The full patch notes for Path of Exile: Expedition are now available!

In order to help you prepare your builds and item filters we've also gathered the Passive Tree and Item Filter information.

Passive Tree Data

We've listed the changes to the passive tree in the Patch Notes but if you're a community tool creator, you can find the JSON data here. If you're not sure what to do with this information, don't worry too much! We'll update Path of Exile's built-in item filter in the game and the Passive Skill Tree on the website alongside the launch of the Expedition expansion.

Item Filter Information

Item Filter Functionality

You can now specify item classes by category, if there is exactly 1 category for that class. This results in it being backwards compatible, because the ItemClasses uses the plural form and the ItemClassCategories uses the singular. The syntax is the same, for example you can search either Class "Abyss Jewels" or Class "Abyss Jewel".

New Items

Item Class: Active Skill Gem
  • Defiance Banner
  • Voltaxic Burst
  • Rage Vortex
  • Spectral Helix
  • Battlemage's Cry
  • Absolution
  • Ambush
  • Forbidden Rite
  • Manabond
  • Blade Trap
  • Shield Crush
  • Boneshatter
  • Summon Reaper
  • Explosive Concoction
  • Eye of Winter
  • Storm Rain

Item Class: Support Skill Gem
  • Earthbreaker Support
  • Focused Ballista Support
  • Behead Support

Item Class: Divination Cards
  • The Last Supper
  • The Emptiness
  • A Sea of Blue
  • The Offspring
  • The Price of Prescience
  • The Mind's Eyes
  • Terrible Secret of Space
  • The Blessing of Moosh
  • Costly Curio
  • Lachrymal Necrosis
  • Dementophobia
  • Ambitious Obsession

Item Class: Stackable Currency
  • Enkindling Orb
  • Instilling Orb
  • Exotic Coinage
  • Scrap Metal
  • Astragali
  • Burial Medallion
  • Lesser Broken Circle Artifact
  • Common Broken Circle Artifact
  • Greater Broken Circle Artifact
  • Grand Broken Circle Artifact
  • Lesser Black Scythe Artifact
  • Common Black Scythe Artifact
  • Greater Black Scythe Artifact
  • Grand Black Scythe Artifact
  • Lesser Order Artifact
  • Common Order Artifact
  • Greater Order Artifact
  • Grand Order Artifact
  • Lesser Sun Artifact
  • Common Sun Artifact
  • Greater Sun Artifact
  • Grand Sun Artifact

Item Class: Expedition Logbook
  • Expedition Logbook

New Base Types

Item Class: Helmet
  • Runic Helm
  • Runic Crest
  • Runic Crown

Item Class: Boots
  • Runic Greaves
  • Runic Sollerets
  • Runic Sabatons

Item Class: Gloves
  • Runic Gloves
  • Runic Gages
  • Runic Gauntlets

Item Class: Utility Flasks
  • Gold Flask
  • Corundum Flask
  • Iron Flask

Other changes

Altered Base Types
  • "Thrusting One Hand Sword" item class changed to "One Hand Sword"
  • "Blessed Boots" renamed to "Fugitive Boots"
  • Diamond Flask item class now "Utility Flasks" instead of "Utility Flask Critical"
  • Lesser Poison Support is now called Chance to Poison Support.
  • Poison Support is now called Critical Strike Affliction Support.

Pantheon Souls
  • Captured Soul of Puruna, the Challenger renamed to Captured Soul of Otesha, the Giantslayer
  • Captured Soul of Sumter, the Twisted renamed to Captured Soul of Nassar, Lion of the Seas
  • Captured Soul of Excellis Aurafix renamed to Captured Soul of Witch of the Cauldron
  • Captured Soul of Erythrophagia renamed to Captured Soul of Nightmare's Omen
  • Captured Soul of Kitava, The Destroyer renamed to Captured Soul of Pesquin, the Mad Baron
  • Captured Soul of Ancient Architect renamed to Captured Soul of Tunneltrap
  • Captured Soul of Shock and Horror renamed to Captured Soul of The High Templar

