3.7| Stress Free PoE - HALLELUJAH FIRE |Clear the Atlas with YOUR Items at YOUR Pace (SSF & Co-op)

The 3.8 guide is now up: https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2627935!

Thank you all for being so kind. You've made an amazing 3.7! You were all so supportive of me and each other. Thank you! I hope you all enjoyed the build and thanks for all the help! See you on the other side!


This is a Righteous Fire (RF) build that doesn't require any specific items or mods to easily sustain RF...and it's super easy and relaxing to play. No button mashing required...and with any items you want too! You just cast Holy Flame Totem at mobs or the boss and then move to the totem and help it burn everything with RF. Everything else in the build is automatic. You'll clear the Atlas with a yawn (and smiling at the same time ;). It's easy 2 button fun! The build doesn't require any specific items or mods to play so you can just pick up and play like a good old fashion "dungeon crawler".

If you're curious about any aspect of the title or why my builds are the way they are, I give the details here. The guides I post will easily clear the Atlas despite the limitations I play with.

*For those with similar limitations to mine, I can play this build on both PC and Console.

(Thanks Tagz for always being willing to figure out the Wiki with me.)

Here's a video example of gameplay and here's what my gear looks like. (My character name doesn't match my build anymore...too many respecs.)

The Guts (Gems/Gear/Tree/Attributes)
Gem Links
PoE restricts which gems are available to each class until Act 3. Until then you can get some gems for free from quest rewards, purchase some from specific NPCs in each town, or find them as loot.

There are two NPC's that sell all purchasable gems: the first one is Siosa in the Library in Act 3 (you have to do his quest first (the Library is connected to The Imperial Gardens)), the second NPC is Lilly Roth is Act 6.

Level all these gems to their max (level 20) unless I have written a level number beside the gem name. For example: "Cast when Damage Taken (Level 2)". If I have written a level beside the name, that's the level you need to stop leveling the gem at.

5/6 Link - Righteous Fire (Socket in Chest)
-Righteous Fire - Creates a AoE around you that burns enemies. Burns 90% of your life a second. (Increasing the Quality of this gem improves the spell damage of OTHER spells in your build, NOT RF.) (Increasing the damage of RF does not change how much damage you take from RF. It'll always burn the same % of life from you no matter the links you link to it.) (This skill won't be able to be used right away. You'll need high Fire Resist and life regen to sustain it. Follow the tree and you'll be sustaining it in no time.)
-Burning Damage Support - Extra damage.
-Elemental Focus Support - Greatly increases damage at the cost of not being able to put an ailment on an enemy. This seems like it would negate RF...but RF doesn't inflict an Ailment. It skips the ailment and jumps straight the the effect, burning. Typically, if you were to throw, let's say a Fireball, at an enemy, it would have a chance to Ignite. If the enemy Ignites, they start to burn. So if you had this support with Fireball, you'd never burn an enemy. You'd only hit them with fire damage. RF simply burns enemies. It doesn't have a chance to ignite. It skips the "chance to ignite" mechanic and just burns (damage over time). So this is a damage boost with no consequence.
-Efficacy Support - Extra damage.
-Increased Area of Effect Support - Dramatically increases the size of Righteous Fire at the cost of dealing no damage (very little if it has Quality). We're going with AoE BABY!

-If you get a six link:
The above gems are listed in order of DPS. First decide how important maximizing AoE is to you. Then remove whichever supports you like and add whichever you like. Concentrated Effect Support is the strongest of any listed support gem for RF, but it decreases AoE. Both Arcane Surge Support and Swift Affliction Support can be added to the links but MUST BOTH be added to the links, neither of these two skills will increase RF's DPS individually. (Adding Arcane Surge to RF adds the Duration tag to RF which then makes then makes Swift Affliction a possible support for RF.) The strongest combo that obviously ignores AoE is Righteous Fire-Burning Damage Support-Concentrated Effect Support-Arcane Surge Support-Swift Affliction Support. (Swift Affliction raises your Dex requirement to 111.)

