Tips for New Folk Doing My Guides (For My Own Reference)

Hey Everyone! Thanks for checking out one of my guides! Here are some tips for those new to Path of Exile. PoE is a REALLY in depth game, don't be discouraged! You'll catch on quick. This section of tips will help you understand...stuff?

TIP #1 - Make sure you like your build! The skills and concepts should excite you! No matter how efficient you are, liking your build goes a LONG'll see :).

TIP #2 - The in-game tutorials are really good. Don't forget to read through them! The following are some good tips that aren't really covered ingame.

TIP #3 - Don't forget to occasionally check your crafting bench to see which mods combine well with others and which of your favourite mods are Suffix or Prefix, etc.
Leveling Tips (Story Mode) (Acts 1-10)
- Take your time. Don't feel like you have to play as fast as PoE players you see online. If you take your time you'll learn the game.

- Do all the quests. Some quests give better rewards than others, but you might be surprised how helpful the rewards might be in retrospect. You'll also tend to get a little over leveled for the story which will help make progressing a little easier too.

- Save your currency! The Orbs that drop during the story don't give you a good idea for how rare some currency is to drop, nor how many you'll need. So use your currency sparingly if you are going to use it at all before Endgame. Soon you'll see that it takes a lot of currency to get what you want on an item.

- Be patient. The items you need will drop in time. Hang in there.

- Choose the gear YOU really like. When you're leveling, it's hard to choose between gear that is great for survivability but doesn't have the sockets/links you need, or crappy gear with great sockets/links. Some people don't care if they die lots. They just want their gems to be linked and watch them work, while others would rather not die and level their gems later on. No matter what you prefer, the guide you're following will tell you what mods are good for your gear.

- Be slow to sell/vendor great gear just in case its replacement isn't as good in game as it seems "on paper".

- Do the 3rd Ascendancy before the end of the story if you're nervous about the Ascendancy Labs. You'll start losing 10% XP everytime you die once you beat the story. Here's a list of lab locations in the game

-Chaos/Poison Resist is not an Elemental Resist. Some people get away with ignoring chaos resists but on a build with all Rare gear it shouldn't take too much time to cap your Chaos Resist. You'll find fighting the Syndicate much easier once you do. It's doable...and so relaxing when accomplished. You'll want 135% total on all resists because by the time you finish the story and get to endgame, POE hits you with a -60% to your fire, cold, lightning, and chaos resists. It is very important to have those capped at the +75% or more. It's not a waste to go over the 135% as some endgame map mods will lower your resists by another 60%.
Currency & Vendoring (selling) and Buying to/from NPCs
There are TONS of "recipes" for trading with NPCs. I'll just list some helpful ones while you learn the game. (Here is a list of all of them if you care to take the time to do them.)

Vendoring to NPCs
- Chromatic Orb - Vendoring items that have a red, green, and blue socket all LINKED can be traded for a Chromatic Orb. Grab as many of these as you can. They are very common though, so if your inventory is full, drop the chromatic recipe items.

- Jeweller's Orbs - Gear that drops with 6 sockets will trade in for 7 Jeweller's Orbs. You'll want a lot of these if you're Solo Self Found or trading Lani for Fusings.

- Glassblower's Bauble - Save flasks that drop with Quality. After you have a bunch, vendoring flasks adding up to a total Quality of 40% will give you a Glassblower's Bauble. Use these to upgrade your flask choices for Endgame.

- Gemcutter's Prism - Save gems that drop with Quality. After you have a bunch, vendoring gems adding up to a total Quality of 40% will give you a Gemcutter's Prism. Use these to improve the quality your skill gems.

- 20% Quality Gems - If you want to save Gemcutter's Prisms, you can trade in a level 20 gem with no quality and 1 Gemcutter Prism for a 20% quality gem...but the gem will be returned to you at level 1. It's a great deal if you have the patience to re-level your gems. (Vaal Gems cannot use this improvement method. They are vaal'd (corrupted) and can't be changed for the most part.)

Buying from NPCs
- Orb of Fusing - After you beat the story, Lani sells 1 Orb of Fusing for 4 Jewellers Orbs. You can repeat this transaction infinitely.

- Orbs of Chance - Chance Orbs can be fun to try and get great gear from a Normal base item, but you can also use Orbs of Chance to buy maps from Zana during endgame. I'd save a good chunk of Orbs of Chance for Endgame so you're not short on currency that'll help you clear the endgame atlas.

