[3.19] Boneshatter Jugg - Cheap to start with room to grow. Fast mapping/Endgame boss videos

I have a level 69 and want to reroll to this what should I aim first?
dadek182 wrote:
Hi Corosou!

I noticed that on the medium cluster and on the megalomaniac we have "Ancestral Guidance", do we want to have it 2X or would it be better to get something else on one of the jewels?

Also, I was thinking - since we don't really need precision and vitality in late game could we replace them with something that would benefit the Herald of Purity? Just for more dps...

Cheers and thanks for posting updates :)


PoB can answer all these questions for you.

Play around with it, add gear/mods, change the tree; I just provide a base for you to start, but it's your toon, your game, your time, test whatever u want.

dmoniak wrote:
I have a level 69 and want to reroll to this what should I aim first?

Not to be mean, but I wrote a whole guide for a reason, read it, follow it.

Hey there,

Sorry for the possibly dumb question but I don't where where the fortify charges come from ?

Was the skill remastered or something because I don't see any fortify support or anything.
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I don't see this belt in PoB nor in any showcased gears :/
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Blandula wrote:
I don't see this belt in PoB nor in any showcased gears :/

Check the tree Fortify Mastery
Is that the "melee hits fortify" mention ?

I didn't know how tree masteries work. Haven't played since a few leagues.

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3.19 League Status...

I'll keep this short...

The current and future state of this game, seems and feels appalling.

For two leagues now I feel compelled to use the little influence I may have to object and reject the vision.

So, if you are reading this guide, grab all the info you want off of it right now.

Unless the direction this game is going changes, AND FAST, I will be leaving within the week and taking all my content with me.

I will not support this game in its current path, and that includes all the time I've put into writing guides.

I just don't find the game fun in its current state.


The Cenobites at GGG can keep their Lament Configuration!

The oppressive bullshit this game has become is just not for me...

EDIT: (after latest post)

"You cannot use appropriate combat tactics, and instead have to just stutter step or be so powerful that it's inconsequential.

Fewer, more difficult rare monsters help you pay attention to what is happening, assess it, and act accordingly. It gives you an opportunity to employ counterplay and for your playskill to actually matter (rather than relying on pure character power)." -CW

An honest question...

Someone please explain to me what assessment and subsequent tactic helps you against a Vampiric, when your mana pool is so restricted by all the CHECKBOX AURAS you are REQUIRED to run now, that you can only attack 3 times.

WTF does that mean? For me to swap into Lifetap? Is that the fucking tactic???...



"We didn't patch note the item rarity/quantity rebalance for league monsters. This was an oversight due to human error, but that's why I proofread the patch notes. Unfortunately, due to the next point, this wasn't caught during my proofread.

I… didn't actually understand the impact of the change. It was mentioned to me in passing (that we were removing the league monster bonuses and replacing with just quantity), and I didn't ask any more questions. I was busy, distracted, and should have sought more information. Had I understood the consequences, we likely would have still gone ahead with the change, but hopefully with better communication and maybe some pre- rather than post-release counterbalance elsewhere. This is a massive internal communication fuckup and I take full responsibility for it." -CW


"Get your magic find characters ready!". -CW

Someone, please explain this to me, how is the latter one not just an undeniable marketing lie?

How do you get to the point where you make such a bold statement, without actually verifying whether it was actually true or not that Magic Find was getting buffed?

Because, I would say common sense dictates that that's what that statement implied, that MORE loot was coming, not LESS...

You would think such an impactful change, considering CW himself has stated that the economy is sacrosanct, would have been at the forefront of the things he was on top off!

I am so fucking lost right now...

"I want to emphasise that our Quality Assurance team are not to blame for the issues that were not discovered before release. They work really hard and have a lot of limitations that are outside of their control. For the next upcoming release, I am specifically trying to integrate them more into development so that we get their feedback earlier during the development of features." -CW

Ok, this I can talk about! For a bit of background, I am SR. UNIX/Linux Sysadmin for NASA, and I certainly know about QA.

The whole point of QA is to prevent broken things from making it to Production Release... If QA doesn't have the ability to COMPLETELY STOP the development process and force resolution of issues found, then THAT IS NOT FUCKING QA!

Holy shit, what is this post?

"I have let you down and I will not allow it to happen again." -CW

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Came back after 3 months of idling only to find this horrible train wreck of a patch...
So it's actually that bad?
Spelac wrote:
Came back after 3 months of idling only to find this horrible train wreck of a patch...
So it's actually that bad?

Ya, game is in the worst state I've ever seen it and everyone kinda agrees, for the most part...

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