4 Link - Bonus Damage and Life Regen (Socket in Helmet)
-Holy Flame Totem Just as a heads up, this skill is weak at first, but gets MUCH stronger as it levels (gem level 18+) - It'll hit enemies with fire and cast Consecrated Ground around itself which gives 6% life regen, removes all curses, and gives increased crit chance. (Only the Consecrated Ground from HFT removes curses.) Consecrated Ground impacts you and your allies (including your totems). HFT channels 3 projectile flames at once but each totem can only hit an enemy with one projectile.
-Multiple Totem Support - Lowers the totem's damage by 21%, but let's you have 3 totems out at once. So we lose 20% damage for one totem, but then get three totems doing 80% damage.
-Combustion Support - Bonus fire damage.
-Immolate Support - Grants extra fire damage if the enemy being hit is burning...and RF always burns enemies.

4 Link - Movement and Defense (Socket in Gloves or Boots)
-Any MELEE skill you like. (Consecrated Path is perfect for this build with its added/extra Consecrated Ground but I can't use it. It makes the screen too busy. So I use Cyclone for the "smooth screen" experience.) When you Hit an enemy with whatever melee skill you choose, you'll trigger Holy Relic's perks, apply Fortify to yourself, and apply your chosen curse on enemies.
-Fortify Support - This skill gives bonus damage to your melee skill but more importantly gives us Fortify. Fortify gives us 20% damage reduction to ALL Hits (not Damage Over Time).
-Curse on Hit Support - This is needed to be able to apply your curse on enemies that your melee skill hits. (For this build, Gem order doesn't matter when linking spells to CoH.)
-Any Curse You Want - I personally prefer Enfeeble for the defense it gives. It makes enemies less accurate with Hits by Attacks (not spells), deal less critical damage, and deal less overall damage too. Here's a list of curses if you want to pick your own.

4 Link - Defense and Life Regen (Socket in Gloves or Boots)
-Cast when Damage Taken Support - Automatically casts linked spells. (For this build, Gem order doesn't matter when linking spells to CwDT.)
-Summon Stone Golem - An minion that provides life regen to you. The more life regen the better!
-Summon Holy Relic - Its perks don't get applied until we Hit an enemy with an Attack, not a spell. This will do some damage on its own, but we care more about the life regen it gives to its allies (us). The more life regen the better!
-Any Guard Skill you want. I'll be choosing Molten Shell.

3 Link - Bonus Damage and Life Regen (Socket in Weapon or Shield)
-Cast when Damage Taken Support (Level 2) - Automatically casts linked spells. (For this build, Gem order doesn't matter when linking spells to CwDT.)
-Wave of Conviction (Level 8) - Every enemy this skill hits gets Exposure to Fire. Exposure lowers an enemy's resistance to the specific element by 25%. (Multiple Exposures do not stack. (The Flammability curse is not an Exposure and therefore "stacks".))
-Purifying Flame (Level 12) - Purifying Flame puts Consecrated Ground on the ground every time it casts. The more Consecrated Ground, the better! (Normally I'd have this gem linked to a level 1 CwDT. But this skill's Consecrated Ground had an AoE increase at level 12, so we can live with a CwDT level 2.) (Overlapping Consecrated Grounds do not stack.)

2 Sockets - Auras (Socket in Weapon or Shield) (These gems don't have to be linked)
-Purity of Fire - Our most important aura. This gives us Fire resistance, when coupled with Tasalio, Cleansing Water on the Ascendancy tree, will give us all the Fire Resistance we need forever. It makes gearing so much easier. It also increases your Maximum Fire Resist. This is the most important part of using RF. Normally your Maximum Fire Resist would cap at 75%. This skill at level 20 will increase that max to 79%. That doesn't seem like much, but it's actually very substantial damage mitigation for both RF and receiving fire damage. (We'll end up with 81% max fire resist without items. There's are two nodes on the tree that gives us the extra max %.)
-Malevolence - Gives more damage to Damage over Time (RF).
ANYTHING YOU WANT! - I like having a shield and one-handed weapon instead of two one-handed weapons. It's just a preference; no right or wrong there.

If you’re new to PoE, check out the Tips for New Players link. It gives lots of help and tips on gear, mods, currency, levelling, and endgame mapping. Some good to know stuff that you'd hate not knowing.

