[3.19] Witch - Skeleton Necromancer - 16+mil. DPS, 63 Skeletons in total!

Hello Exiles!

This is my follow up for the skeleton leagustarter build:
I invest all my currency in a t1 skeleton build.
When you need a cheap minion build to classy, strong and powerfull, that is your build!

For the readers (Idea of the build/items):


+ Strong boss damage (16 million dps in total!)
+ All content viable
+ Cheap to start
+ still with harvest nerv, you only need 2 unique items


- survivability is not the best, you have to invest much
- cannot do physical reflection maps

The idea of the build:

The idea of the build is:
Making a Bosskiller with minions!
In my opinion, minion builds are the best builds for beginners, you dont have to spam buttons, lets do the work from our minions!
Also I was really annyoing when my full set up animated guardiends vs atziri or against sirus. So I wanted a tanky minions build, where my minions not die.
In my first season of Path of Exile, I startet a skeleton minion build and I killed Sirus once. After 3 leagues I come back to see, how my knowledge about the game has changed. And the result you can see in the video and the pob :)


you want a helmet with life, and the craftable "+1 zombie, +1 skeleton" on it. When you have the money, buy or craft a minion helmet with " +1 to level of all minion skill gems" and "Nearby enemies take 9% increased physical damage".

Amulet/cluster jewels:
We want "+1 skeleton" and "+1 of all intelligence skill gems" on the amulet, because we try to stack the level of the skeleton skill gem. More level of skeleton skill gem give the skeletons more life and damage.
Annoint it with "Enduring Bound".

Your cluster jewels will be also have "minions have 5%chance to deal double damage when your minions are on full life".
And with the animaten guardien setup, your minions are allways on full life hehe.

On the rings, we need 2 socketed rings for the "clarity" and "flame dash" gems.
Import are life, dex., and restistances.

Body Armour:
When you want the best out of it, you need the "socketed support gem" of your chest for the empowerment, with this gem, you have 10 zombies instead of 9.
Other mods are life, resistance. Or you get a "+1 Skeleton chest" instead.

Classical zombie/skeleton boots, just for staying skeletons.

or you invest some money for better life, resistance and minion damage.:

Life, life and resitances. And some life for Minions :)

Try to craft it by yourself with the essences.You can pump much damage out of a glove for your minions:

The expensive one in this build, the bow:
You need a multi. craft on it for the +3 socketed support gem (the empowermentgem will increase the level on your skeletons about 7!).
The rest is damage.
When you have the money, you can craft on it the "avian skill". It gives your minions again 5% damage to deal double damage.

and at least, Quiver:
Just life and resistance. The damage from the quiver here is useless for this build.

For the lazy ones (pob):
PathOfBuilding: https://pastebin.com/e2ywFRKn (old Version 3.15)
New Version 3.19: https://pastebin.com/XjxkGWQ0

For the watchers (videos):

Showcase, All Conquerers + Sirus A9, Deathless:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TCDZqHamHeQ&t=59s

22 kills of Sirus, Profit or not?https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fJ3b0Htidz0

For the interessts (my builds):

[3.15] Sweep Berserker - Boss Killer - 42 Mil. Damage:

[3.15] Sweep Berserker - Tanky Version

[3.15] CI - Cyclone ( NO CoC), The Project of the perfect Melee Build!

[3.15] Skeleton Money Maker Build, Leaguestarter to getting 100ex.

[3.14] MEME BUILD: Sweep, much AOE! Bigger then AOE spells?

[3.15] Witch - Skeleton Necromancer - 20+mil. DPS, 64 Skeletons in total!https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/3143814

Cyclone - Scion - MAX LEECH

3.15] Crackling Lance, 10 chaos Leaguestarter, Easy 4k mana for MIND OVER MATTER
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[3.17] DISCHARGE MEME BUILD - 265 Million DPS - Average Hit: https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/3258163


I have decided to improve my English by doing this build (and hopefully more builds), so when you have some notes to my build, advices for better grammer ect. let me know it. Have fun and stay save.

I am not a pro with crafting in Poe, but i crafted everything by myself, so when you need tips, don't be shy, just ask if you need help.

If you have questions for the build, the functionality or alternatives, just ask :)

EDIT[from 3.14 to 3.15]
-The damage going down from 2.1 mil. Dps per skeleton to 1.2 Mil. Dps per skeleton... BIG NERF but still you do over 13 million dps only with your skeletons :)

- You need the "necromancer" spectre for the vulnerability curse[/spoiler]
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Wrong thread sorry
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mochiloc wrote:
Wrong thread sorry

Hey, why it is in the wrong thread?
Build, witch, necromancer. Where should I do it ?
Would you please tell me what your Animate Guardian items are?
kaipoe wrote:
Would you please tell me what your Animate Guardian items are?

I think is the standard setup :


TheWindscream gives your AG +1 curses. So your AG can cast 2 curses on the mobs.
That's why I use this gloves:


I use the oskram, with vaaled vulnerability on hit.
When the AG hit's an enemy, it will curse vulnerability and assasinse marks on it. Vulnerability gives more physical damage taken and assasinse mark give more critical damage taken. So perfect setup vs. bosses ;)

Body Armour:

Here is important that you have the craft "Gain 10% of Maximum Life as extra maximum Energy shield". Your AG has 70k life. So it has also 7k Energyshield alone from this armour.


I use the mask of the stitched Demon, colour version not important!
In combination with the body armour, you need this helmet!
With this combination, your AG get's instant so much life when he get hits.
So with this high lifepool, with all the resistance,chaos resistance and physical damage reduction, because of skilltree, cluser jewels, the AG is
theoretically unkillable.


I use Kingmaker!
What should I say more to this weopon?!
Culling strike, critical strike multiplier and you have fortify :)
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Are you going to make this a 3.15 build??
Are you going to make this a 3.15 build??

I don't think so, maybe I do a "the reaper" version. Spawn skeletons to feed my reaper haha.

I play minions builds for leaguestart since 4 leagues... So it's getting a bit borring.

But I will update the pob :)
For your POB you have checked minions have power/frenzy charges which adds a huge amount of your dps. How are they getting the charges?
How are they getting the charges?

From the spectres :)

You need "host chieftain" and "carnage chieftain"
would be great if you do a little guide for lvl-ing, act 1-10, you can add that information from comment into guide, about spectre, animate guardian! also guide about crafting some item like bow
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