Righteous Fire/BV! (No Uniques Needed|Relaxing Play|Easy to Gear|Anyone Can Play|All Content)[3.5]

Here is the Poe Planner Link I worked out with the new skill tree. It uses the same setup you had last time minus Avatar of Fire. This would take us to level 89. We can then pick up the new Singular Focus Node at level 92. This would give 43% more channeling damage, 6% channeling attack and cast speed, and another 4% physical damage reduction. After that every two level would give us another Gem Slot for more health and fire/burning damage for a total of 4 more gem slots, 30 more strength, and 10 more intelligence at level 100. Love those fairly cheap 7% to total life gems.

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It's a really nice guide and I am a gonna be using this a as my league starter just a tip if you want a lot of clear speed use 2 a weapon on weapon swap for clearing with the shaper mod enemies explode for 5% of maximum life on death it's a literal impulsa explosion so more clear speed
Also for ssf players remember that rise of the Phoenix is farmable using div cards

And another query for the awesome creator is it worth picking a up aura-effectiveness nodes just because if properly stacked they will increase max fore res by 1% or 2%?
Bv is still usable just not with bosses
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Iksskan wrote:
Bv is still usable just not with bosses

Attempt for using BV was single target (bosses) damage boost which RF is lacking. There are new skills too. Lets wait and see.
Synthesis gems that changed/balanced.

I deleted my last comment after reading up more what the new skill gem changes mean.

Infused Channeling Support looks awesome but i don't know where to fit it if i use the Incinerate->cast While Channeling->Firestorm or Flame Surge->Combustion->Immolate->fire penetration Setup. As great a Infused is I don't think it would do more damage unless I am missing something.

The new Malevolence Aura does not seem that great for a 50% reserve. Still would like to add it on if I could somehow get an Aul's Amulet that gives it 0% mana reserve.

Pretty disappointed that Enfeeble and Temporal Cains got gutted like they did. Was really hoping to use one to help with survivability on rippy maps and deep delve plus whatever long Synthesis chained mods bring. They both seem like a waste of a gem slot now after reading the math. Is there any negative to using Flammability instead? it got buffed some and killing faster might be the best defensive option after the nerf.

Can "Attacks can not be evaded" mod be crafted onto a scepter? That would free up the accuracy gem slot if using Concentrated Path. really could use that gem slot for something else and having CP->Fortify->Culling Support would be ideal for the build I want to try. How bad would not having accuracy gem hurt me? Bad enough that I should drop CP for Charged Dash? I love Charged Dash but CP fits thematically better for the build I am thinking of.
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All really good suggestions and comments from everyone. It's hard to choose hey? So many good options. This is by far the most exciting expansion for core (standard) gamers. I'd be hard to move away from Incinerate right when they buff channelling and increased Incinerate's damage. And it's impossible not to consider Holy Flame Totem...and every other fire and physical spell...or even just RF on its own.

I appreciate all the input and energy people are putting into this guide. I'm considering all of it. I'm hopefully going to be posting my guides tonight. Within the next 6 hours.

(just a corrections: If I understand GGG's notes, Temporal Chains and Enfeeble got more powerful, not weaker. The Shaper went from being 80% "resistant" to curses to 66% resists to TC and Enf.

Note: The less accurate Consecrated Path the longer you have to hold the button. It has to roll a Hit for you to move and create Consecrated ground.)
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The 3.6 guide is now live. Find it https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2452113. Thanks everyone for such a fantastic expansion! You were all so kind, encouraging, and thoughtful. I hope you all enjoyed the build. Thanks to all who tried the build (those who posted and those who didn't). See you on the other side! :-)
- Forever Exiled, A Path of Exile Podcast: https://foreverexiled.com

- Stress-Free PoE Guides: https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2606288 (for all experience levels)
Thanks so much for your time and work on these builds Wrecker. A giant thank you for answering all my questions. I looked over your new build for 3.6 and it looks great. I think I will adapt your original idea for 3.6 using Incinerate and go from there. I might go down in flames (literally) but I will have fun doing it. Thanks again for your time and dedication.

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