- Weapon - Anything you like (except a Bow).
- Shield or Second Weapon - Anything you like.
- Head - Anything you like.
- Chest - Anything you like.
- Hands - Anything you like.
- Feet - Anything you like.
- Amulet - Anything you like.
- Ring - Anything you like.
- Ring - Anything you like.
- Belt - Anything you like.
- Jewel - Anything you like.
- Flasks - Anything you like. I simply use 4 health flasks (3 that remove bleeding and 1 that removes burning) and a Quicksilver Flask that removes Chill/Freeze.

Weapon Mods:
RF benefits from:
- Increased Elemental Damage
- Increased Fire Damage
- Increases to Damage
- Increases to Area Damage
- Burning Damage
- Damage Over Time
- "More" of any of the above. In PoE, the term "More" is much stronger than "Increased". So choose "More" over "Increased" when you can.

RF does NOT benefit from:
- Increased Spell Damage
- Adding Fire Damage
- Adding Fire Damage to Spells

Your goal on the rest of your gear is:
- Maximum life
- Cold and Lightning Resists (you can ignore Fire Resist)
- Movement Speed (Typically on Boots)
- Life Regen (Either a flat # or %)
- Ensuring you have high enough attributes for your skills.
- Any suggested mod you want on your weapon would be welcome on gear too.

- Here are my customized loot filters (PC). They will make looting a lot more relaxing for those that play my builds.

This is my setup if you're interested. I play the same as the guide unless I'm testing something out.
Passive Tree
Passive Tree Explained
The skill tree is easy to understand:
You'll start as a Marauder. We start as a Marauder because there is only one subclass in the game that greatly increases our natural life regen. That's the Chieftain subclass (ascendancy). And to get there, you must start as a Marauder. The Chieftain also had some very compatible nodes for easy caps to fire resist (for RF) and Endurance Charges for defense (and more regen).

This build really benefits from every node we'll select on the tree. I strongly suggest taking every node as it comes up, not really skipping anything. Go south first and then get every node/section as you cross it.

Tree Focuses:
- Life Regen - The more the merrier. We want lots to sustain RF, but even if you feel like only running with Holy Flame Totem, it's awesome to see your life move up so fast without flask help.
- Maximum Life - Besides the obvious factor of "the more you have, the better...", the more life you have also improves the damage of RF.
- Endurance Charges - The tree gives us nodes that let us increase our maximum endurance charges from 3 to 7 :). It also gives us life regen per charge.
- Area of Effect - I focused on Area of Effect before damage. There are many defensive benefits to enemies being in your damage for as long as possible.
- Damage - Yup, damage :). This build doesn't do high damage as I focused on many aspects of defense (armour, Enfeeble, AoE). You'll find that your ability to easily stay alive outways the "glass canon" approach with RF.
- Jewels - Jewel slots are amazing. Jewels are items you can find that you can actually allocate on your tree. They can give almost anything from health, damage, resists...anything. We will only have 1 jewel slot selected :(. What's really neat is you can swap jewels in and out of your passive tree anytime. As great as jewels are, I find managing them and remembering what I have exhausting. So I typically only have one or two jewel slots per character.

Don't forget about attributes. The tree almost provides all the attributes we need for our skills. You'll pass some nodes on the tree that give +30 Attributes. If you don't have items to cover what you're short in, feel free to select some of these as you pass them. You'll get respec points that will let you remove them later once you have better gear.

*The Passive Tree I have for you takes you to level 90. That'll be easy to get to. Beyond, not so much. I'll let you choose what to pick after that. There were many great nodes (life regen, max life, damage) that I had a really hard time excluding. Pick whatever you like! Have fun!

Now, feel free to modify this is anyway. This is just my preference for easy Solo Self Found.

Take your time to look at each skill as they come along. Some of the nodes are pretty dramatic.

Some quests earn you respec points in case you regret any decisions you made on the tree. You can also use Orbs of Regret for the same thing.
As you go through the game you'll come across Trials of Ascendancy. Starting in Act 3 you'll see their value. Once you have completed all 6 of the first set of trails, you'll get to attempt your first Labyrinth (lab). Good luck! Upon completion Choose Chieftain. You get two ascendancy points per lab. There are four labs for a total of 8 points. (Redoing the same lab will not reward you with more ascendancy points if you've already completed it.)

