We're back with our third and final installment in our Ritual Statistics series. Today, we're going to take a look at which Atlas Passives players are picking in each Region.

It's important to note that the following statistics are pulled from a dataset which includes all accounts that have at least 1 Atlas Passive allocated and are presented on an atlas-wide basis. For the sake of sorting and ordering, we're using the Standard Ritual league as the... standard.

We can see that Harvest is the clear favourite in Lex Proxima across all leagues. Some marked differences include Heart of the Grove being noticeably more popular in Standard leagues than Hardcore leagues, while Rich Veins is more popular in Solo Self-Found leagues than in trade-enabled leagues. Players in Hardcore generally veer away from Torment given the potential high danger it can pose.

Legion reigns supreme in Glennach Cairns. We once again see lower representation in Hardcore leagues, as Legion is notoriously dangerous. Resource Reallocation sees notably more use in Standard SSF than Standard, though there is less of a difference between Hardcore and Hardcore SSF. An interesting observation is how frequently Protracted Battle is taken; this passive doesn't offer any additional rewards, but does offer additional time and ease in obtaining all of the rewards from a Legion encounter.

Delirium and Bestiary take up the top spots in Tirn's End, while Abyss and Invasion bring up the rear. That said, Delirium does see less use in Hardcore leagues, particularly Greater Forces, as it presents significant danger. Great Migration and Big Game are more common in SSF leagues than in trade leagues, especially in Standard, likely thanks to players wanting specific beasts but being unable to trade for them.

As with Lex Proxima, Harvest rules the roost in Haewark Hamlet. There are some differences between Standard and Hardcore here; both Beyond notables see significantly less representation in Hardcore. Essence sees higher use in both Hardcore and SSF, as it serves as a useful tool to craft gear with.

Once again, Legion is the leader across the board, though Hardcore leagues continue to make less use of it than Standard leagues. Anarchy and Delve passives generally see the least use here, though the generic Delve Atlas Mission passive, Mad Devotion, is a popular choice across all leagues.

Lira Arthain presents the most balanced distribution across the different league types of all of the regions. The most popular choices include both Blight and Bestiary passives, though Heist sees fairly high representation as well. Secret Stash and Inside Job see higher use in SSF leagues than in trade leagues, as trading for the powerful Heist-specific rewards such as Alternate Quality Gems is not an option.

Unsurprisingly, Harbinger passives are seeing the most use in Valdo's Rest, thanks to the swarm of Harbingers provided by Diplomatic Escort. One very notable difference between Standard and Hardcore is how infrequently Metamorph passives are taken in Hardcore; this isn't overly surprising given the danger of Metamorphs, but interesting nonetheless.

As with Tirn's End, Delirium leads the way in Lex Ejoris and follows the same trend of seeing less use in Hardcore compared to Standard. Perandus sees relatively high use in SSF leagues, being on par or slightly above its use in trade leagues. Once again, we see Metamorph being more popular in Standard leagues than in Hardcore leagues. Finally, Incursion sees very little use here, but that's understandable when it is up against such stiff competition.

Finally, we're looking at the Uncharted Realms stats. Immediately, we can see that many more players in Standard league are allocating points in this atlas passive tree, particularly due to the difficulty of unlocking passives here; This is echoed by the scarcity of SSF players, who have far fewer points allocated in this tree than the trade league players. Popular passive picks include Adept Tracker, Master of the Atlas and Paths Not Taken, being passives that increase conqueror progress as well as offering additional Zana Missions with additional map options. The more niche, not-always-beneficial options, such as Vivid Memories and Synthetic Source see very little use.

It's been enjoyable looking at which passives were most popular and how things differed between Standard and Hardcore, and trade leagues and SSF. In general, we see dangerous content, such as Delirium or Legion, be much less popular in Hardcore leagues, while things that offer exclusive rewards or useful crafting options to help gear up be much more popular in SSF leagues. All in all, we hope you've enjoyed this closer look into player behaviour. Let us know what you have and haven't liked about Atlas Trees, what you'd like to see more of and your general feeling towards Atlas Trees. We'll be reading and looking forward to the continued evolution of this system.
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Figured the harbinger numbers in Valdo's Rest would be high... but holy crap. There will be some serious rebalancing of these nodes for next league lol
Figured the harbinger numbers in Valdo's Rest would be high... but holy crap. There will be some serious rebalancing of these nodes for next league lol

I actually don't think so its gonna be that much rebalanced, i would see only maybe harvest get lowers numbers or legion. I think that Diplomatic Escort could be changed. But still, personal opinion.
Juicers and their points yo
Mirror drop at t8 pier in legacy league :>
Second Mirror drop at t16 promenade in delirium league :▲
Sounds about right
We all STANDARD now BIOs!!!!
Formally [Removed by Support] as my STANDARD map stash got frakked
Last edited by BFGjstVnQr on Mar 2, 2021, 5:18:14 PM
Personally, I'd like to see the unchosen options buffed more than I'd like seeing the stronger stuff nerfed.

Lets Take Valdo's Rest as an example:

High Value Targets gives ALL rare mobs in a Legion rewards. This increases with being able to put in Legion scarabs and Legion Zana crafting, though that adds to the price, but you do get rewards back. The payback varies, but the thing is that it is consistent.

Rogue Trader only has a 15% chance to give rewards to Rogue Exiles. The difference in power between these nodes is ridiculous. Why would you ever have Zana do Anarcy in this zone over Legion? The rewards are inconsistent.

If anything, Rogue Trader should be 100% chance to be even remotely likable, OR, Rogue Trader should be merged with Total Anarchy and then another notable for either exiles or something else could be added in.
Last edited by Waves_blade on Mar 2, 2021, 5:19:48 PM
Odd Harbringer nodes seem low to me. I am running them as much as I can as a disabled player :)
breaking news: harbinger isn't taken by 100% of players across all leagues
I am interested to see how GGG balances these in the future, as I think they will feel a bit boring and imbalanced without constant changes.

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