Expedition Patch Notes, Item Filter and Passive Tree Information

To be Honest i dont really Know what to say with that Patchnotes... xD

In total they are not really excited to see, i hope im Wrong in Practice!

Let it begin! See you on Release.
For future patch notes, do you think you could provide a PDF version?
So the 50% damage nerf across the board wasn't enough you had to crank mana cost to the moon and remove attack and cast speed to make every build feel like complete trash, and while you where at it removed two more chase items/mechanics from the game in awakener gems and Aisling slams. [Removed by Support] New World Beta here i come.
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So, on my first character from Delve I've been progressing in standard, off and on, with a fun-to-play but certainly off-meta build and just rolled over to Level 98, where doing unmodded T16 maps feels pretty good and unmodded 10-boss Maven invitations feel like a decent challenge that's fair but requires me to think a bit and bring my A-game...the main thrust of the patch notes appear to be roughly:
-a reversion of the boost to clearing damage I got from switching from The Searing Touch to Martyr of Innocence,
-crushing any hope of ever doing anything over ~500k Shaper DPS without radically rebuilding with probably a completely different skill, even with the specific "end goal" hundred-odd-exalt crafting plan I had to hit 1-2 million with previous gem values,
-a good hard kick while I was already down on mana sustain,
-making backtracking in maps and Delves even more annoying, and -reducing to entirely deleting the ability to do any interesting content at all while trying to get to 100.

Thank you for that.

Given how many checkboxes my playing style and sensibilities tick of what GGG says they want the game and its experience to be like ("we want to slow it down!" "we want people to use flasks reactively!" "we want it to be a challenge!" "we want player engagement!" "we want people to feel like they've accomplished something!"), I'm really not clear on why they're so keen to kick players at my level in the teeth specifically.

Gonna have to think real hard about whether I want to buy any supporter packs this time around. Not immediately enthused about the Expedition league either, even though it's the sort of lore-rich, alternate-area-mechanic league I've enjoyed the most in the past, and not sure what I'd want to play if I did. And I'll have to see whether I'm still having any fun at all trying to level; in the mean time I guess I'd better bend over backwards to get the last four 10-boss Maven fights done for Atlas passives.
Awakened Combustion Support when?
d only thing i dont like is blade trap not being on duelist when he got some trap support already and it an attack so why he not on the duelist list.... because of intel? dualing dagger is a possibility on the duelist....so i dont get this one
Oh, wait: no fix for the T-pose bug?

Awakened Combustion Support when?
YAY!!! My div card Dementophobia is finally going in
Creator of Dementophobia

Name, reward, art and flavor text all my idea, very satisfied with outcome
how boring and small
"Deadly Ailments:
Now has a 150% Cost and Reservation Multiplier (previously 130%).
Supported Skills now deal 30-44% more Damage with Ailments (previously 45-64%).
Supported Skills now deal 80% less Damage with Hits (previously 10%)"

Do you play your own game?
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