You can spend your points in any order you like. My preference is accommodate RF first and then Holy Flame Totem. So, this is my personal order:
- 1st Two Points - Tasalio, Cleansing Water. A busy node. You get life regen. You get lots more life regen if you've been hit by physical or fire damage from an enemy (not your RF). You can get ignited, but the ignite damage won't harm you (it does not affect how RF burns you). You gain 100% to your fire resist. (This is additive. You'll need 135% minimum for end game and Purity of Fire will take care of the rest :).) (This node is essential for running RF as early as possible without needing any items.)
- 2nd Two Points - Tawhoa, Forest's Strength. It gives good chance to get and Endurance Charge whenever we use a Fire Skill, which is every skill we have. It also gives us bonus damage per Endurance Charge.
- 3rd Two Points - Valako, Storm's Embrace. Give bonus life regen per Endurance Charge and increases our Maximum Endurance Charge limit by 1.
- 4th Two Points - Arohongui, Moon's Presence. Makes our totems immune to fire damage, enemies near our totems deal less damage and take more fire damage too. So get your RF close to your totems :).
- Major God: Soul of Arakaali - It's only for the first perk. The 5% reduced Damage taken from Damage Over Time means we take less damage from RF.
- Minor God: Soul of Abberath - Only beneficial while we're moving. But it's safe to keep moving than to stand still so I chose it over the life regen of the Soul of Tukohama.
Passive tree link

Pastebin - https://pastebin.com/EQnJ24zz - Pastebin for Path of Building. (Copy the link, open Path of Building, click on “New”, then click “Import/Export Build”, click “Import from Pastebin…”, paste the link.)

You'll get most of the attributes that you require to use your gems from the tree. You'll need a little bit of Dexterity.

You'll Be Short:
Strength: 0
Dexterity: 34
Intelligence: 0

Needing 34 Dex isn't a lot. But keep your eye out for gear with Dex. anyway. Amulets can roll lots. Though we don't need almost any extra Int., it'll typically come late in the tree. So don't pass by Int. mods apathetically.

From the Tree You'll Get:
Strength: 422
Dexterity: 34
Intelligence: 164

Your Gems Need:
Strength: 155
Dexterity: 68
Intelligence: 155
Media and Extras (Videos/Tools/Filters)
- Videos? 3 options:
- My example video above
- My HALLELUJAH FIRE playlist shows my most recent sessions with the build.
- My broadcast channel. Mixer keeps the last 14 days worth of broadcasts.
I don't always play awake, but I'd rather play than not :).

- Software:
- PoEMate - The mobile planner I use (if the link doesn't work in your area, just search PoEMate in your mobile store).
- Path of Building - The desktop character planner I use.
- Pastebin - https://pastebin.com/EQnJ24zz - (Copy the link, open Path of Building, click on “New”, then click “Import/Export Build”, click “Import from Pastebin…”, paste the link.)

Loot Filters:
- My customized filters, their details, and how to download them are located here.
For New-ish Players (How I Play/Build Mechanics/Newbie Tips)
How I Play This Build/How it Functions in Gameplay
This build is really easy to play. Sooooo easy.

Quick Version: Cast Holy Flame Totem at enemies and then move to it and stand near it. Everything burns to death...well, except you. :-)

Everything else happens automatically!

Detailed Version
- Turn on RF, Purity of Fire, and Malevolence.
- Cast Holy Flame Totem at an enemy. The totem will burn enemies and give you Consecrated Ground (Life Regen).
- Move to your totem. When you aren't helping kill stuff, cast again.
- Being near your Totems will put you on Consecrated Ground giving you Life Regen and also have enemies take more damage from RF (thanks to your Ascendancy nodes). (Multiple Consecrated Grounds do not stack.) The Consecrated Ground of Holy Flame Totem also removes curses :).

- Just keep casting and moving...Move, cast once...move, cast once...move, cast once...