Map Tiers

Tier 1
  • Beach Map
  • Channel Map
  • Mesa Map
  • Park Map

Tier 2
  • Graveyard Map
  • Arid Lake Map
  • Marshes Map
  • Iceberg Map
  • Cage Map
  • Haunted Mansion Map
  • Fields Map
  • Cemetery Map
  • Vaal Pyramid Map
  • Geode Map
  • Armoury Map
  • Tropical Island Map
  • Estuary Map
  • Arena Map
  • Lair Map
  • Dry Sea Map
  • Overgrown Shrine Map
  • Caldera Map
  • Arsenal Map
  • Plaza Map

Tier 3
  • Canyon Map
  • Frozen Cabins Map
  • Maze Map
  • Ancient City Map
  • Ivory Temple Map
  • Barrows Map
  • Academy Map
  • Wharf Map
  • Ramparts Map
  • Infested Valley Map
  • Moon Temple Map
  • Sepulchre Map
  • Temple Map
  • Museum Map
  • Shipyard Map
  • Arachnid Tomb Map
  • Bog Map
  • Cursed Crypt Map
  • Orchard Map
  • Defiled Cathedral Map
  • Summit Map
  • Necropolis Map
  • Racecourse Map
  • Terrace Map
  • Shrine Map
  • Core Map
  • Acid Caverns Map
  • Basilica Map

Tier 4
  • Pen Map
  • Fungal Hollow Map
  • Peninsula Map
  • Courthouse Map
  • Strand Map
  • Lighthouse Map
  • Toxic Sewer Map
  • Spider Lair Map
  • Jungle Valley Map
  • Ashen Wood Map
  • Dunes Map
  • Bone Crypt Map
  • Bazaar Map
  • Belfry Map
  • Wasteland Map
  • Promenade Map
  • Pit Map
  • Palace Map
  • Sunken City Map

Tier 5
  • Desert Map
  • City Square Map
  • Chateau Map
  • Volcano Map
  • Atoll Map
  • Arachnid Nest Map
  • Mud Geyser Map
  • Spider Forest Map
  • Waterways Map
  • Malformation Map
  • Crimson Temple Map
  • The Beachhead

Tier 6
  • Crimson Township Map
  • Carcass Map

Tier 7
  • Port Map
  • Desert Spring Map

Tier 8
  • Grotto Map
  • Thicket Map
  • Siege Map

Tier 9
  • Excavation Map
  • Grave Trough Map
  • Underground River Map
  • Plateau Map
  • Vault Map
  • Precinct Map
  • Castle Ruins Map

Tier 10
  • Forbidden Woods Map
  • Scriptorium Map
  • Villa Map
  • Dig Map
  • The Beachhead

Tier 11
  • Relic Chambers Map
  • Forking River Map
  • Coral Ruins Map
  • Colonnade Map
  • Primordial Pool Map
  • Dark Forest Map
  • Bramble Valley Map

Tier 12
  • Alleyways Map
  • Flooded Mine Map
  • Phantasmagoria Map
  • Laboratory Map
  • Silo Map

Tier 13
  • Mausoleum Map
  • Courtyard Map
  • Shore Map
  • Coves Map

Tier 14
  • Glacier Map
  • Conservatory Map
  • Sulphur Vents Map
  • Crater Map
  • Lava Chamber Map
  • Residence Map
  • Mineral Pools Map
  • Tower Map
  • Waste Pool Map
  • Pier Map
  • Primordial Blocks Map
  • Colosseum Map
  • Lava Lake Map

Tier 15
  • Lookout Map
  • Dungeon Map
  • Leyline Map
  • Burial Chambers Map
  • Arcade Map
  • Cold River Map
  • Gardens Map
  • Overgrown Ruin Map
  • Factory Map
  • Ghetto Map
  • Reef Map
  • Stagnation Map
  • The Beachhead

Tier 16
  • Foundry Map
  • Cells Map
  • Underground Sea Map
  • Crystal Ore Map
  • Pit of the Chimera
  • Lair of the Hydra
  • Maze of the Minotaur
  • Forge of the Phoenix
  • Vaal Temple Map
  • The Beachhead

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Mom i'm scared !!!

But honestly, i think it's going the right way in general. Flask changes are by far the worst change.
Yes we will have to make new builds and it's gonna be interesting.
Hoping new gems will be viable ( usually, on every patch i'm disappointed with new gems)
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