[3.19] Boneshatter Jugg - Cheap to start with room to grow. Fast mapping/Endgame boss videos

Neograff1 wrote:
Still viable.

Yup, don't really see why not, but def needs a once over update (tree changes, etc)

I'll see if I get around to it. No guarantees though...


I probably won't have time to do an update before league start, so for anyone looking to get started with Boneshatter Jugg in 3.22, I recommend checking out:


You can always combine their setup with mine; I, for example, love Replica Wings and highly recommend it for fast mapping.

GL in 3.22
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My DPs in my character screen is only 8k-12k. other people have characters with millions of DPS. what's wrong with mine?
How, if at all, can this transition into a sanctum runner?

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