- Everything else happens automatically.
- The curse that you choose will all be cast automatically when you hit with your chosen melee skill.
- Purifying Flame and Wave of Conviction will be cast automatically for you. They will try and get a Critical Strike for you at least once every 8 seconds so you can get the bonus damage from Elemental Overload on the tree. Wave of Conviction will also lower enemy fire resists by 25% (increasing the fire damage they take) even though the skill itself does little damage at the level we have it. Purifying Flame will be putting Consecrated Ground everywhere. The more Life Regen available, the happier we are.
- So we'll have Consecrated Ground from Purifying Flame and Holy Flame totem. :)
- Hitting an enemy with an Attack will give you life regen from Holy Relic.
- Endurance Charges are gained as we use fire skills. That's almost every skill we have. So you'll be at max charges all the time. Your Endurance Charges will give you lots of physical damage mitigation, bonus elemental resistance, and great life regen.
- Your Stone Golem and Guard skill will be automatically cast for you and will give you life regen and nice defensive perks respectively.

- Purity of Fire reserves mana. This gives you fire resistance along with an increase to your maximum fire resistance. The latter is very important for sustaining RF.
- Malevolence also reserves mana and gives a damage boots to our Damage over time.

- So it's really easy! Move, cast once...move, cast once...move, cast once...Everything else is automatic.

- The build has crazy life regen without RF turned on but the build has way more damage with RF turned on. But you could play Holy Flame Totem only if you wanted and the build would be fine. Slow, but REALLY hard to kill.

So lots happens but all you're doing is using casting Holy Flame Totem then moving. Move, cast once...move, cast once...move, cast once...:)
Build Mechanics Explained for New Players
Righteous Fire
Righteous Fire(RF) can be over thought quite easily. I will simplify it.
-It's a skill that, once it's turned on, is always on and can only be turned off in three ways: Dying, going through a loading screen, or using a flask that removes Burning (a flask of dousing).
-It does fire damage to all it touches.
-It is Damage Over Time, therefore it does not Hit. Many mechanics in this game require a Hit to be activated (such as Leech and Penetration).
-RF burns you with fire damage. To sustain it, you need the highest Fire resistance you can get. Normal Fire Resistance is capped at 75%. Increasing the Fire Res. cap decreases the amount damage you take from RF. Life Regeneration takes care of the rest.
-RF is a skill that typically can only be used late in the story. It can be sustained early-ish but you'll need to be attentive with it until later in the game. But once you get it, just socket it and start leveling it.
-While RF is on, it gives a damage boost to the spell damage of all your OTHER spells (not itself).
Endurance Charges
There are three types of Charges in the game. Each character has a default limit of 3 for each type. We'll be focusing on Endurance Charges. Endurance Charges give 4% physical reduction and elemental resists per charge. Ours will also give us life regen. We'll be picking up a few nodes on the tree that'll increase our max Endurance charge limit up to 7.

Charges have a duration.While you have Endurance Charges, earning any amount of Endurance Charges will refresh the duration for ALL Endurance Charges (they all share the same duration).
Cast when Damage Taken
Cast when Damage Taken (CwDT) is a gem that automatically casts linked spells (not attacks) when your character takes a certain amount of damage. The lower the level of CwDT, the less damage it needs to cast its linked spells. The higher the level of CwDT, the more damage it needs to cast linked gems.

CwDT cannot support ACTIVE skills with a higher player level requirement than that of the CwDT gem itself. For spells to be cast by CwDT, the spell has wot be within the requirement level listed on the gem. As you level gems, you'll see that they all have certain player levels you have to be at in order to use them. CwDT does too. You'll notice in the CwDT gem description that it'll only cast spells under a certain requirement level. That requirement level goes up as CwDT levels. Linked SUPPORT gems have no boundaries and can be fully leveled.

The benefit to a high level CwDT at a high level is that we can have high level gems attached to it (Stone Golem). The benefit to a low level CwDT is that you can have spells being cast frequently. Good for utility spells (applying curses and such).

You can't manually cast spells that are linked to CwDT and within CwDT's gem requirement level.

For our build, the order of gems linked to CwDT does not matter.
Curses are debuffs that you can put on an enemy. There are quite a few curses in the game, not all of them are beneficial to every build. In this build you can pick anyone you want.

