as it's available.
- Equip and start levelling your Vitality as soon as it's available.
- Equip and start levelling your Purity of Fire as soon as it's available.
- Equip and start levelling a Stone Golem as soon as it's available (it's not part of the build though).
- Keep your Fire Resistance capped.
- By the time you kill Arakaali (the Spider Boss in Act 7) you can select the Pantheon option that unlocks (Soul of Arakaali). Have that and the minor God, Soul of Abberath selected.
- Do the first 2 suggested Ascendancies.

Helpful Notes:
- Keep those Endurance charges up :).
- Fight on Consecrated Ground (Holy Flame Totem, Purifying Flame, Consecrated Path, Sulphur Flask).
-Ruby Flasks are amazing.

This method should have you sustaining RF with help in the mid-40s. But you should be able to fully sustain RF by the mid-50s. (Once you get your second ascension you'll be laughing :).)

Sooooo, goooood luuuuuck. RF is totally worth it. Just don't have any money on the line if you're racing your friends to endgame. ;)
Endgame Mods to Avoid
At the end of the game, the levels (maps) you try and clear will have random modifiers (mods) allocated to them. There are A LOT of mods that can go on a map.

Unfortunately, there are a few map mods that can hurt RF builds:
- Elemental Reflect (Incinerate)
- Lowering Recovery Rate of Life
- Not allowing Life Regen
- Lowering Maximum resists

It's unfortunate that there are so many, but it's the "RF Life". Some mods may be hard to run, like Elemental Equilibrium or enemies poison on hit, but you'll learn your preferences based on your gear, tolerance level, and the more you play. If you hate dying, pay attention to map mods. Some maps may look innocent, but the mods combined together may be a killer combo. Some mods are fine for mapping but are deadly because of the boss in the map. You'll learn over time if you're not apathetic. Also, just a heads up, if you don't like re-rolling maps, you may need to modify your playstyle slightly, no matter the build, based on the mods rolled on a map.
Media (Videos/Filters/Tools/Links/Social Media)
- Here's RIGHTEOUS INCINERATOR 3.16 Example Video
- My RIGHTEOUS INCINERATOR playlist showing my most recent sessions with the build.
- My broadcast channel. Twitch keeps the last 14 days worth of broadcasts. I don't always play awake, but I'd rather play than not :).

- I make my own filters AND YOU ARE REQUIRED TO LOVE THEM! Just kidding...but they are awesome. They will make looting a MUCH more relaxing experience. They only filter gear. So if you don't want to miss out on ANY currency these are perfect for you. One filter is guide-specific (it only displays gear relevant to all my guides) and the other is a global filter for any build. The filters are progressive. So you don't have to worry about switching filters when you want gear to get more strict. It does it for you! Details for each tier of each filter are within the filters themselves. Both the "Guide Specific" and the "Everyone" filters are available on all platforms. If you click "Follow" next to the filter that you want, it'll automatically load to your filter list in-game when you login! And it automatically updates upon each login as well!

- Forever Exiled - A Path of Exile Podcast is a PoE podcast hosted by both Tagz and myself. We talk about everything Path of Exile...and only PoE. If you're looking for a podcast run by casual gamers but lovers of PoE, feel free to check it out!
- My Twitter. I only use my twitter account to give updates on PoE stuff like my guides and filters. I don't use Twitter for anything personal. So if you want updates about when guides are done or filter corrections have been updated, feel free to follow.

Software and Build Links:
- PoEMate - My primary build planning tool. It's mobile. (If the link doesn't work in your area, just search PoEMate in your mobile store. Hopefully, it's available in your region. Every league it's updated faster than any other tool I use.)
- PoEPlanner's link. (Follow it for automatic updates (if I make any changes).)
- I don't use Path of Building, but everyone else seems to. You can download PoB here and use this Pastebin:

Change Log (for Returning Players)
3.16 had some crazy changes! But funny enough, the build barely changed as a result.

- I revamped the Passive Tree...and it ended up almost identical to last league's.
- I added Void Sphere at the cost of Purifying Flame (though Purifying Flame can be swapped with Wave of Conviction if you like).
- I also removed the Stone Golem as its life regen was too low for my liking and I added Hextouch instead. That shuffled the gems around a bit but the feel, buttons, and gameplay style is the exact same.

I hope you enjoy it!

Awesome! So if you have any questions about the guide or build, let me know and I'll respond the best I can. Don't feel embarrassed or shy. Ask anything you like. It's easy to miss/overlook details in the guide or on the wiki. Likely someone else wants to know the answer too :). Plus, I may have missed putting something valuable in the guide.

