Today we've gathered a variety of Ultimatum Statistics that we're excited to show you. How often are people successfully completing each wave of an encounter? How many Mirrors of Kalandra were generated as rewards but missed out on? Are Stone Circle encounters noticeably more difficult than the others? Let's get to answering these questions and more!

As a preface, these statistics were gathered from all leagues combined on PC. We've separated the statistics out across three area level brackets, levels 2-72, level 73-77, and levels 78 and above. All of the following tables will have area levels 2 to 72 in the leftmost table, area levels 73 to 77 will be the centermost table and area levels 78 and above will be in the rightmost table.

First, let's take a look at the total number of Ultimatum encounters started as well as the completion rate of each wave. For clarity, each of the following wave completion statistics show how many players completed that wave upon starting it. For example, if wave 9 had a completion rate of 90%, it means that 90% of players who got all the way up to and then chose to start wave 9 completed it.

2-72 73-77 78+
Encounters Started 123,702,434 Encounters Started 18,860,117 Encounters Started 50,930,619

Wave # Completion Rate Wave # Completion Rate Wave # Completion Rate
Wave 1 94.60% Wave 1 96.45% Wave 1 96.77%
Wave 2 96.07% Wave 2 97.53% Wave 2 98.20%
Wave 3 95.96% Wave 3 97.22% Wave 3 97.95%
Wave 4 95.21% Wave 4 96.48% Wave 4 97.38%
Wave 5 95.18% Wave 5 96.31% Wave 5 97.17%
Wave 6 95.02% Wave 6 95.51% Wave 6 96.60%
Wave 7 94.38% Wave 7 94.47% Wave 7 95.90%
Wave 8 93.68% Wave 8 93.49% Wave 8 95.25%
Wave 9 92.56% Wave 9 92.12% Wave 9 94.32%
Wave 10 N/A Wave 10 N/A Wave 10 60.35%

In total, we can see that 193,493,170 Ultimatum encounters have been started across all area levels. In general, we can see that for any given wave, the completion rate is roughly 95% across all levels. When we compare wave completion rate based on area level, we generally see that the higher the area level, the more likely someone is to complete a given wave. The only exception to this is Wave 8 and 9 at levels 73 to 77 is ever so slightly lower than at levels 2 to 72. This could be a result of characters still being in the gearing stages at these levels, though it's difficult to say with any certainty.

It's worth noting that The Trialmaster (wave 10) can only start showing up at area levels 78 and above, hence why it's missing until levels 78+. That said, the completion rate of the Trialmaster encounter is only 60%! Part of this could be attributed to the fact that players may have only fought him a few times and are still learning the encounter as they go, though the Trialmaster is a fairly difficult encounter for most, as many of his abilities can be extremely dangerous, particularly when you factor in map modifiers and Ultimatum modifiers.

Next, let's move on and take a look at completion rate by encounter type.

Encounter Type Completion Rate Encounter Type Completion Rate Encounter Type Completion Rate
Defeat Monsters 82.68% Defeat Monsters 82.18% Defeat Monsters 84.88%
Survive 80.62% Survive 81.05% Survive 82.79%
Stone Circles 76.34% Stone Circles 77.40% Stone Circles 75.86%
Defend the Altar 82.18% Defend the Altar 84.19% Defend the Altar 86.83%

So, the first thing you'll likely have noticed is the completion rate of Stone Circle encounters. It has the lowest completion rate of any of the encounter types and it's not even close. This encounter type either forces players to stand still for brief periods of time or can last a long time if players are running quick paths through the Stone Circles, giving more time for something to go wrong and lead to an untimely death.

The easiest encounter type is the Defend the Altar encounter. This is fairly expected as not all of the monsters are trying to kill you; they're instead trying to destroy an altar, giving you a bit of extra breathing room during the encounter.

As with wave completion rates, for the most part we see increasing completion rates for each encounter type as the area level gets higher.

Now, let's take a deep dive into the failure rate based on which modifiers are active at the time of failing an encounter. For clarity, failing an encounter is defined as either dying (such that the encounter ends entirely) or running out of the encounter area for too long.