By default in POE, every character can only apply one curse per enemy. There are ways to increase this limit, but we won't with this build.

Unless an enemy is "Hexproof" (curse proof), our curse will work. Curses are 33% less effective against Area/Map bosses and 66% less effective against the Shaper and his Guardians unless otherwise stated on the gem.
Vaal Skills
Vaal skills are super versions of normal skills that have a duration and cooldown given to them. We're hoping to use Vaal Righteous Fire. Early on in the game Vaal skills typically only drop in Corrupted areas (though as the game progresses you'll find them a little more often.) Corrupted areas can be randomly found attached to maps as a side area. Kill the boss inside these areas, loot their "stash", and hope you get the vaal skill you want.

Vaal RF gives you both the RF skill and Vaal RF in one gem. Both skills require their own key bind/button. You can use RF like usual but the Vaal skill requires you to kill enemies, or damage Rare or Unique enemies. Once the skill is ready to use, you can use the skill anytime. But remember, any loading screen in the game automatically resets the vaal skill and it needs to be refilled. So don't save it too long (boss arena doors don't have load screens (except for the The Lord's Labyrinth). Once the skill has been used it'll have a short duration where the skill can't refill.

Vaal RF takes a chunk of your health to cast but doesn't constantly hurt you like the normal RF does. It then does insanely good damage for a duration, then expires and needs to be refilled.
Tips for New Players
Trying to Sustain RF as Early as Possible
In case you didn't notice, RF can't be sustained right away. Without life regen focused uniques, RF can typically be sustained after you've completed the story and are into mapping. To sustain it as soon as possible without needing any gear (except links) try the following:

- Select all the nodes on the Passive Tree as they come. Get all the South nodes first, then work your way up. Don't skip any. (The Life Regen per Endurance Charge nodes are the MOST important.)
- Equip and start leveling your Stone Golem as soon as it's available.
- Equip and start leveling your Purity of Fire as soon as it's available.
- Equip and start leveling your Holy Relic as soon as it's available.
- Use the multiple methods the build uses to create, then fight on, Consecrated Ground.
- By the time you kill Arakaali (the Spider Boss in Act 7) you can select the Pantheon option that unlocks (Soul of Arakaali). Have that and the minor God, Soul of Abberath selected.
- Do the first 3 suggested Ascendancies.
- Get those Endurance charges up :).

You can sustain RF with gear in other ways of course, I just thought you'd like to know the soonest you can run RF no matter your gear.
Loose Ends (Map Mods/Gem Locations/Bandits)
Endgame Mods to Avoid
At the end of the game, the levels (maps) you try and clear will have random modifiers (mods) allocated to them. There are A LOT of mods that can go on a map.

There is only one mod that we can't run: The No Mana and Life Regen mod. We need mana for our totem and our movement skill. We need Life Regen for RF. But that's it! Just the one mod!

Some mods will be inconvenient, but they won't be impossible to run:
- Negatives to maximum resists hurts RF but not our totem.
- Slower mana and life regen hurts RF and but only impacts our totem a little.

You'll learn your personal preferences over time, but only No Mana and Life Regen should be avoided.
Leveling/Quests - Solo Self Found - Quick Reference
- I suggest doing every quest in the game. It doesn't take long. If you're too eager to get to mapping in the endgame, here is a link to all the quests that give Skill Points as a reward.

Bandits - With the Bandits in Act 2, I kill them all for the extra 2 skill points. You, of course, do what you like.

**Remember to prioritize. You may not be lucky enough to get the gear that'll let you play with all your gems as soon as they are available. So do what works best for you until the gear comes (don't be quick to sell your old gear in case something doesn't work out).

