Ultimatum Atlas Passive Statistics

What other patterns are you seeing with this data?

I'm seeing you'll nerf the shit out of what people actually like to chase after and play.

"balance" you know.
Yeah, this is very misleading, trying to compare apples with onions.

You say Harvest is as popular as some of the top, BUT is it ? Only few things that's barely worth going in for. Chaos craft, currency/div card exchange. I bet if you look at Harvest in it's components, 99.9% of it is useless.
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Harvest should/can be considered as an alternative to delving, with it's cons and pros. I never liked delving and i'm thankful i could spam harvest to roll most of my end game viable gear instead of buying fossils.

If you people look at current harvest in this way, i bet you'd agree that having alternatives of farming specific rewards is actually a great thing.

My only concern is that there is a chance that next leagues won't have zana harvest mod and in this case yes, i agree that it will not be reasonable to spec into harvest, unless it is reversed back to 3.13 state.
I never thought I'd say this...

but I really miss alch & go.

All this metagaming stuffing around ensuring you're doing the right thing in the right area in order to not end up with base level rubbish reward events on your maps is incredibly tedious.

Several of the activities (e.g. metamorph, syndicate ally summoning, oshabi summoning) feel like they're seriously nerfed, presumably so they're not unbalanced at the minmaxed end of the spectrum.

It's harvest crafting for maps - and it has the same problems.
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Wow, the cool Excel screenshots. Data science at its best.

What century is it again?
blanced not nerfed it is enough
I really like how this was done and colourized. Looks great! Like not only the nodes, by name, but also a short description so you don't really have to reference it. And the colouring, highlighting by higher to lower percentage.
for me is not just about how much currency u do in the harvest is about the lost in the craft system if you dont like do a lot of chars after 1 char get gear enough to kill everything pretty much u leave cause craft is not fun i used more then 3k trys with life/chaos/everything spam never got
what i want in 5 bases (and fossils/essences/bestiary etc etc) the free slam they added in the bestiary has no use, the veil changes are pretty good but not good enough

now is not really worthy do harvest u need build some brenchstones/emblems/fossils/catalyst/essences in other regions then do harvest than is a average reward but the problem is the lost in the craft system
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In Borat's voice "Veeery nice!"

You seem to know what's still usable. You have your target.

Nuclear launch detected and all that.

Nerf everything that's still remotely exciting. Reduce all passives to bland blighted fungus soup. One need only look at the atlas and feel their desire to play recede.

I sincerely hope you keep up the good work and piss more people off. Love nothing more than seeing streamers' tired, forced smiles when they push themselves to explain how everything is still fine.

Stay true to your vision! Buff monsters across the board, further reduce and restrict currency drops, "adjust" the weighting of popular mods and uniques with that GGG "special" touch. Wraeclast is after all no place for layabouts and hedonists. One must strive in this harsh scammer ridden environment for at least 8 hours per day. !6 if they want to get ahead!

Still sane, exiles? :)
What I find most interesting is how many people didn't put any points into the trees, especially in the uncharted realms. Just goes to show how many are not even making it that far.

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