Ultimatum Atlas Passive Statistics

All i can say for feedback is that i really miss 3.13...

It isnt just the harvest nerfs thats bothering me, its a part of it for sure yes, since i really liked the casual self upgrading you could do and how rewarding it felt.

But Ritual was just such a good league in generel and so simple and combined with the amazing expansion that was in the same temp league, it was just so awesome!

Ultimatum just felt... empty.

I usually ALWAYS go for 40/40 have since perandus league, but this league just felt so empty and slow with all the nerfs, so getting setup into endgame still felt like more of a chore than i ever had before.

Had to stop short of 40/40, since.. well fuck the trialmaster.. Its super rare yes, thats one part of the problem. But also the conditional challenges are so bad.

You dont have time to learn the mechanics that much since you find it so rarely and either you do way to much dmg and kill the guy before he does any of the things you need, or you instant 1 shots you by freezing/crashing your instance or just doing stupid amounts of dmg trough defence, that makes Maven and Sirus look like a joke.. its sad.

All in all i wouldnt have anything against if harvest was left as is, and next League just was good and all the other 3.14 nerfs to atlass trees was reverted. Pretty sure A LOT of people would LOVE that.

- Bullsat

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