Righteous Fire/BV! (No Uniques Needed|Relaxing Play|Easy to Gear|Anyone Can Play|All Content)[3.5]

The 3.6 guide is now live. Find it https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2452113. Thanks everyone for such a fantastic expansion! You were all so kind, encouraging, and thoughtful. I hope you all enjoyed the build. Thanks to all who tried the build (those who posted and those who didn't). See you on the other side! :-)


Sooooo you know when you’re playing RF and you’re annihilating maps so easily that you feel like multitasking while you’re playing...But then there’s that time at the beginning of a new Instance that you forget to turn on RF, you run into combat and you see how amazing your life regen is without RF activated? And then, you have this little seed planted in your head saying, “I love RF, but that life regen is sooooo nice…”. And now, until the end of days, you’re torn between two loves...making enemies burn by simply standing around and the sexiness of actually seeing your crazy life regen.


I HAVE DISCOVERED THE SOLUTION TO THE WORLD’S GREAT DILEMMA! The answer is playing this build ;). You’re welcome.

**This build will be able to sustain RF with only Normal items equipped at level 55. So if you just want to get in and start going with an RF build, this is it.**

This guide is written for those new to Path of Exile but layed out so the experienced players can skip to the good stuff.

Video and Possible Gem/Links Changes for 3.6
This is a video of what this build will possibly look/play like in 3.6. If you take a look at the gear and gems, it's all mediocre and no where near maximized. So the build looks to have even better promise going forward (pending 3.6 patch notes of course).
Explanation and Gem Links of the Video Above
For those that follow my guides/builds from league to league or are thinking of starting to, here are the gems links I'm thinking of having for 3.6 (pending any changes 3.6 may bring...like a Cold Brand). For those new to my guides, I typically don't like to change my builds from league to league. That being said, I want the builds' to be the best they can be (considering the limitations I bring to the game). And obviously sometimes the changes GGG makes to improve the game may also impact build plans, so change may be required there too. Either way, the following are the gems and their links that I'm thinking for 3.6:

5/6 Link:
Incinerate-Cast While Channelling-Blade Vortex-Combustion-Immolate-Fire Pen

4 Link (No Changes):
RF-Burning Damage-Concentrated Effect-Elemental Focus

4 Link:
Concecrated Path or Charged Dash(lvl 6)-Fortify-Additional Accuracy-Culling Strike

4 Link:
CwDT-Stone Golem-Molten Shell-Armageddon Brand

3 Link:
Temporal Chains-Blasphemy-Enhance (Make it any curse you want. I just LOVE TC.)

3 Link:
Enduring Cry, Purity of Fire

So contrary to what I mentioned above, there are some pretty big changes I'm thinking of, and I'm really sorry to Standard players who are loving the build. It's not hard to change, but it'll prevent you from crushing the Atlas a bit while you level all the new gems.

The idea behind the changes are:
-More New Player Friendly - I really liked the build as it was, but having such a mana heavy skill (BV) was hurting some new folk enjoying the build as well. So adding Incinerate with Cast While Channelling makes mana almost a non-issue. It does drop the DPS on paper, but this way you'll be at max BV stacks all the time which essentially is more DPS than keeping a steady stack of 5 BV instead.

-I LOVE SLOWING ENEMIES - I love Temporal Chains. Enfeeble is a wiser choice to have, but I love TC so much that it was eating me up inside not having it. It's essentially that love of "slowing" that kicked Herald of Ash out of the picture. I didn't want to go out of the way to get tree nodes that decreased mana reservation...and since Purity of Fire is a must, Herald of Ash had to go. I could have added TC to the movement skill like we currently have Enfeeble, but I have a thing for TC with Enhance. But, I was ok removing Herald of Ash in my books cause it only benefited one skill (BV). And honestly BV still does great damage without it.

-Scorching Ray? - I know it's no problem for most, but I never remembered to play Scorching Ray. And when I did, I'd die focusing on if it was in play or not. So removing it gave me some space to add the Armageddon Brand as bonus damage. It "busies" the screen up, but I can look away from the screen a little with this new setup. Also, once I started playing with the idea of Cast while Channelling, Incinerate actually game the build more damage than Scorching Ray did buy buffing the other skills (if I was to Self Channel SR instead of Incinerate).

On paper, we lose lots of damage and defense. But in actual gameplay, we do more damage more often. We are at 10 BV stacks all the time and have bonus life regen everywhere (Consecrated Path) with Fortify always up. We have ALL of our damage happening, and more of it, with less buttons to press and as a result survivability is way up for me. Clear speed and bosses are dying much faster than before.

