Righteous Fire/BV! (No Uniques Needed|Relaxing Play|Easy to Gear|Anyone Can Play|All Content)[3.5]

Thanks so much for your time and work on these builds Wrecker. A giant thank you for answering all my questions. I looked over your new build for 3.6 and it looks great. I think I will adapt your original idea for 3.6 using Incinerate and go from there. I might go down in flames (literally) but I will have fun doing it. Thanks again for your time and dedication.
Hey Coots!

I'm glad you're sticking with the channeling option. I absolutely loved channeling Incinerate with Blade Vortex. And your idea of using Firestorm instead of Blade Vortex is a really good idea too. Let me know how it goes.

And thank you again for your kind and encouraging words. It'll be great to have you on board for 3.6. :-)
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