List of Gems in Order of Story Acquisition:
Act 1 - Breaking Some Eggs - Reward - Level 4 - Molten Shell
Act 1 - Breaking Some Eggs - Purchase - Level 4 - Holy Flame Totem
Act 1 - The Caged Brute - Purchase - Level 8 - Combustion Support
Act 2 - The Root of the Problem - Purchase - Level 16 - Righteous Fire
Act 3 - Lost in Love - Purchase - Level 24 - Purity of Fire
Act 3 - A Fixture of Fate - Reward - Level 31 - Fortify Support
Act 3 - A Fixture of Fate - Purchase - Level 1 - Purifying Flame
Act 3 - A Fixture of Fate - Purchase - Level 4 - Summon Holy Relic
Act 3 - A Fixture of Fate - Purchase - Level 16 - Wave of Conviction
Act 3 - A Fixture of Fate - Purchase - Level 18 - Elemental Focus Support
Act 3 - A Fixture of Fate - Purchase - Level 24 - Enfeeble
Act 3 - A Fixture of Fate - Purchase - Level 24 - Malevolence
Act 3 - A Fixture of Fate - Purchase - Level 31 - Burning Damage Support
Act 4 - Breaking the Seal - Reward - Level 34 - Summon Stone Golem
Act 4 - The Eternal Nightmare - Reward - Level 38 - Multiple Totem Support
Act 4 - The Eternal Nightmare - Purchase - Level 38 - Cast when Damage Taken Support x2
Act 4 - The Eternal Nightmare - Purchase - Level 38 - Curse on Hit Support
Act 4 - The Eternal Nightmare - Purchase - Level 38 - Immolate Support
Act 4 - The Eternal Nightmare - Purchase - Level 38 - Increased Area of Effect Support
Act 6 - Fallen From Grace - Purchase - Level 31 - Efficacy Support
List of Gems in Order by Level:
Level 1 - Purifying Flame
Level 4 - Holy Flame Totem
Level 4 - Molten Shell
Level 4 - Summon Holy Relic
Level 8 - Combustion Support
Level 16 - Righteous Fire
Level 16 - Wave of Conviction
Level 18 - Elemental Focus Support
Level 24 - Enfeeble
Level 24 - Malevolence
Level 24 - Purity of Fire
Level 31 - Burning Damage Support
Level 31 - Efficacy Support
Level 31 - Fortify Support
Level 34 - Summon Stone Golem
Level 38 - Cast when Damage Taken Support x2
Level 38 - Curse on Hit Support
Level 38 - Immolate Support
Level 38 - Increased Area of Effect Support
Level 38 - Multiple Totem Support
(Let me know if you see any errors in the list.)

- There are two NPCs that sell all purchasable gems: the first one is Siosa in the Library in Act 3 (you have to do his quest first (the Library is connected to The Imperial Gardens)), the second NPC is Lilly Roth in Act 6 (Do her quest in Act 6).
Awesome. So if you have any questions let me know and I'll respond the best I can. Don't feel embarrassed. Ask anything you like. It's easy to miss/overlook details in the guide or on the wiki. Likely someone else wants to know the answer too :). (I likely won't have time to evaluate characters (sorry!) but I've listed in general what mods to look for on your items so you know what to look for and improve upon. Don't forget to check the Tips section if you're new too.)

Replies: Feel free to respond to other players' posts! The more that's out there, the more we learn. Please be kind, respectful, and theoretical (not a Know-It-All) when helping others out. I will happily respond to questions but please note that I have multiple guides and I'd like to respond to each equally. I’ll do my best to get back to you as quickly as possible but set your expectations that I'll respond to each guide once a week. (Too much time responding to guides makes an unhappy spouse...an unhappy spouse means less time for guide replies...less time for guide replies makes an unhappy me...Unhappy spouse + unhappy me = an epic hockey fight with sweet uppercuts which I would obviously lose...a lost hockey fight against my spouse = busted hands that I can't type with, no teeth to voice type with, and black eyes that I can't read with. So one build a day, m'kay? K.)

Here's a list of my OTHER GUIDES if you're interested :).

OH! Don't forget, to support GGG by buying a skin for all your favourite skills you use. They last forever, you look rad, and it keeps PoE going too :).

Double OH! I make a new thread every league for every guide I do. So all the comments, questions, and answers you read are all relevant for this current expansion. (At the end of a league I post links in the previous guide to guide players to the newest rendition of the build.)