Anyway, these are the changes I'm considering, and if I go through with them, I won't post it until the 3.6 version of the guide is released. Feel free to comment and suggest.

(Against the Shaper BV DPS would be 141'000, Incinerate 61'000, and RF 40'000 without any items equipped. So 242'000 just Channelling Incinerate...and it takes NO time at all to get to max stacks for BV and Incinerate.)

About the 'Author' / Why My Builds are the Way they Are
I deal with post concussion syndrome. Without getting all "doctor" on you, if I want to play a game for a good while and be able to function when I'm finished playing, I have to avoid many things in video games. Things that I try to avoid in POE builds are:

- Lots/crazy movement on screen
- Specific button presses at specific times (like flasks)
- Specific aiming with the mouse
- Blah blah blah

The reason that I write this part isn't so that you feel sorry for me. It's to explain why there are certain elements of my builds that are not maximized in a way that the general community would typically maximize their builds.

As limiting as that seems, this game provides endless character building options.

So my build ideas (if you like them) are great for:
- New players.
- Players that don't like button mashing.
- Players that like attacking/casting with only one or two skills.
- Players that like a more laid back POE experience.
- Players with medical conditions (like epilepsy or those with with physical limitations that are restricted in how they use keyboards or mice (to name a couple)).
- Players that like the best builds ever made in the history of Path of Exile.

***I won't post builds that can't clear the Atlas of course :)***
No Uniques?
I love unique items! I just don't like needing them. So I plan my builds to be able to function completely and clear the Atlas, no matter what items drop. If a unique that's perfect for the build drops, fantastic! Incorporate it anyway you like. This build has some obvious uniques that work well with it, but you can now also try using a staff or something and not worry about the build falling apart :)
Build Explanation
Blade Vortex = BV
Righteous Fire = RF
Righteous Fire
Righteous Fire(RF) can be over thought quite easily. I will simplify it.
-It's a skill that, once it's turned on, is always on and can only be turned off in three ways: Dying, going through a loading screen, or using a flask that removes Burning (a flask of dousing).
-It does fire damage to all it touches.
-It is Damage Over Time, therefore it does not Hit. Many mechanics in this game require a Hit to be activated (such as Leech and Penetration (there are always exceptions)).
-RF burns you with fire damage. To sustain it, you need the highest Fire resistance you can get. Normal Fire Resistance is capped at 75%. Increasing the Fire Res. cap decreases the amount damage you take from RF. Life Regeneration takes care of the rest.
-While RF is on, it gives you a boost to the spell damage of all your other spells.
Endurance Charges
There are three types of Charges in the game. Each character has a default limit of 3 for each type. We'll be focusing on Endurance Charges. Endurance Charges give 4% physical reduction and elemental resists per charge. Ours will also give us life regen. We'll be picking up a few nodes on the tree that'll increase our max Endurance charge limit up to 6.

Depending on the method that you earn your charge, you may earn only one, or a whole bunch at a time.

Charges have a duration. We'll get ours as high as we can. While you have Endurance Charges, earning any amount of Endurance Charges will refresh the duration for ALL Endurance Charges (they all share the same duration).
Cast when Damage Taken
Cast when Damage Taken (CwDT) is a gem that automatically casts spells (not attacks) it is linked to when your character takes a certain amount of damage. The lower the level of CwDT, the less damage it needs to cast its linked spells. The higher the level of CwDT, the more damage is needed to set it off. The benefit to CwDT at a high level (for our build) is that we can have high level gems attached to it (Stone Golem). A low level CwDT can only have low level gems attached to it. So in that case it's good to attach spells that don't have a great benefit to leveling.
Pros and Cons
Pro - As cheap as you want it to be! No uniques required!

Pro - Perfect for new players. Easy to level, easy to survive, easy to kill, easy endgame, easy solo self found.

Pro - It clears maps quickly.

Pro - Has great DPS. Blade Vortex does 223'000 DPS with a five link and 300'000 DPS on a 6 link without any items equipped.

Pro - Can take and give good damage.

Pro - Amazing life regen (BV only).

Pro - Multiple play styles to match your mood of the day :)

Con - You don't get Blade Vortex naturally :( You have to wait until Act 3 or complete Act 1 with a different character first.
How I Play This Build/How it Functions in Gameplay
This build is really easy to play. It's almost a "one button" build. But it has multiple ways to play.

Quick Version: Turn on RF, Charge Dash into enemies, hold down Blade Vortex(BV). Move on.

