As mentioned last week in our Ultimatum Statistics post, we promised to show off a batch of Atlas Passive statistics from the current Ultimatum leagues, so let's get to it, shall we?

It's important to note that the following statistics are pulled from a dataset which includes all accounts that have at least 1 Atlas Passive allocated and are presented on an atlas-wide basis. For the sake of sorting and ordering, we're using the Standard Ultimatum league as the standard.

In what may be a surprise to some people, Breach holds the number one spot in Lex Proxima, while also holding the number three and five spots, a popular choice indeed! Harvest and Delve are rounding out the top five. If we compare the current allocation to the allocation during Ritual League, we can see that Heart of the Grove and Bountiful Harvest have fallen out of the top five, both being replaced by Breach passives. Seance has taken a small dip, though still sees a reasonable level of use. In general, Hardcore and SSF players tend to shy away from Breach while Hardcore players are opting to steer clear of Seance.

Moving on to Glennach Cairns, Legion and Incursion passives are the clear favourites here. Legion was a clear favourite during Ritual league as well, where Monumental was taken 60% of the time. One newcomer to the top five is Contested Development, which in part may be due to the fact that Cultural Advancement was moved to a different Atlas Tree. Torn Veil and the newly-moved Per Diemon aren't seeing much use overall, with Torn Veil seeing a noticeable decrease in use. As with previously, we see that Legion passives in general are less desireable in Hardcore leagues, again due to their inherent deadliness.

In Tirn's End, we can see that Delirium is the clear front-runner, with Bestiary and Invasion making a showing in the top five. Delirium seems to have lost a little bit of representation compared to 3.13.0. We can see slightly more interest in the Abyss passives, though Lightless Legion and Buried Riches remain the least popular choices across all leagues. Invasion sees noticeable increases, likely thanks to the buffed Exotic Goods rewards, particularly in SSF leagues.

Looking at Haewark Hamlet, we see the biggest shakeup so far. The top five is quite diverse, with Ritual, Harvest, Betrayal and Essence all taking their places. Ritual ever so slightly edges out Harvest for the top spot. A noticeable change from 3.13.0 is how much of the dominance once asserted by Harvest has been lost. Much of this can likely be attributed to the Harvest changes in 3.14.0, though even with those changes, Harvest does still see considerable representation. Controlled Corruption and Amplified (Essence) have taken massive jumps in popularity in all leagues, potentially in part due to the Essence buffs, though also may be related to the Harvest nerfs.

New Vastir is dominated once again by Legion passives. Anarchy and Delve round out the top five. We do see small decreases in how often these Legion passives are taken, particularly where Protracted Battle was brought over in place of High Value Targets. Anarchy passives are seeing more use in general, though players generally stay away from these options in Hardcore leagues. Delve passives have declined in popularity across the board as have Abyss passives.

In Lira Arthain, Blight, Breach and Heist make up the top five atlas passives. For Blight passives, Spores on the Wind has become even more popular, even though it received a nerf in 3.14.0. Epidemiology and Immune Response have become slightly more popular as well. Breach passives have both become more popular (which we also saw in Lex Proxima). Flash Breach had its opening and closing speed reduced to 50% faster (from 100% faster), which doesn't seem to have had a negative impact on popularity. When we look at Bestiary, we can see that Animal Companion and Natural Selection have taken a noticeable drop, potentially due to the nerf to Natural Selection in 3.14.0. Finally, we see essentially no difference when we check in on Heist passives.

Valdo's Rest sees another reasonable assortment of passives making up the top five, with Harbinger, Blight, Betrayal and Metamorph taking their spots. Looking first at Harbinger passives, we see that Ominous Arrival and Diplomatic Escort are just as popular as before. When we look at Blight passives, we can see a slight increase in popularity, though nothing significant. For Betrayal, we see an increase in both passives, likely in part due to the Betrayal rewards rework in 3.14.0. Metamorph has seen the most significant dropoff, with each passive seeing roughly half the use that it previously did.

In Lex Ejoris, we have Delirium and Perandus taking up the entire top five spots. With Delirium, Pathological sees almost the same use as before, even though it was nerfed by 50%! Perandus has stayed quite similar to 3.13.0 values, while Metamorph has seen a small decrease, with Escaped Experiment seeing less use after being nerfed in 3.14.0. Metamorph continues to be fairly unpopular in Hardcore leagues and for good reason, they're dangerous! Incursion continues to see fairly low engagement in Lex Ejoris, though Time Dilation has become slightly more popular after being changed to cause Incursion monsters to be at least Magic Rarity.

Finally, we'll take a look at the Uncharted Realms. Adept Tracker continues to be the most popular choice here, giving quicker progress towards Conqueror encounters. A notable difference from 3.13.0 is how much of a gap there is between the most popular option and the second most popular option. Previously, Master of the Atlas and Paths Not Taken were somewhat close to Adept Tracker, but they've taken a significant hit in popularity across all leagues. Enduring Influence has become slightly more popular, perhaps in thanks to the emergent Harbinger-focussed strategy being used in Valdo's Rest.

There certainly has been a noticeable shift in some regions, with Harvest becoming less favourable to some, Breach becoming much more popular and the introduction of Ritual Atlas Passives seeing fairly high usage. What other patterns are you seeing with this data? What still doesn't feel good enough to you to be worth taking? Let us know what has been driving your decisions in this league and what you'd like to see more of going forward. We're looking forward to seeing how things change in 3.15.0 and beyond!
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"A noticeable change from 3.13.0 is how much of the dominance once asserted by Harvest has been lost. Much of this can likely be attributed to the Harvest changes in 3.14.0, though even with those changes, Harvest does still see considerable representation."

hmmmmm yes the floor is made out of floor

imo, it's fairly clear what nodes don't feel good enough to be worth taking here, Echoes of War is significantly behind the second less picked one, what's clearly above are the "instant" gratification ones (ritual, delirium, legion, breach as opposed to "non instant" ones such as delve, betrayal)

it would be interesting to have stats from a month ago vs stats now, which ones have been refunded, ... as the strategies also evolve with time (e.g something worth it at league start might be garbage right now)
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You guys need some markdown in your life. Excel just doesn't cut it.
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Excel is really bad...
What's up with the Excel Sheet screenshots? Still feeling 'indie'?
Lex Ejoris passives are most of them horrible. Delirium is only the less horrible, cadiro trades are too low to be rewarding in 3.14, incursion is below glennarch so is a bad idea to spent alva quest there and metamorph... well it's metamorph...
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Controlled Corruption and Amplified (Essence) have taken massive jumps in popularity in all leagues, potentially in part due to the Essence buffs, though also may be related to the Harvest nerfs.

I think a big part of this is the cheap Zana mod for Essence (2c) combined with Ultimatums dropping stacks of chaos orbs like nobody's business. It's so easy to just add the Essence mod to every map I run, even in SSF.
Who takes harvest nodes anymore. Just delete it from the game all together with its current state
Buff Harvest.
I don't check my posts. Once I post 'em, they're staying as-is. Best way to contact me is through the PM system.
one could fear another nerf on weak nerfed down content.

remember legion ?
new league each 2 months(2months is about its time people stop it) streamers is just paid butter.
you decide its fun or not. end it and start all over again ? you f okay ? lmao. beta testers

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