Ultimatum Atlas Passive Statistics

I am a big fan of old school ghost busting, so, I was a little disappointed with the séance nerf last league. Could you consider adding more than the 1 atlas passive for torment, maybe in lex proxima?
What's the point? You still don't hear your community. Ask your streamers, because the game is made for them, not for ordinary people.

Streamers have been denying this for a long time.

I think they have finally given up in 3.14 because GGG let them take the brunt of the community backlash.
well i prefer if u remove all harvest nodes and remove 1 of the 3 nerfs (and increase t4 %) right now u need do 100 harvest+ to see a t4 and can be a useless t4 (1/5 fracture, Reforge a Rare item with new random modifiers, including an Influence modifier. Influence modifiers are more common) i did 600 harvest+ to find 1x 1/5 fracture, 1 reforge and a 1 synthesis, well at all craft is useless is a big gamble and the only way is doing sindicate great game this nerfs in the harvest make me want leave this game
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Before making any decisions on why people are picking the Betrayal passives in VR, maybe do a league that doesn't mandate a huge amount of Syndicate destruction to cause nonsensical board setups, encouraging fast rank ups and obtaining as many Jun Atlas Missions as possible.

Just a thought, because this is probably heavily distorting the data.
Well, in feedback, this stats are not representing close to anything at all, besides expectations.

I'll explain.
For ex, I expected to hadvest being a thing still, so allocated points on it, but after saw 4-6 weak crafts costantly on and on.. I just deserted it, lazy to undo and not having motivation to buy orbs, not significant choice in region, so its stays and get into statistics, like it wanted choice.

But in real its just a trace of dissapointment.
Wonder how many done the same and just left.
And feel this way.

Actually with many regions now.
Prew.league was much much much more better.

Hmm delirium nerf incoming...
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JakkerONAIR wrote:
So sad that ppl can't understand mechanics in this game or how to use them, but cry about how weak or useless they are now. Harvest got hard nerfed, but it is far away from being trash.
It's more "balanced" compared to all other league mechanics and is not on top over all.

Sure, you can't sell the expensive harvest crafts as a casual and buy insane items with the currency, but that was wrong in the first place.
When you don't have the time/skill to get these things even without harvest GGG shouldn't build the game around you, that's not the philosophy behind a GRINDING GEAR GAME.

ITS your opinion, respect other opinions.
Bear in mind, I'm playing SSF SC this league. The way I use it, now that I'd settled, is to priotize mechanics I can garantee to spaw with Zana's crafting option. Tha's why I ended up taking mores breach nodes, and less blight ones.

But some nodes read better than play. Like, the sequence in Lex Proxima that gives a change to a Breachlord to drop a Breachstone. I started with that, but endend up taking it away, as the chance to spawn, than to kill the breachlord, was not high to begin with. I went to more rares and density instead. Other nodes "feel bad" too, because they depend on a event to trigger that have a low chance of doing it by default (the abyss nodes that interact with the Abyss depth are another ones that come to mind, Perandus too, but that is popular mostly because the other options aren't great beyond Delirium).

Other thought process was to have at least one region to run each of the 4 master mission (Zana not included), because I want to be able to farm each one as I need. The master related nodes in the outer regions tend to be only worth feel bad to get, as the first 2 point "just" give you more chance to get missions. Those starting nodes would be amazing to pick at the start of the league, and I done that in 3.13. In the end is so rare to drop a Orb of Unmaking (I roughtly put it at the same rarity as a Divine), that this time I didn't even bother to get those in the first place.

As a whole, only Lex Ejoris "feel bad" to run, that means, I can't reliably trigger what make that region good (Perandus and Delirium) - that is only because of Zana crafting Options. If I could force either one via Zana, than I would run that reagion more. Haewark is still king to me, but mostly because in SSF I want all the essences, and the corupted essences not being adquirable via other means are a huge part of it (first time in a league I don't have any corrupting essence anymore).
You should be able to enable Maven's beacon for maps offered by Zana for passives to be worth taking after a week of SC trade.
Echoes of war isn't worth 2 points for sure cause you can't juice Zana's maps.

Lightless legion is good in trade at league start but requires a lot of micromanagement.

Two synthesis passives aren't worth it in general compared to Shaper/Elder and Sirus ones except you're buying synth maps and grinding them non-stop.
It's impossible to sustain them as well as shaper/elder ones they cost a lot more and don't guarantee a reward like fragments.

Wild rogue exiles are actually great for normal mapping same as exotic goods. No need to juice a map to get additional rewards.
JakkerONAIR wrote:
When you don't have the time/skill to get these things even without harvest GGG shouldn't build the game around you, that's not the philosophy behind a GRINDING GEAR GAME.

All I can say to this is look at GGGs profit.

The only way a game that requires 40h/per week investment can be financially viable is through time saving micro transactions. Any other AAA developer would follow up GGGs current direction with these.

Before you make some reference to racers you should consider that TyTyKiller did 120 Aw5 runs to prepare for 3.14 start.

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