Detailed Version:
- This build's primary skill is technically Blade Vortex, but you could easily use RF on it's own or coupled with BV anytime you want.

- This build is a close combat build. Whether you're using BV or RF; they have the same radius of their Area of Effect at max level.

- Once you're later in the game, all your damage will be fire.

- When you see a group of enemies, you run into them as fast as you can :). You can choose to have RF on or not. When you get to your enemies you hold BV until their dead. You could even Charged Dash into the group as well.
- If you Charged Dash into the group, you'll apply Fortify on yourself and Enfeeble on the enemy.
- As you kill burning enemies, you'll have an easy chance to automatically gain Endurance charges. If you want, you can use Enduring Cry to gain Endurance charges as well. Your Endurance Charges will give you lots of physical damage mitigation, bonus elemental resistance, and great life regen.
- Your Stone Golem and Molten Shell will be automatically cast for you and will give you life regen and extra physical damage reduction respectively.

- You'll have Herald of Ash reserving mana which gives lots of good damage and clear speed to BV,
- You'll also have Purity of Fire reserving mana. This gives you fire resistance along with in increase to your maximum fire resistance. It's very important for sustaining RF.
- Your Scorching Ray lowers enemy fire resistances making your RF and BV stronger. I typically only bother with it in boss battles. It's attached to a totem so you can simply cast it, and ignore it for a few seconds.

- So it's really easy! Charge Dash into enemies, and BV them to death. Everything else is automatic.

- The build has crazy life regen without RF turned on but the build has way more damage with RF turned on.
Tips for New Players
How to Sustain RF at Level 55 Without Any Items
- With the provided tree, select all the nodes as they come. Get all the south nodes, then work your way up.
- Equip and start leveling your Stone Golem as soon as it's available.
- Equip and start leveling your Purity of Fire as soon as it's available.
- By the time you kill Arakaali (the Spider Boss in Act 7) you can select the Pantheon option that unlocks (Soul of Arakaali). Have that and the minor God, Soul of Abberath selected.
- With all of your Endurance charges up, you're dancin'. ;)

It's really easy to sustain RF with gear and as you progress through the game. I just thought you'd like to know the soonest you can run RF no matter your gear.
Passive Tree
Passive tree link and a picture of the passive tree
Passive Tree Explained
The skill tree is easy to understand:
You'll start as a Marauder. We start as a Marauder because there is only one subclass in the game that greatly increases our natural life regen. That's the Chieftain subclass (ascendancy). And to get there, you must start as a Marauder. The Chieftain also had some very compatible nodes for easy caps to fire resist (for RF) and very offensive perks for a physical skill like BV.

This build really benefits from every node we'll select on the tree. I strongly suggest taking every node as it comes up, not really skipping anything. Go south first and then get every node/section as you cross it.

Tree Focuses:
- Life Regen - The more the merrier. We want lots to sustain RF, but even if you feel like only running with BV, it's awesome to see your life move up so fast without flask help.
- Maximum Life - Besides the obvious factor of "the more you have, the better...", the more life you have also improves the damage of RF.
- Endurance Charges - The tree gives us nodes that let us increase our maximum endurance charges from 3 to 6 :). It also gives us increases to Endurance Charge duration and life regen per charge.
- Fire Damage - All the damage nodes are at the end of the suggested path. But that's ok. You'll actually find the build strong enough without them and the damage you get in the high levels from the tree is just a bonus. There are great perks there for sure...but it's just bonus damage.
- Jewels - Jewel slots are amazing. Jewels are items you can find that you can actually allocate on your tree. They can give almost anything from health, damage, resists...anything. We will only have 2 jewel slot selected :(. You'll have free reign with with both of them. What's really neat is you can swap jewels in and out of your passive tree anytime.

Don't forget about attributes. We'll be really short on Dexterity and barely short on Intelligence without items. You'll pass some nodes on the tree that give +30 to Strength or Dex. If you don't have items to cover what you're short in, feel free to select some of these as you pass them. You'll get respec points that will let you remove them later once you have better gear
Avatar of Fire
Avatar of Fire is a node on the passive that converts 50% of all damage to fire, but removes the ability to deal any other type of damage. 50% sounds like a huge decrease but we have a node in our ascendancy that converts 50% of our physical damage to fire as well. So BV doesn't actually lose any damage at all.
Now, feel free to modify this is anyway. This is just my preference for easy Solo Self Found.

Take your time to look at each skill as they come along. Some of the nodes are pretty dramatic.

