[3.17] DISCHARGE MEME BUILD - 265 Million DPS - Average Hit

Hello Exiles!
This is by far the strongest MEME build I ever played. Oneshots Maven/Sirus/ 10 Bosses is not a Problem. But be carefull, its a meme so... You have to die for it!

For the readers (Idea of the build/items):


+ Fun
+ satisfaction
+ One-Shot everything (normal Bosses)
+ One - Shot - Maven: You have to die!)
+ clear whole screens


- cannot do elemental reflection maps
- squishy as fuck
- you have to die :)
- expensive...

The idea of the build:

The idea of the build is:
Just kill everything with one click!

The skills:
We use Discharge. So we want to stack as max power charges as we can. Because we use slayer and the amulet:

we have in total 12 power chages = 12 Frenzy and 12 Endurance charges.
That means... We reck everything!
And when the boss is really really tanky, we use the skill "CAST ON DEATH" support gem. The damage will be trippled :)

First I tried to craft a double power charges helmet. It was easier as i thought:

Than just buy the cheapest power charges rings:

for more damage, we use 2 void batteries:

and for more damage, we use a really cheap glove:

when you have the money:

so last but not least: we have to use the replica version of:

So we get every 2 seconds 12 endurance and 12 frenzy charges. But how you get your power charges when fighting maven?
You can look into the video. But in generell we just use this helmet:

To use the body armour in the right way, we have to craft on the boots or belt "Aspect of the cat"

And then just craft life on the belt:


For the lazy ones (pob):
PathOfBuilding: https://pastebin.com/n15tmiJf
NOTE: Watch out of divergent qualities of gems!

You can change the 2 voidbatteries for another 6 link weopon and use any skill you want to for mapping, with 10 power and frenzy charges, every skill is crazy good.

For the watchers (videos):
Showcase killing Bosses and Mapping:

For the interessts (my builds):

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I have decided to improve my English by doing this build (and hopefully more builds), so when you have some notes to my build, advices for better grammer ect. let me know it. Have fun and stay save.

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