Modifier Name Failure Rate Modifier Name Failure Rate Modifier Name Failure Rate
Ailment and Curse Reflection 17.01% Ailment and Curse Reflection 14.87% Ailment and Curse Reflection 12.99%
Blistering Cold 7.73% Blistering Cold 6.40% Blistering Cold 5.63%
Blistering Cold II 7.53% Blistering Cold II 7.18% Blistering Cold II 6.47%
Blistering Cold III 12.05% Blistering Cold III 12.17% Blistering Cold III 11.39%
Bonus Chaos Damage 15.18% Bonus Chaos Damage 16.36% Bonus Chaos Damage 13.30%
Buffs Expire Faster 13.23% Buffs Expire Faster 13.81% Buffs Expire Faster 12.62%
Choking Miasma 7.63% Choking Miasma 6.14% Choking Miasma 5.20%
Choking Miasma II 6.35% Choking Miasma II 5.91% Choking Miasma II 4.83%
Choking Miasma III 9.06% Choking Miasma III 9.21% Choking Miasma III 8.24%
Escalating Damage Taken 18.88% Escalating Damage Taken 21.76% Escalating Damage Taken 20.16%
Escalating Monster Speed 15.11% Escalating Monster Speed 14.79% Escalating Monster Speed 12.67%
Hindering Flasks 15.45% Hindering Flasks 13.28% Hindering Flasks 9.24%
Less Cooldown recovery 15.94% Less Cooldown recovery 17.49% Less Cooldown recovery 17.02%
Lessened Reach 15.70% Lessened Reach 16.25% Lessened Reach 14.78%
Lightning Damage from Mana Costs (1000%) 13.54% Lightning Damage from Mana Costs (1000%) 12.14% Lightning Damage from Mana Costs (1000%) 11.08%
Lightning Damage from Mana Costs (200%) 10.98% Lightning Damage from Mana Costs (200%) N/A Lightning Damage from Mana Costs (200%) N/A
Lightning Damage from Mana Costs (50%) 11.72% Lightning Damage from Mana Costs (50%) N/A Lightning Damage from Mana Costs (50%) N/A
Limited Arena 9.82% Limited Arena 10.14% Limited Arena 8.91%
Limited Flasks 18.02% Limited Flasks 21.12% Limited Flasks 23.37%
Occasional Impotence 16.62% Occasional Impotence 18.56% Occasional Impotence 17.51%
Raging Dead 8.71% Raging Dead 6.64% Raging Dead 6.23%
Raging Dead II 7.07% Raging Dead II 6.52% Raging Dead II 6.35%
Raging Dead III 15.11% Raging Dead III 14.05% Raging Dead III 14.07%
Random Projectiles 15.21% Random Projectiles 15.11% Random Projectiles 13.41%
Razor Dance 6.89% Razor Dance 5.61% Razor Dance 4.31%
Razor Dance II 5.01% Razor Dance II 4.68% Razor Dance II 3.78%
Razor Dance III 6.99% Razor Dance III 7.68% Razor Dance III 7.27%
Reduced Recovery 13.09% Reduced Recovery 12.95% Reduced Recovery 11.46%
Restless Ground 8.85% Restless Ground 7.15% Restless Ground 5.76%
Restless Ground II 8.99% Restless Ground II 8.93% Restless Ground II 7.16%
Restless Ground III 12.02% Restless Ground III 12.65% Restless Ground III 9.94%
Ruin 7.17% Ruin 5.98% Ruin 4.91%
Ruin II 5.06% Ruin II 5.01% Ruin II 4.04%
Ruin III 11.06% Ruin III 11.22% Ruin III 9.68%
Siphoned Charges 17.40% Siphoned Charges 15.93% Siphoned Charges 14.16%
Stalking Ruin 8.87% Stalking Ruin 6.41% Stalking Ruin 5.23%
Stalking Ruin II 6.80% Stalking Ruin II 5.13% Stalking Ruin II 4.20%
Stalking Ruin III 12.13% Stalking Ruin III 9.96% Stalking Ruin III 8.85%
Stormcaller Runes 8.19% Stormcaller Runes 7.85% Stormcaller Runes 7.92%
Stormcaller Runes II 8.17% Stormcaller Runes II 10.70% Stormcaller Runes II 12.48%
Stormcaller Runes III 13.37% Stormcaller Runes III 18.05% Stormcaller Runes III 20.17%
Totem of Costly Might 14.82% Totem of Costly Might 13.81% Totem of Costly Might 12.13%
Totem of Costly Potency 15.84% Totem of Costly Potency 14.45% Totem of Costly Potency 12.62%
Treacherous Auras 13.20% Treacherous Auras 12.93% Treacherous Auras 11.83%
Unlucky Criticals N/A Unlucky Criticals 13.02% Unlucky Criticals 11.48%

Let's first look at the least dangerous modifiers. Among these, we can see Razor Dance, Razor Dance II, Ruin, Ruin II, Stalking Ruin, Stalking Ruin II, Choking Miasma and Choking Miasma II. This mostly holds true across all area levels, though Raging Dead II makes a showing in the area levels 2 to 72 bracket, and Blistering Cold shows up in the area levels 73 to 77 bracket.