Some quests earn you respec points in case you regret any decisions you made on the tree. You can also use Orbs of Regret for the same thing.
As you go through the game you'll come across Trials of Ascendancy. Starting in Act 3 you'll see their value. Once you have completed all 6 of the first set of trails, you'll get to attempt your first Labyrinth (lab). Good luck! Upon completion Choose Chieftain. You get two ascendancy points per lab. There are four labs for a total of 8 points. (Redoing the same lab will not reward you with more ascendancy points if you've already completed it.)

You can spend your points in any order you like. My preference is accommodate RF first and then BV. So, this is my personal order:
- 1st Two Points - Tawhoa, Forest's Strength. It's all about Endurance Charges and Life Regen.
- 2nd Two Points - Ramako, Sun's Light. A busy node. You get life regen. You get more life regen if you've been hit by physical or fire damage from an enemy (not your RF). You aren't affected by ignite ever (it does not affect how RF burns you). You gain 100% to your fire resist. (This is additive. You'll need 135% minimum for end game and Purity of Fire will take care of the rest :).) (Essential for running RF as early as possible without needing any items.)
- 3rd Two Points - Ngamahu, Flame's Advance. This is big for BV. You get lots of offense but it also converts 50% of BV's physical damage to fire. (With the Avatar of Fire node on the tree, this'll put BV at 100% fire damage.)
- 4th Two Points - Hinekora, Death's Fury. Another busy node :). RF doesn't Hit an enemy. BV does though. With this node, we have a chance to cover a boss or rare (yellow) enemy with Ash. When an enemy is covered in Ash, they are have 20% less movement speed and take 20% increased fire damage (all our damage will be fire eventually). We also will get 1% of our Scorching Ray damage as life leeched back to us and 1% of all fire damage leeched back to us. Normally the "leech" mechanic in the game require a Hit. But this node actually gives us leech from RF as well!
- Major God: Soul of Arakaali - It's only for the first perk. The 5% reduced Damage taken from Damage Over Time means we take less damage from RF.
- Minor God: Soul of Abberath - Only beneficial while we're moving. But it's safe to keep moving that to stand still so I chose it over the life regen of the Soul of Tukohama.
Gem Links
PoE restricts which gems are available to each class until Act 3. Until then you can get some gems for free from quest rewards, purchase some from specific NPCs in each town, or find them as loot.

There are two NPC's that sell all purchasable gems: the first one is Siosa in the Library in Act 3 (you have to do his quest first (the Library is connected to The Imperial Gardens)), the second NPC is Lilly Roth is Act 6.

Level all these gems to their max (level 20) unless I have written a level number beside the gem name. For example: "-Charged Dash (Level 1)". If I have written a level beside the name, that's the level you need to stop leveling the gem at.

Our main skill, Blade Vortex isn't available for this class :(. You have a couple options with this if you're going the Solo Self Found Route:
1) Complete "The Siren's Cadence" (beat Act 1) as a Witch, Shadow, Ranger, or Scion. Purchase the gem from Nessa, then restart the game as a Marauder with BV in your stash
2) Hope BV drops or wait until late Act 3 to buy it from Siosa.

I suggest using Flame Totem and Molten Strike as your skills until you get BV. But the best skills are the ones you like. Use whatever you want.

5/6 Link - Main Skill (Socket in your chest)
-Blade Vortex - Our main skill. You have to stand still to cast it. It has 10 blades that take each have their own duration. You need to have pretty quick cast speed to get all 10 blades up quickly before the first one you cast expires. You can run around while their spinning around you. Just not while casting them. Make sure you're safe when you're casting.
-Combustion Support - Ignites enemies (if you're not in the mood for RF) and increases damage. (We get Endurance Charges and from burning enemies.)
-Immolate Support - Increases damage against burning enemies.
-Fire Penetration Support - Lowers the fire resists of enemies with Hits from BV specifically.
-Iron Will Support - Strength normal gives a boost to melee damage. This brings that melee bonus to BV instead. It gives bonus damage on top of that as well.
-(If you get a six link: Added Fire Damage Support - Extra fire damage.