K. Done. Happy gaming :).
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Ok I'll be first to reply.
This version looks more focused on RF that HFT when compared to last one.
While as a pure RF player I agree with that choice I still think that HFT should be in 5/6 link gear instead of RF. You can easily get shaped helmet with one or 2 RF supports as mod making it pseudo 6 link around lv 60ish.
HFT is what makes this build different that other generic RF builds out there so I would rather you preserve it.
Also some tips for people new to RF playstyle. (I just copy/pasted from your other version =p)

Unique items that boosts regen and are cheap to buy:
-Springleaf shield (~1 alch)
-Shaper's seed amulet (~1 alch)
-Meginord's vise gloves (~1 alch)
-Kikazaru ring (~1-2 chaos)
-Bloodbond armour(~1 alch)

You can equips all of this before lv 35 and can sustain RF with flasks easy

Other good uniques:
-Balefire sceptre(~1 chaos)
-Kaom's path ring (~1-2 chaos) extra endurance charges
-Kaom's way ring (~20 chaos) with new card for prophecy this ring got quite cheap
-Rise of the phoenix shield(~1 alch) max fire resist
-Saffel's frame shield (~1 chaos) max all resist
-Pyre ring (~1-2 chaos) easy fire/cold resist and RF dmg boost
-Ashcaller wand (~1 alch) dmg boost but no shield charge

DO NOTE THAT PRICES ARE FROM MIDDLE OF THE LEAGUE IN 3.6. The prices will be a bit higher at start of 3.7 but should normalize quite fast
Hey there. My girlfriend experiences PCS as well and enjoys watching me play PoE. I prefer high movement ultra-engaging builds myself, and now she has a way to get her foot in the door with this game thanks to your builds. We look forward to seeing more in the future. Thanks and nice work.
I have tried both of your other builds in the previous league as it was the first time I picked up PoE. They both worked fantastically!! I'm excited to try something different for this league and try to actually clear everything this time (I'm super casual). Thanks for the quick update!!

Hope this is as newbie friendly as zombies and vortex haha
When will you put up the Skill tree for this build? sounds good.
Darcloud wrote:
When will you put up the Skill tree for this build? sounds good.

Skill tree is in the Path of Building (PoB) link. Once I get on my PC I'll link a browser one.
Cradoc wrote:
Darcloud wrote:
When will you put up the Skill tree for this build? sounds good.

Skill tree is in the Path of Building (PoB) link. Once I get on my PC I'll link a browser one.

I gotchu.

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MaxHax2 wrote:
Ok I'll be first to reply.
This version looks more focused on RF that HFT when compared to last one.
While as a pure RF player I agree with that choice I still think that HFT should be in 5/6 link gear instead of RF. You can easily get shaped helmet with one or 2 RF supports as mod making it pseudo 6 link around lv 60ish.
HFT is what makes this build different that other generic RF builds out there so I would rather you preserve it.
Hey MaxHax2!

Always nice to have you aboard :).

The 3.6 version of this build had RF as the primary skill as well (on the tree). Having a 5/6 link totem made the build NEED lots of mana mods. So, since RF is the main skill, and a 5 link is easier to get than a Shaper/Elder helmet with the right mods, I decided to make RF the 5/6 link and HFT the 4 link. HFT as
a 4 link costs a lot less mana to cast and the build itself didn't lose any DPS with the change. (3.7 does less damage than the 3.6 build cause I went with AoE this league.)

You have just as many options with Shaper/Elder mods to 5/6 link HFT in a helmet as well so there is still the same opportunities for improvement too.

The nice thing about the skills colour links (RF and HFT) is that if you found a helmet with mods that worked for one of the skills, they are easily interchangeable between the chest and the helmet.

Let me know where you go with the build if you try it out.

Thanks for the post!
Podcast: https://foreverexiled.com | Guides: https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2606288
loudpinks2000 wrote:
Hey there. My girlfriend experiences PCS as well and enjoys watching me play PoE. I prefer high movement ultra-engaging builds myself, and now she has a way to get her foot in the door with this game thanks to your builds. We look forward to seeing more in the future. Thanks and nice work.
Hey loudpinks2000,

Thanks for taking the time to show your thanks. I really appreciate it! Hopefully you two can play together in the future! If either of you have any suggestions for the build, guide...anything, let me know. It's nice to accommodate as many as possible.
Podcast: https://foreverexiled.com | Guides: https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2606288

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