- Orb of Alchemy - Orbs of Alchemy will be used a lot for progressing Endgame quests but also for buying maps from Zana. Save these as much as you can for when you start modifying maps.
Crafting Bench & Modifiers
Once you get your hideout you'll have access to a Crafting Bench. This bench lets you modify your gear if there's space on the gear to do so. (Items with less than three Prefix or Suffix can have a mod added to them via the Crafting Bench.)
When an item drops in POE, it is completely random to what it is. It has the chance to be a: Normal, Magic, Rare, or Unique item. Each more rare than the previous. On magic and rare items different modifiers (mods) are randomly assigned. There are hundreds of modifiers in the game, not all can roll on all items. Examples of a mod are: "+30 to Maximum health" or "Adds 1-3 damage as lightning". Sometimes the mods work well together. Sometimes they contradict each other. If you're using a spell, you won't benefit from an increase in Attack Damage and Attack Speed, but you would from Spell Damage and Casting Speed increases. Rarely, you'll find a Rare item where all or most of the mods work perfectly together and for your build.

- Normal item: are white and have no mods.
- Magic item: are blue and have up to 3 mods.
- Rare item: are yellow and can have up to 6 mods.
- Unique Item: predetermined mods.
Prefix and Suffix Modifiers
- GGG organizes Mods in two categories: Prefix and Suffix. Each piece of Rare gear, no matter the item, can have 3 suffix and 3 prefix. Items can have less than 3 of each but never more. So the items that you can craft with are the items that have less than 3 of either a Suffix or Prefix.
- (Push down on the Left Analog Stick as a button or hold Alt to view which Mods are Prefix or Suffix.)
- The in-game tutorial explains well about prefix and suffix. As you play with your crafting bench you'll quickly learn all about gear and mods.
- As you progress through the different areas of the game, you'll unlock greater versions of the mods you already have.
- Crafting mods can be replaced.
- You'll notice over time that sometimes mods are "split". Split mods are when two mods like "increases to Energy Shield" and "increases to Evasion" are rolled together as one mod but with lesser values than if they were individual mods. So, if you let's say "increases to Energy Shield would have rolled 100 ES. If it was included on a split mod, it'd roll a 50. The Pro is that "you can have more than 6 mods" on a piece of gear. The Con is that the rolls on the mods will not be the highest that can roll.
An implicit is a guaranteed mod. It will show up on ALL rarities of a base item except the unique. So for example, the Bone Helmet gives 15%-20% extra Minion Damage. All helmets do not give this bonus to minion damage, only the Bone Helmet. The Normal, Magic, and Rare versions all have this implicit mod. If you use an Orb of Alchemy on a normal Bone Helmet, the implicit mod stays, and the item gets the amount of extra mods a rare item gets. If you use an Orb of Scouring on a rare Bone Helmet, it'll change the helmet into a normal Bone Helmet but keep the implicit.
Mod Wording:
Some mods are unclear in their wording. Check your guide for specifics. For example: "Adds # to # Cold Damage" only applies to Attacks even though it doesn't specify Attacks...whereas "Adds # to # Fire Damage to Spells" obviously only applies to spells. But funny enough, "Adding damage to Spells" only applies to the Hit of a spell. So if you have a spell that damages enemies with Damage Over Time (which doesn't Hit), it won't help you.

Also, "Adding" damage is different than "Increasing" damage. Increases to damage increase ALL types of that type of damage, while Adding only applies to Hits (as mentioned).

So check the links I have if you care to learn it for yourself. As mentioned, the guide will give some general guidelines for you.
Chromatic Orbs - Getting the Right Socket Colours
Chromatic Orbs are the currency you use to change socket colours on your gear. There's a couple things you should know before you go crazy getting trying to perfect your gear:

- Items that have Strength requirements are more likely to roll red sockets, Dexterity-green, and Intelligence-blue. If an item has a base requirement of Strength and Intelligence it is more likely to roll red and blue sockets. For example, it'll be an "impossible" task to get all red sockets on a piece of gear that only requires Intelligence. While it's be a really easy task to get all green sockets on an item that has only a Dexterity requirement.

Here is a tool you can use to help decide the best method of spending your Chromatic Orbs to achieve your gear goals (***Make sure your gear has no gems socketed in it before you input your data into this tool): Vorici Calculator

The crafting bench can guarantee certain crafts for you too. Like Socket colours, amount of sockets, certain amount of'll cost you the appropriate currency, but for a fair price. You might be able to get the desired outcome without crafting, but it could also cost you more. For example:
- 4 linking an item is easy-ish (25 or less fusings at worst) but is guaranteed with 5 Fusings.
- 5 linking an item could easily take a couple hundred Fusings but is guaranteed with 150 Fusings.
- 6 linking an item is not for the faint of heart. In a recent league I spent over 3200 fusings trying to manually 6 link an item without the crafting bench...I didn't get it. It can be guaranteed with 1500 Fusings.
- As you progress through the different areas of the game, you'll unlock greater versions of the crafting mods you already have. Don't forget to keep checking your Crafting Bench and get used to what mods can pair up with other mods (which mods are Suffix and Prefix).

Some mod values are "drop only". For example, You can craft up to 24% Movement Speed on your boots, but 25%, 30%, even 35% Increased Movement Speed can drop/roll on boots. So as you start comparing your gear with your crafting bench, you'll start seeing the gear you may want to hang on to.