4 Link - Righteous Fire (Socket in Helmet)
-Righteous Fire - Creates a AOE around you that burns enemies. Burns 90% of your life a second. Even though it's our secondary skill, we revolved our build around being able to run it.
-Concentrated Effect Support - Greatly increases damage at the expense of decreasing our AOE. Normally I hate smaller AOEs, but decreasing RF's AOE and keeping BV's AOE unmodified, will end up having both RF and BV with the same AOE at gem level 20 :).
-Burning Damage Support - Extra damage.
-Elemental Focus Support - Greatly increases damage at the cost of not being able to put an ailment on an enemy. This seems like it would negate RF. So, RF doesn't inflict an Ailment. It skips the ailment and jumps straight the the effect, burning. Typically, if you were to throw, let's say a Fireball, at an enemy, it would have a chance to ignite. If the enemy ignites, they start to burn. So if you had this support with Fireball, you'd never burn an enemy. You'd only hit them with fire damage. RF simply burns enemies. It doesn't have a chance to ignite. It skips the "chance to ignite" mechanic and just burns (damage over time). So this is a damage boost with no consequence.

4 Link - Movement and Defense (Socket in Gloves or Boots)
-Charged Dash (Level 1) - Use any movement skill you like. I like this one as a personal preference for my symptoms but it's AOE also applies the attached curse to many. When you hit an enemy with Charged Dash, you apply Fortify to yourself, you apply Enfeeble on enemies. This skill is a channelling skill. You can hold the button down or use it quickly.
-Fortify Support - Increases our melee damage, which we don't care about at all, but gives us the Fortify buff for 5 seconds. Fortify decreases our damage taken from Hits (both spell and attacks) by 20%. This does not work against damage over time.
-Curse on Hit Support - This is needed to be able to apply Enfeeble on enemies with Charged Dash.
-Enfeeble - Our curse that makes enemies less accurate with Hits by Attacks (not spells), deal less critical damage, and deal less overall damage too.

4 Link - Buffs (Socket in Gloves or Boots)
-Herald of Ash - Gives BV bonus damage. But whether you are using BV or not, with this skill active, killing an enemy will cause their surrounding enemies to burn.
-Enduring Cry - Gives an instant boost to Life Regen for a small time but also adds/refreshes our Endurance Charges. Good to use in a boss battle to keep your Charges up.
-Purity of Fire - Our most important aura. This gives us Fire resistance, when coupled with Ramako, Sun's Light on the Ascendancy tree, will give us all the Fire Resistance we need. It makes gearing that much easier. It also increases your Maximum Fire Resist. This is the most important part for using RF. Normally your maximum Fire Resist would cap at 75%. This skill at level 20 will increase that max to 79%. That doesn't seem like much, but it's actually very substantial damage mitigation for both RF and receiving fire damage. (We'll end up with 80% max fire resist without items. There's a node on the tree that gives us the extra %.)
-Clarity - An aura that gives us mana regen. It's for BV's mana cost. This reserves a flat amount of mana, not a %. Each time this gem levels it reserves more mana. So upgrade this slowly. If you get rid of a piece of gear that gave you extra mana, you may have to lower the level of the gem to run it. (Trade this gem and an Orb of Scouring to a vendor and they'll give you the same gem back, but a level lower. This is a temporary gem kinda. You can negate it if you get enough mana regen on your gear.

3 Link - Defense (Socket in Weapon or Shield)
-Cast when Damage Taken Support - Automatically casts linked spells (not attacks). It's not important, I just like automatic stuff.
-Summon Stone Golem - An minion that provides life regen. The more life regen the better!
-Molten Shell - When activated, provides us damage absorption and armour (physical damage mitigation). It does explode if the maximum amount of damage absorption is exceeded while active.

3 Link - Bonus Damage for Boss Battles (Socket in Weapon or Shield)
-Scorching Ray - Deals damage like RF. It doesn't Hit or Ignite. It's a Damage Over Time that will always Burn enemies. It'll do good damage, but my favourite part is that it also applies a debuff on enemies. It lowers enemy fire resistance. The longer it stays on an enemy, the stronger the debuff...to a max of -24% Fire Resist. Only really that helpful in longer battles like boss battles.
-Spell Totem Support - Makes it so that our Scorching Ray doesn't have to be self casted. We place the totem and it applies the debuff for us while we run around with either RF, BV, or both.
-Burning Damage Support - Extra damage for Scorching Ray.
Short Version - All Rares! Anything you want! I like having a shield and one-handed weapon instead of a two handed weapon. It's just a preference; no right or wrong there.
More Helpful Version
When an item drops in POE, it is completely random to what it is. It has the chance to be a: Normal, Magic, Rare, or Unique item. Each more rare than the previous. On magic and rare items different modifiers (mods) are randomly assigned as well. There are hundreds of modifiers in the game, not all can roll on all items. Examples of a mod are: "+30 to Maximum health" or "Adds 1-3 damage as lightning". Sometimes the mods work well together. Sometimes they contradict each other. If you're using a spell, you won't benefit from an increase in Attack Damage and Casting Speed, but you would from Spell Damage and Casting Speed increases. Rarely, you'll find a Rare item where all or most of the mods work perfectly for your build.

