[3.15] Crackling Lance, 10 chaos Leaguestarter, Easy 4k mana for MIND OVER MATTER

Hello Exiles!

This is my first Lightning Build.
It's a Crackling lance, Why?
Because it's look fu cking great!
And I think the mechanic, that you take your Mana as lifepool is really great. You can stack mana easier than life, so why not?

For the readers (Idea of the build/items):


+ tanky leagustarter
+ Cheap to start
+ boss damage is great


- clear speed is not that fast
- focus on mana regen.
- Some uniqueitems are expensive at leaguestart

The idea of the build:

Stack as much mana as you can!
Because of it, you get more spell damage and tankiness in the same time.
Yeah some support gems got a nerf in 3.15 but still, I run on first day of the league with a 6 chaos orb gear to the storyline like easy peasy.
Lets talk about the items, when you want to know which gems you should pick in the beginning, watch the video or check the pob for the "endgame" version.
Later I will make a buildguide about the final lategame version with all the expensive stuff.


At the beginning of the story and later for mapping, your helmet should be a armour energy base type for getting easy the right colours of your sockets. In the beginning of the leaguestart, you don't have like 10000 chromatics in your stash so look to these types of all of your items!
Stack elemental resistance, mana and lifte

As far as possible, try to get a good amulet with mana regeneration, I think you will get one from a quest in the story. Otherwise, when you have the money, you can buy this unique item. For the story, I did't use any unique items for bossing, to show, that is not necessary to play with it. How I wrote above, I spend only 6 Chaos orbs for one unique Item, and that is mandatory: the rings...

Yap, in the beginning, this will be your expensive item to achive!
You will put "wrath" on it, so we have so much manapool to stack our damage and tankiness really well.

for the other ring, try to find a good resistance ring, to have 75% resistance for each of the elementels.

Body Armour:
Of course, this item is really expensive!
But you don't need it, I just had the money and bought it, AND, you only need a 4-link with it. I played the campaign wihout this body armour, you can check it in the video.

For the leaguestart, focus on a good chest armour with life, and mana!
The cloack of defence body armour will be your lategamechest, so no worry for a leaguestart :)

Life and resistance

Life, mana and resitances.

again mana, life, and resistance, and some dexterty

At the beginning of the story, use some good wands, later use a 4 link staff with some spell damage, lightning damage ect.
When you have the money, you can buy a cheap 6 link "dying breath"


After the campaign, your skilltree should look like that. Because we need immunity to stuns when it comes to mapping...

For the lazy ones (pob):
Pob after the campaign (10chaos orbs version):https://pastebin.com/i3VSk5Vq
Current POb:https://pastebin.com/N36kadB4

For the watchers (videos):

For the interessts (my builds):

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[3.15] Sweep Berserker - Tanky Version

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3.15] Crackling Lance, 10 chaos Leaguestarter, Easy 4k mana for MIND OVER MATTER


I have decided to improve my English by doing this build (and hopefully more builds), so when you have some notes to my build, advices for better grammer ect. let me know it. Have fun and stay save.

I am not a pro with crafting in Poe, but i crafted everything by myself, so when you need tips, don't be shy, just ask if you need help.

If you have questions for the build, the functionality or alternatives, just ask :)
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Good work. Thanks for sharing. Haste fein gemacht
Haha danke anke!
Lategame sieht mit low budget gear bisschen mau aus...
Build looks cool. Any plans to update this to 3.16?
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Any plans to update this to 3.16?

The problem of the build was, in the endgame, you had struggle to your mana regen ( had like 2.5k ) and your cost of the spell (3k...). So your defence is not that good. Sometimes when I have the time, I try something new with this build but yeah. Until january I wont have enough time to create something good to beat sirus A8.

But for leveling it was fu cking easy :)

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