Here is a link
of all the crafting options with the bench and where they unlock. Here's a list of all the mods in the game incase you want to plan/hope ahead. (Ctrl+F some keywords to help you search the massive lists.)
Endgame & Atlas
- It's ok to improve your gear slowly. Don't feel like you have to go from "story gear" to "epic" gear. The company that makes this game is called Grinder Gear Games. You'll have to GRIND FOR GEAR. For example, maybe you'll start with gear that has only 25 health on it. Don't ignore gear that has 50 health knowing that gear with 100 life will eventually drop. Start equipping the gear with 50 health, then 75, then 100.

- Over-capping your resists is not pointless. It's a great idea to over-cap your resists (going over the 75% cap). It'll make switching gear so much easier as better gear keeps dropping. It also helps with some nasty map mods that lower user resists.

- Don't forget about Chaos Resist if using Life as your "life pool". You'll sacrifice some good rolls to accommodate Chaos resist, but it's SO nice and relaxing to play when ALL your bases are covered. You'll see what I mean if you try it out.

- You don't have to match your character level with the enemy level of a map. The highest monster level in a map is 84. The highest character level is 100. Just do the maps you can. Really. Just have a good time :).

- The Atlas has 3 stages of difficulties with it's map mods. You'll notice the Atlas has 17 Tiers of maps. Tiers 1-5 show white on the Atlas. Tiers 6-10 Show yellow. Tiers 11+ show red. Each set of tiers has its own set of mods that can roll. The higher the tier, the more severe the mod. Here's an example:
Low Tier Maps - 25% less effect of Curses on Monsters
Mid Tier Maps - 40% less effect of Curses on Monsters
High Tier Maps - 60% less effect of Curses on Monster
Here's another example:
Low Tier Maps - Monsters deal (50-69)% extra Damage as Cold
Mid Tier Maps - Monsters deal (70-89)% extra Damage as Cold
High Tier Maps - Monsters deal (90-110)% extra Damage as Cold

- You'll need lots of currency for mapping. Your currency is for every time in the game, not just gear, not just maps. To go through the Atlas you'll need lots of currency. Use your currency for what you need gear wise, but keep in mind you are going to go through lots of Orbs of Scouring, Orbs of Alchemy, Chaos Orbs, and Vaal Orbs for your maps. (And maybe Cartographer's Chisels.)

- Zana sells maps. If you're having a hard time getting the maps you need remember that Zana sells maps. Her stock resets when you do her daily mission. Her daily mission isn't just meeting her in a map, it's meeting her in a map that has her icon on that map in the Atlas. So make sure, that if you need maps that she's selling, to not do her daily until you've purchased the maps that you need. They can get pricey, but take what you can get.
Currency for Mapping
To complete the bonuses of each tier you'll be using:
Tiers 1-5: Orbs of Transmutation to make them Magic (Orbs of Alteration to change the mods).
Tiers 6-10: Orbs of Alchemy to make them Rare (Chaos Orbs to change the mods).
Tiers 11+: Orbs of Alchemy to make them Rare (Chaos Orbs to change the mods), then Vaal Orbs. Vaal Orbs randomize everything. They can randomize modifiers, change the map, or even "Un-ID" the map. Try and remember what mods were on the map before you Vaal it. If the map goes Unidentified, the hidden mods will be the ones that were previously listed on the map before you Vaaled it.

Map Quality and Quantity:
- The higher the QUANTITY of a map (not Rarity) the more likely it is to drop currency. The more currency that drops, the more opportunity you have for really rare currency to drop.

- A map's Quantity will increase with harder combinations of map mods. Some map mod combos will only result in 40% map quantity. While other map mod combos can result in 110% map quantity.

- Cartographer's Chisels are the item that increases Map quality. Map Quality increases map Quantity. With Chisels you can increase map Quantity by an additional 20%. If you use a Chisel on a Rare map, the Chisel will increase the quality of the map by 1% each. If you use a Chisel on a Normal map (white), you'll increase the quality by 5% each. So only bother using Chisels on Normal Maps.

- Cartographer's Chisels are only worth using on really high tier maps. Depending on your comfort level, save them for the highest tier maps you can clear pretty easily. I typically only use Chisel's with maps where enemies are level 80 or higher.

- Orbs of Scouring are used to make an identified Magic or Rare item an Normal item. At first you'll use these mostly to make Tier 6+ Magic maps into Rares. (ID the Magic Map, Scour it, then Alch it.) You'll eventually use these for making ALL your high tier maps Normal so you can Chisel them all to 20% before Alch'ing them again.
- If you broadcast save your broadcasts. Maybe put your broadcast link in your signature so people can see how you play, what your style is like, and what your suggestions look like. Don't be embarrassed :).

***If you have suggestions for this thread, please reply to the guide you are following. I won't get notifications to this thread. Forever Exiled, A Path of Exile Podcast
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