- Normal item: are white and have no mods.
- Magic item: are blue and have up to 3 mods.
- Rare item: are yellow and have 4+ mods on them.
- Unique Item: predetermined mods.

In this build, you'll want increases to:

- Maximum life
- Cold and Lightning resists
- Movement Speed
- Life Regen
- Spell Damage
- Maximum mana and mana regen (just until you can run BV as fast as you want (with or without Clarity))
- Cast Speed (if you have the mana regen to support it)
On occasion in maps, you'll come across a bunch of enemies that are frozen in place in kind of a circle...and you didn't do it. These are Essence Circles. You have to click on the enemy in the middle 3 times to release the trapped enemies so you can kill them. Killing them results in the middle enemy dropping the essences that they held.

Essences are like an Orb of Alchemy. An alchemy changes a normal (white) item to a rare (yellow) item. All the mods are randomized in the process of course. An Essence is just like using an Alch but give you a guaranteed mod.

There are multiple levels to each type of essence that give it greater impact the higher you get. So a Weeping Essence of Wrath gives your weapon 58-61 lightning damage. A Deafening Essence of Wrath gives 162-172 lightning damage.

And now you know.
- Weapon - Anything you like.
- Shield - Anything you like.
- Head - Anything you like.
- Chest - Anything you like.
- Hands - Anything you like.
- Feet - Anything you like.
- Amulet - Anything you like.
- Ring - Anything you like.
- Ring - Anything you like.
- Belt - Anything you like.
- Jewel - Anything you like.
- Jewel - Anything you like.
- Flasks - Anything you like. I simply use 4 health flasks (all modified to remove bleeding) and a Quartz Flask for easily getting in and out of enemies.
The beginning of your first playthrough, or with SSF, can be hard gear wise. Hang in there, the good gear with the links you want will come. Don't waste your currency (orbs and fusings) on your items until you reach endgame. It might seem like you have a lot, but soon you'll see that it takes a lot of currency to get what you want on an item.
Socket Colours
To save some Chromatics (orbs that change socket colours), here's some basic info:
- Use the Vorici Calculator
- Items that have Strength requirements are more likely to roll red sockets, Dexterity-green, and Intelligence-blue. If an item has a base requirement of Strength and Intelligence it is more likely to roll red and blue sockets.
- 4 linking an item is easy-ish (25 or less fusings at worst).
- 5 linking an item will take a couple hundred Fusings (150 with Vorici's bench).
- 6 linking an item is not for the faint of heart. In a recent league I spent over 3200 fusings trying to 6 link an item by chance...I didn't get it.
Your goal on every single piece of gear is to get:

- Maximum life
- Cold and Lightning resists
- Movement Speed
- Life Regen
- Spell Damage
- Maximum mana and mana regen (just until you can run BV as fast as you want (with or without Clarity))
- Cast Speed (if you have the mana regen to support it)

Some people say to ignore chaos resists. This is not bad advice but you'll have 10 rare items to get 135% resistance on all three elements and chaos. It's doable...and so relaxing when accomplished. I say 135% resists because by the time you finish the story and get to endgame, POE hits you with a -60% to your fire, cold, lightning, and chaos resists. It is very important to have those capped at the +75% or more. It's not a waste to go over the 135% as some endgame map mods will lower your resists by another 60%.

I have included an item filter (in the URL section) that will ease the looting pain for those that do SSF.
Endgame Mods to Avoid
At the end of the game, the levels (maps) you try and clear will have random modifiers (mods) allocated to them. There are A LOT of mods that can go on a map.

There is only one mod that we can't run: The No Mana and Life Regen mod. We need mana for BV and our defensive movement skill. We need Life Regen for RF. But that's it! Just the one mod!

Some mods will be inconvenient, but they won't be impossible to run:
- Negatives to maximum resists hurts RF but not BV.
- Slower mana and life regen hurts RF and but only impacts BV a little.

You'll learn your personal preferences over time, but only No Mana and Life Regen should be avoided.
Leveling/Quests - Solo Self Found - Quick Reference
- I suggest doing every quest in the game. It doesn't take long. If you're too eager to get to mapping in the endgame, here is a link to all the quests that give Skill Points as a reward.