A Few Things to Note:
- I'll reply to questions and comments related to the posted guide, not to personal modifications. I have no problem at all with people changing the build up and "making it their own". I even partially design the guides to be easily accommodating in that sense. BUT in PoE, small changes are big changes. It may not seem like much, but the chain reactions of any change to a build (both in the theoretical sense and its impact on actual gameplay) are always farther reaching than we think. I don't want to miss something in my advice on changes you're making if I haven't played with it in-game myself. So I'm not trying to discourage you from trying things out or making it your own by any means. Just do so at your own risk. If it doesn't work out for you, just revert back to the guide and you'll be dancing :).

- I likely won't have time to evaluate characters (sorry!). I'll do what I can but it may not be feasible sometimes. Hopefully, the gear and levelling sections along with the tips in the One Stop Shop are helpful enough so you know what to look for on your items and how to improve them.

- Feel free to respond to other players' posts! The more that's out there, the more we learn. Please be kind, respectful, and theoretical (not a Know-It-All) when helping others out. I will happily respond to questions but please note that I have multiple guides and I'd like to respond to each poster equally. I’ll do my best to get back to you as quickly as possible but set your expectations that I'll respond to each guide once a week. Also, I have to remind myself all the time that everything in real life should always be more important than Path of Exile :(. So I'll try to respond when I can (cause I want to!) but only when it's appropriate to do so.

Finally, The End:
Here's a list of my other guides if you're interested :).

OH! Don't forget, to support GGG by buying a skin for all your favourite skills you use. They last forever, you look rad, and it keeps PoE going too :).

Double OH! I make a new thread every league for every guide I do. So all the comments, questions, and answers you read are all relevant for this current expansion. (At the end of a league I post links in the previous guide to guide players to the newest rendition of the build.)

Tripple Oh! Please let me know if you see any errors. I'll fix them as soon as possible!

K. Done. Happy gaming :). Forever Exiled, A Path of Exile Podcast


Wrecker of Days' One-Stop-Shop: Stress-Free Builds (& Filters): 1-Button, HC SSF, Item Freedom:
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Mine Forever Exiled, A Path of Exile Podcast


Wrecker of Days' One-Stop-Shop: Stress-Free Builds (& Filters): 1-Button, HC SSF, Item Freedom:
Mine Forever Exiled, A Path of Exile Podcast


Wrecker of Days' One-Stop-Shop: Stress-Free Builds (& Filters): 1-Button, HC SSF, Item Freedom:
Thanks for creating a noob friendly guide again :)

is there a reason you are not taking the damage over time wheel and mastery for less damage taken above elemental overload?
iamsupaman wrote:
Thanks for creating a noob friendly guide again :)

is there a reason you are not taking the damage over time wheel and mastery for less damage taken above elemental overload?
Thanks iamsupaman!

That's very kind of you. I hope it treats you well if you give it a shot. Thanks for the kind words!

That was a really hard choice. I'm still actually leaning towards it and may select that cluster over another. The hard thing is the difference between damage types (Incinerate and RF). DOT only increases RF where Fire Damage increases everything. Buuuuuuut...frick...I'm hating not having that Mastery you mentioned. I was so confident last night! Now I'm probably going to change it. AH! :)

Awesome question! Thanks for making me consider it again. I'll update any changes prior to launch (picture and all). Forever Exiled, A Path of Exile Podcast


Wrecker of Days' One-Stop-Shop: Stress-Free Builds (& Filters): 1-Button, HC SSF, Item Freedom:
thx for your buildguides!
Last edited by rythmo on Oct 20, 2021, 2:20:22 PM
Love the guide, I'm almost certainly going to follow it, with a couple of exceptions that I wanted to ask about. I mentioned it on the subreddit as well, so you may have already seen it, but anyway, here goes.

The duelist part of the tree. It gives an extra maximum endurance charge, but that's basically it. Everything else that part of the tree is replaceable with fewer points much closer to the marauder start. Is the endurance charge really that valuable?
Thank you for updating the build. I enjoyed playing this build last league and I am going to try using it again. My husband and I also really enjoy using your filters so thank you for making them available to everyone. One thing we would change about them if we could is, making the heist trinkets and other gear for your heist helpers visible. We always have to change to a different filter while running heists so we can see the trinkets and other things drop.

Thanks again. Centauress
If you take the +20% fire dot multi mastery you still have capped fire res through the tree. Would be a sizable dps increase without any real loss, unless I'm missing something. Also, Kaom's Way might be a good ring for quite a while for this build, especially if you can get a good set of scourge mods on it.

EDIT: I forgot about +6% max res, endurance charges will easily make up for it, but if you don't want the downtime, all res bench craft can easily fix that without being redundant.
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