3.14.1d Patch Notes (restartless)

Cherryontop wrote:
Game doesn't get past the loading screen now.

Same here
Was doing a grand heist last night and saw some weird polygons.
Also after 2 of the 4 heist targets were done with my game hard crashed and then I was unable to play any games at all on my PC without serious lag, issue was resolved by installing/re-installing my graphics drivers which I believe were corrupted.
Sick performance patch, changes 0, my game still closing to dekstop whatever decides :D LMAO
Have you not heard of a concept called "Read only friday"?

Now you broke the game on friday night, great.
this patch ruined my performance. heavy frame drops when i aproach a group of mobs, just a couple frames when running ultimatum. everything was running decently before.
no third challenge reward since beta lmao
Cherryontop wrote:
Game doesn't get past the loading screen now.

Same here.

The game doesn't pass loading screen and stuck at " Grinding Gears Game" logo or next screen with two gears. That's it. You broke the game.

Please fix it.
Game crashes on start up.
Once again, a new performance patch has resulted in worse performance, rather than fixing things... and since I play on Linux via Steam Play/Proton, switching to DX11 isn't an option, since that simply doesn't work at all. Trials, in particular, are just unplayable slide shows. Guess I'm done for this league, and probably skipping the next one, too.
The game still runs very poorly, and after a while loading times increase more and more, so a restart of the game is required, and this patch changed absolutely nothing.

Can't you just make this texture streaming optional? I would love to go back to the game performance i had up until 3.13 launched, loading times were almost non-existant, and it was pretty much lag free except for the occasional 0,1 sec microstutter when clicking the legion obelisk.

So far this texture streaming has increased loading times significantly, and reduced performance. So i really don't see what the upside is, when everything has gotten worse across the board.

Textures load quite fast, and i never have missing textures like some people report, but there is still a very noticable low res textures delay before the proper ones are loaded. But the massively increased loading times is the worst part for me, and it feels like gaming before SSD drives were a thing.
this is now unplayable. deli drops my game to 4fps, breach drops to 20 fps, legions pauses for like first 4 seconds. normal map is like spiking between 135 and 25 fps.
WTF is happening to my game?

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