Expedition Patch Notes, Item Filter and Passive Tree Information

BlaqWolf wrote:
No Headhunter nerf.

That should tell you everything about their idea of 'power balancing'.
It's aimed at the bottom 95% of the player base, not the elite superfarmers.

Agreed. If anything, there's quite a lot of room for them to grow, at least when it comes to critical stacking...

Anyway, I got a couple of ideas how to make a decent low-cost char out of this mess, we'll see if they hold up once PoB is updated.
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yay nerf notes!
Brutus has taken the time to renovate his arena.

Covid have affected us all i see
Does Hierophant's reduced effect on damaging ailments mean I can still move while I'm frozen like the new aquamarine flask?
Shame to see that Unarmed still isn't able to switch weapon sets without opening inventory.

Other than that, I really love the patch notes and think the power creep has become far too powerful, so nerfs is mostly the way to go atm.

I sincerely thank you for this quality of development @GGG
Arian Synthesis of G3
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Is it possible to get the Atlas region as part of the map information?

Thanks for the work guys!

*You call into the void. You hear a sound in the distance.*

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