Bandits - With the Bandits in Act 2, I kill them all for the extra 2 skill points. You, of course, do what you like.

**Remember to prioritize. You may not be lucky enough to get the gear that'll let you play with all your gems as soon as they are available. So do what works best for you until the gear comes (don't be quick to sell your old gear in case something doesn't work out).
This is the order for those that go Solo Self Found (in order by unlocking via story):
Act 1 - Breaking Some Eggs - Reward - Molten Shell
Act 1 - The Caged Brute - Reward - Spell Totem Support
Act 1 - The Caged Brute - Purchase - Added Fire Damage Support
Act 1 - The Caged Brute - Purchase - Combustion Support
Act 2 - Intruders in Black - Reward - Herald of Ash
Act 2 - Sharp and Cruel - Purchase - Iron Will Support
Act 2 - Sharp and Cruel - Purchase - Elemental Focus Support
Act 2 - The Root of the Problem - Purchase - Righteous Fire
Act 2 - The Root of the Problem - Purchase - Enduring Cry
Act 3 - Lost in Love - Purchase - Purity of Fire
Act 3 - A Fixture of Fate - Reward - Fortify Support
Act 3 - A Fixture of Fate - Purchase - Blade Vortex
Act 3 - A Fixture of Fate - Purchase - Fire Penetration Support
Act 3 - A Fixture of Fate - Purchase - Concentrated Effect Support
Act 3 - A Fixture of Fate - Purchase - Burning Damage Support x2
Act 3 - A Fixture of Fate - Purchase - Charged Dash
Act 3 - A Fixture of Fate - Purchase - Enfeeble
Act 3 - A Fixture of Fate - Purchase - Clarity
Act 3 - A Fixture of Fate - Purchase - Scorching Ray
Act 4 - Breaking the Seal - Reward - Summon Stone Golem
Act 4 - The Eternal Nightmare - Purchase - Immolate Support
Act 4 - The Eternal Nightmare - Purchase - Curse on Hit Support
Act 4 - The Eternal Nightmare - Purchase - Cast when Damage Taken Support
This is the order for those that buy gems ahead of time (in order of gems starting level):
Level 4 - Molten Shell
Level 8 - Added Fire Damage Support
Level 8 - Combustion Support
Level 8 - Spell Totem Support
Level 10 - Clarity
Level 12 - Blade Vortex
Level 12 - Scorching Ray
Level 16 - Righteous Fire
Level 16 - Herald of Ash
Level 16 - Enduring Cry
Level 18 - Iron Will Support
Level 18 - Concentrated Effect Support
Level 18 - Elemental Focus Support
Level 24 - Purity of Fire
Level 24 - Enfeeble
Level 28 - Charged Dash
Level 31 - Fire Penetration Support
Level 31 - Burning Damage Support x2
Level 31 - Fortify Support
Level 34 - Summon Stone Golem
Level 38 - Immolate Support
Level 38 - Curse on Hit Support
Level 38 - Cast when Damage Taken Support
- There are two NPCs that sell all purchasable gems: the first one is Siosa in the Library in Act 3 (you have to do his quest first (the Library is connected to The Imperial Gardens)), the second NPC is Lilly Roth in Act 6 (Do her quest in Act 6).
- Path of Building - The character planner I use.

- Pastebin - A link to import my specific build into Path of Building.

- Passive Tree

Loot Filter
To download it, click this link.

It won't look legit but it is. Click the blue "download" button. Once downloaded, rename the file to whatever you like. Put the file in: Documents\My Games\Path of Exile. Once POE is loaded, hit "O" for Options, go to the "UI" tab, scroll to the bottom, and select your new filter from the drop down list beside "List of Item Filters". If it doesn't work, let me know.

This is a SSF filter, not a "get rich" filter (though I get rich enough by selling what drops anyway).

