[3.15] Sweep Berserker - Tanky Version, 90% physical damage reduction, no oneshotting anymore!

Hello Exiles!
This is another version of my previous Sweep - Build , a tanky version!
I changed some main items and the skilltree a bit here and there.

For the readers (Idea of the build/items):


+ Strong boss damage ("only" 20 mil. damage)
+ Fast clear speed because of maximum rage and Blitz-charges
+ All content viable (not Atziri/ Full Delirium maps)
+ Cheap to start
+ still with harvest nerv, you can craft all items by yourself
+ stun immunity (until you have 25 rage)
+ Tanky because of Brass dome ( no oneshotting anymore), 76% to all maximum resistance and 90% physical damage reduction
+ much cheaper than the Bosskiller version


- cannot do physical reflection maps
- quite hard to get more damage with less investments
- can't run 100% delirium maps, but can run simulacrum easily.

The idea of the build:

The idea of the build is: I wanted a leveling Charakter!
With the berseker skill nods, you can get rage, what gets you more attack damage, attack speed and movement speed. With the Lethal pride jewel, you will get rage without the support gem and without hitting an enemy. So you have five support slots free for pure scaling physical damage!
On the other hand, there are so many life nods on the skilltree, its made for a tanky bastard!
Beside the many lifenods, We will use lethal pride only for fighting bosses and in the beginning of a map. Switch it after your ragecount is hight enough with an other crimson jewel.


The key of the items are the rings and the lethal Pride Jewel. With the Lethal Pride jewel you get rage every second, but lose it when you hit an enemy.
and makes increases and decreases to mana regeneration rate instead apply to Rage. The goal is: Try to get as much of mana regeneration as possible on your rings and some good physical damage/life nods on it.

*** Look at the "EDIT"

The axe should be pure physical damage, if you want the best out of it, be sure that you have some criticals and speed on it. At the beginning, you can play with the "the blood reaper".

For the chest, we want the one and only Brass Dome Plate! Why?
Becuase we don't get any critical strikes anymore.

For the gloves, i think "Hands of the high templer" are the best option here. You get 12 increased maximum life, nearly 30% res to fire and lightning and, when you got lucky, a good mod like " attacks have critical strike chance" or "+1 Frenzy Charges". For the best you need the implicit vulnerability on hit.

For the belt and boots, just max life rolls and really good resistances. Of course if you have the money, a good boot with speed mod on it. But if you can reach 75 rage, you are fast, wihtout a speed flask or a 35% speed boot.

Last but not least: the Helmet.
It could be expensive in the start of the league, but later, i got it for like 1 ex (only the base) but the berserker gets tankier, as long as you have 25 rage, but we want both rigth? The damage AND the tankiness. So we need the entchatment of: "Berserk has 40 reduced rage loss per second".

When you have the money, try to craft the best life nods on it and the rest of your elemental resistance(or chaos res.) and when you are crazy rich, try to craft with the warlod mod on it, more maximum mana regeneration for more reduced rage loss.

For the amulet, you need the same mods like for the rings and the "Feller of foes" anointment. For perfect "reduced rage loss" we need the blue pearl amuelt:

For the lazy ones (pob):

For the watchers (videos):

Showcase all Conqueres, Sirus A9 and some random stuff:https://youtu.be/QCKB8pHUH-U

Juiced Grand Heist, no oneshotting: https://www.youtube.com/watch?

MEME max AOE, with and without explodechest: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YGsMvnyBi9s

For the interessts (my builds):

[3.15] Sweep Berserker - Boss Killer - 42 Mil. Damage:

[3.15] Sweep Berserker - Tanky Version

[3.15] CI - Cyclone ( NO CoC), The Project of the perfect Melee Build!

[3.15] Skeleton Money Maker Build, Leaguestarter to getting 100ex.

[3.14] MEME BUILD: Sweep, much AOE! Bigger then AOE spells?

[3.15] Witch - Skeleton Necromancer - 20+mil. DPS, 64 Skeletons in total!https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/3143814

Cyclone - Scion - MAX LEECH

3.15] Crackling Lance, 10 chaos Leaguestarter, Easy 4k mana for MIND OVER MATTER


I have decided to improve my English by doing this build (and hopefully more builds), so when you have some notes to my build, advices for better grammer ect. let me know it. Have fun and stay save.

I am not a pro with crafting in Poe, but i crafted everything by myself, so when you need tips, don't be shy, just ask if you need help.

EDIT: updates from [3.13] to [3.14]
- we have to reduce the level of the "precision" gem, because of the "flesh and stone" gem, which take now 35% of the mana reservation.

- lethal pride jewel is not an option anymore (because now, using skill cots to much rage), only before fighting against bosses, wait until rage has a count of 75. Switch the jewel for a crimson jewel, and fight against the boss.
While mapping, use the "rage" from the berserk node "creave the sloughter"

EDIT: updates from [3.14] to [3.15]
-Because of the nerf of the support gems, we do less damage... and the bosses are quite stronger, so its still tanky, but you will die more I think!

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Hello mcderfreak,

thank you for the build guide of the tanky sweep build. I will play it next league as a starter.

What is your prefered League Starter Weapon (cheap).
I think Sinvicta's Mettle is a good choise. Solid DPS and the rampage effect for more fun.
Do you have other favorites?
Hey Darkoo^m,

what is a cheap leaguestarter weopon for you^^?
I allways use a 6 link Blood Reaper, gives you 100 life, some physical damage, and bleeding. You can wear it at level 45.
After the campaign, I try to craft myself a good axe or buy a good from the shop.
The Sinvictas Mettle might be a good choice, it makes more damage, but you can wear it until level 62... So in the story it's annoying to not have a 6 link.

Nice to hear you start it as a leagustarter :)
I don't know yet what I will play, have some strange ideas but damed, so expensive and not leaguestart viable^^
Stay safe exile!
Thank you for the answer.

I have 1 more question. why do you use Blitz instead of aspect of Carnage?
What is the advantage of Blitz? (Carnage is about 20% more damage) yes its 3 attacks per second more at full charges but i cant see the advantage of this more attacks. (Especaliy on the tanky build of Sweep)

My other leaguestarter choices are(was) Ele Hit Raider or something with Gladiator if its a help for you. Or some of my old leaguestarter HoA Juggernaut, tectonic slam Chieftan with Warcrys this was also fun :-)
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why do you use Blitz instead of aspect of Carnage?
What is the advantage of Blitz? (Carnage is about 20% more damage) yes its 3 attacks per second more at full charges but i cant see the advantage of this more attacks. (Especaliy on the tanky build of Sweep)

The problem with carnage is that you get 10% more damage. Even with Brassdome, many endurancecharges ect. in the lategame of poe, it's not good to take more damage haha. That are my experience^^
So the blitz is more for the attackrate of sweep and you will see when you play with leapslam, its so fu cking fast(when you link it with faster attacks)! It's good when you have to jump out of dangerous situations.

I love the idea of Juggernaut but allways, there is no damage when I play it as leaguestarter. Allways play minion but after 5 seasons it's getting borring^^

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