Let's now do the opposite, what are the most dangerous modifiers? Of the more common modifiers, a notable standout is Stormcaller Runes III. These have the ability to overlap and deal extremely high damage when triggered, potentially leading to stuns, which can cause a swift death. The most dangerous modifiers seem to be Limited Flasks (using a flask cancels the effects of all other flasks) and Escalating Damage Taken (particularly if given enough time to reach its maximum effect of 50% increased damage taken). Occasional Impotence appears to be quite dangerous as well; who knew that being unable to deal damage 25% of the time could be a hindrance!

Now, let's take a look at the percentage of Trialmaster encounters that were generated but were never started. Buckle up, this one is shockingly high.

Percentage of Trialmaster encounters not started (area level 78 or higher) 64.39%

As you can see, 64.39% of all generated Trialmaster encounters were never even started. What this means is that players either failed an encounter prior to wave 10, took their rewards prior to wave 10 or didn't start the Ultimatum encounter altogether. When we look at the best case scenario where the Trialmaster spawns 1 time in 50 maps and then factor in the realised encounter rate (35.61%), we see that the average player in level 78 or higher maps is actually fighting the Trialmaster 1 time in 140 maps. Some players have said that they feel the Trialmaster is too rare. Our investigation while generating these stats showed that those players are often not playing through to wave 10, failing encounters, or not even starting the encounter to begin with.

Let's now look at how often players are failing Inscribed Ultimatums.

Percentage of Inscribed Ultimatums Failed 18.00% Percentage of Inscribed Ultimatums Failed 23.46% Percentage of Inscribed Ultimatums Failed 21.65%

So, across all area levels, we're seeing roughly a 20% failure rate for any given Inscribed Ultimatum. As with wave 8 and wave 9 completion rates, we again see the most struggle in the levels 73 to 77 bracket.

Finally, let's round up these stats with something that might sting a little, but provides even more encouragement to push yourself to complete as many waves as you possibly can, as you never know what you might be missing out on if you bail early!

Mirrors of Kalandra generated as Rewards 173
Mirrors of Kalandra received as Rewards 70
Headhunters generated as Rewards 403
Headhunters received as Rewards 164

Rewards are generated at the start of the sequence of Ultimatums for an area. 173 Mirrors of Kalandra were generated as rewards, yet only 70 of those were actually received as rewards. Unfortunately, this means that 103 were missed out on, either due to failing the encounter or taking rewards before completing all of the waves. Ouch!

We see a similar story with Headhunter unique belts, where 403 were generated as rewards but only 164 were actually received. In both cases, it seems that only 40% of the generated rewards were actually received.

Well, that wraps up this batch of Ultimatum Statistics. What did you find interesting or surprising here? Do your experiences differ from what we've presented here? Are you one of the unlucky few that might have failed an Ultimatum encounter on a wave that rewarded a Mirror of Kalandra of Headhunter? Let us know!

If you're craving more statistics, you won't need to wait long, as we have a batch of Atlas Passive statistics coming in the near future, so look out for that!
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Nice stats

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trialmaster stats pog
just gonna mention that I got 3 characters over 90 and still haven't seen trialmaster
That mirror:headhunter generated ratio is pretty crazy. I knew HH rates were getting nerfed but thats a bit much (If it can even be compared to the natural drop rate weightings)

Mirrors of Kalandra generated as Rewards 173
Mirrors of Kalandra received as Rewards 70
Headhunters generated as Rewards 403
Headhunters received as Rewards 164

Wow, so much loss !! 103 mirror down to the toilet and more than 200 HH , Yep , RIP !
ultimatums are rough tbh

I've seen him once.

Please provide the statistics for ultimatums failed because of client crashes :)

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