This is a summary of the filter:
- It's POE's Default filter severely specified (and I jazzed up some of the graphical effects so that stuff is easier to see).
- It'll show all: league specific drops, Divination cards, currency, maps , rare jewelry.
- It'll only show gems with quality. (Save the quality gems. You can trade quality gems adding up to a total of 40% to a vendor for one Gemcutter's Prism. You want lots of these as we will benefit from having lots of gems at max quality.)
- It'll show all: 5 linked items, 6 socketed items.
- It'll show all small gear/weapons that have a red, green, and blue socket linked (vendor for a chromatic orb).
- It'll show you only life flasks, and only the highest level flask for the area you are in.
- It'll show all flasks with 10%+ quality. (Just like gems, vendoring 40% total of quality flasks gives you a Glassblower's Bauble. These improve flask quality and can make a big difference.)
- It'll show all rare Sceptres.
- It'll show the Normal version of the Opal Sceptre to to try and "chance" with an Orb of Chance for a Balefire Sceptre.
- For Armour it'll only show us the rare version of armour that has a base of Strength and Intelligence. In SSF, when you find a new, sweetly rolled piece of gear, it's nice to make it work quickly, for cheap. We'll also have enough Str. and Int. for all these pieces because of our tree and skill requirements. It's fun to Wisdom everything you find and implement new gear right away instead of needing to reorganize all your gear/links for one new item that dropped.) (I included chest pieces here in case you found an amazing chest worth your Orbs of Fusing on to 5 link...SSF is SSF...)
- It'll only show you the rares of the shields that have the implicit of 12% to All Elemental Resists or increases to Maximum Life.
- I've included the Normal version of the Mosaic Kite Shield in hopes to chance for the Rise of the Phoenix.
- For leveling you'll have the limited amount of rares listed above along with any gear that matches the linked socket combos you want (any rarity). These appropriately linked gear will appear until level 68 which is when most of the highest end of our rares will start appearing. By then you should have the currency to hesitantly craft decent rares that come across your path to start the slow progress of replacing and improving your gear.

If you have any questions or see any issues let me know.
Awesome. So if you have any questions let me know and I'll respond the best I can. If you don't like my build I hope your build ideas lack success and then you come back to mine and go, "huh. I like this...a lot."

OH! Don't forget, to support GGG by buying a skin for all your favourite skills you use. They last forever, you look rad, and it keeps POE going too :).
https://www.ForeverExiled.com/: Forever Exiled, A Path of Exile Podcast


Wrecker of Days' One-Stop-Shop: Stress-Free Builds (& Filters): 1-Button, HC SSF, Item Freedom: https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/3467875
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Can you keep up the RF without problems, with rare gear you do you need the shield plus purity? :)
Hey klaussn,

klaussn wrote:
Can you keep up the RF without problems, with rare gear you do you need the shield plus purity? :)
I'm not sure if I understand everything you're saying. Sorry. But this build doesn't need anything but skill gems and the passive tree to sustain RF. Any items, whether they are rare or unique, just help the build. So you can equip anything you want and the build will be fine and function.

Did that answer your question or comment?
https://www.ForeverExiled.com/: Forever Exiled, A Path of Exile Podcast


Wrecker of Days' One-Stop-Shop: Stress-Free Builds (& Filters): 1-Button, HC SSF, Item Freedom: https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/3467875
Okay thanks for that.
hey thanks for your guide i was wondering if you could add some uniques that could be usefull for this build,having a blast so far :)
Hey Damspy1!
Damspy1 wrote:
hey thanks for your guide i was wondering if you could add some uniques that could be usefull for this build,having a blast so far :)
Thanks! I'm glad you like it! My favourite thing about it is that run just RF, just BV, or both. It's nice to have the variety.

Some easy suggestions would be Balefire for your weapon, Rise of the Phoenix for your Shield, and two Kaom's Signs. You would be ridiculously strong if you fated both of Kaom's Signs into Kaom's Way. But the fated version is extremely expensive. Everything else is typically quite cheap.

Let me know if you have any other questions or comments :-)

https://www.ForeverExiled.com/: Forever Exiled, A Path of Exile Podcast


Wrecker of Days' One-Stop-Shop: Stress-Free Builds (& Filters): 1-Button, HC SSF, Item Freedom: https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/3467875
Perfect thank you :) im a bit struggling to survive while using RF but otherwise everything is melting and i love it
Damspy1 wrote:
Perfect thank you :) im a bit struggling to survive while using RF but otherwise everything is melting and i love it
What level are you? It's one of the those things that gets a lot easier as you level. A thing that Chieftain doesn't provide is life regen on kills...or anything like that. So once you have all of your Endurance charges, you're at your max regen.
https://www.ForeverExiled.com/: Forever Exiled, A Path of Exile Podcast


Wrecker of Days' One-Stop-Shop: Stress-Free Builds (& Filters): 1-Button, HC SSF, Item Freedom: https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/3467875
Im currently 71, but my gear is not especially good, ive got around 3k hp right now but i lack alot of regen, Just need to complete some labs To respect to chieftain ( accidently went berserker)
What would be the exactly passive tree at lvl 55 to sustain RF - BV.

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